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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 40

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Forty????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. David POV ❣️

I walked gently towards Jenny

From her look, it seems like everything wasn’t alright

She wasn’t smiling, unlike before

Ignored that look and spread my hand for a hug

“Better stop there” she said instead
Her mean face has became worst, I had to return my smile

“So it was you?” She asked
I was just confused because I don’t know what to think

“I don’t understand” I said

“So it has been you, all this while?” She asked again

“You are confusing me” I said

“You killed both of them” she said and my eyes widened
How did she get to know

“I didn’t see your face clearly in the other one but this time around, I saw it very clear” she added

“What are you talking about?” I asked in pretence, because she saw Zita’s death then

“Don’t even think of pretending because I knows everything”

“You aren’t human being, you are a killer” she added
That was too serious

“How did you know?” I asked

“Who told you?” I added, asking
She stargered back a little

“Your stay in this school is over” she said

“Let me explain to you first” I tried calming her down

“There is no explanation in murder” she insisted

“Am reporting you right away” she added and left to the principal’s office

I tried calling her back but she gave me deaf ears
I couldn’t think straight anymore

I turned and walked back to the class, just to wait for the principal’s call


….. Jason POV ❣️

I was hiding behind a building that was close to where Jenny and David were talking about him being the demon worker

Just as Jenny for principal’s office, David returned to the class

I wondered what he had in mind

I was very sure that the principal wasn’t in his office, that’s why I left Jenny to go

After some minutes, she returned, I was sure that she was disappointed

“Did you find him?” I asked blocking Jenny’s way

“Who?” She asked

“Principal, I overheard everything” I replied
I could tell that she was surprised because her face changed

“How long have you know about that?” She asked while I smiled

“I suspected him right from the day Zita was killed” I replied

“And if you can remember, I told you” I added

“Why didn’t you take it serious?” She asked
I couldn’t stop smiling
After so many weeks of distancing ourselves

“I had to get the full evidence” I replied

“What of now?” She asked

“Let’s still get the full evidence” I replied

“For how long?” She asked

“If you comply, it won’t take long” I replied
I was no longer intending on having her anymore because I kept loosing interest in her every single day

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“How do you mean?” She asked

I wanted her to be the girl COP Kelly suggested

“COP Kelly will explain everything to you” I said instead

“He is aware as well?” She asked

“Yes” I replied


….Mr Ken POV ❣️

After Mr Patrick agreed to come for David’s deliverance
That was why I was there

So I needed to go back

I took the morning flight and arrived at Paris at noon

I was so excited because I had a good news for Dorothy

I got home but she wasn’t at home yet

I waited patiently for her
It was getting dark, still she didn’t show up

I tried her line again but it was still switched off
Assuming I had Bonny’s number, I would have called him then

I became more worried that I asked the neighborhood but they said that she hasn’t been home for days

Assuming it was in day time, I would have gone to their school but it was already late

After much thought, I concluded that she would be back by the next day

I had to take rest for the long journey

The following day, which was on Saturday

I had to cancel market for that day

I made up my mind to visit their school like that
Maybe I would meet someone there
Even if it is their gateman

After cleanup, I got prepared for it

I was about to go when a car drove to our small gate

One could see everything from inside
It was Bonny

It was a relief that I rushed out to check on him

He got down with a great speed when he saw me

“Where is Dorothy?” I asked because I couldn’t find her in the car

“She is the reason why am here, I have been here for two days now but I couldn’t find you” he said

“I traveled” I replied

“Okay, Dorothy was attacked by the beast” he said and my mind ran to David
But what about the leaf

That was what came into my mind

“Where is she now?” I asked

“At the hospital” he replied
I hoped she didn’t die

“Let’s go then” I said while he nodded
I locked the gate and got inside the car

“When did it happen?” I asked on our way
Just to be sure why she hasn’t been at home since this days

“Up to four days now” he replied
I gasped


…. David POV ❣️

I woke up that morning really tired
Thoughts of the previous day was much

I was still taking rest of the remaining sleep when my phone began to ring

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It was an unknown number

I picked it up

“It’s Doctor Mark” he said
I jumped up from the bed because it was the doctor who was in charge of the hospital where Dorothy was

“Good morning doc” I greeted

“Good morning, we need your attention in the hospital now because Dorothy will soon wake up now and her parents hasn’t report yet” he said
I remembered that I dropped my number in the form I filled where paying for Dorothy’s treatment

“Okay, no prob doctor, I will be there now” I said and hung up

I rushed to the bathroom and washed my face
I brushed my teeth anyhow and rushed out after taking my phone

My Mom was in the dinning room arranging the foods

“Good morning Mom, I will be back” I shouted and rushed out
I took the car key where it was being hung

“Where are you going, at least take your breakfast” my Mom shouted but I didn’t reply back
I never wished to be delayed

I waved at the gateman and he opened the gate

I got to my car and ignited it
My Mom rushed out but I didn’t stop

I drove off immediately
Rushing to the hospital

Thank God it wasn’t far

I brought out my phone and texted my Mom

“Sorry Mom, a friend of mine had an accident, so I need to meet up before it’s too late”
I texted but no reply
I smiled and dropped the phone

In few minutes later, I was already at the hospital

I parked and rushed to the doctor’s office
I knocked and he ordered me in

“Doctor” I said immediately I got in

“Thank you for responding in time” the doctor said

He stood up and we walked straight to Dorothy’s ward
Her was already blinking

“She needs someone to be with her at this stage” the doctor said

“Sorry for bothering you” he added

“No prob doctor” I responded smiling
He nodded and walked out

I brought a stool and sat close to Dorothy’s bed
Her left finger has something that looks like a peck on it
So I sat at the right hand side

I took her hand and she held it tight
I felt something running around my stomach

She opened her eyes slightly but I guess, she couldn’t see me clear


…. Bonny POV ❣️

We arrived at the hospital where Dorothy was

I took her Uncle straight to the doctor’s office

We knocked and he ordered us in

“Good morning doctor” we greeted together

“Good morning, please get seated” the doctor said

We sat

“We are here for Dorothy” I said

“Oh, You must be her parents?” He asked referring to Mr Ken

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“No, am her Uncle, she lives with me” Mr Ken replied

“I was worried, what you long?” The doctor asked

“I travelled” Mr Ken replied
I was even sick of the question

“Your name please” the doctor requested

“Am Mr Ken” Dorothy’s Uncle replied

“What about her parents?” The doctor asked

“They aren’t in town yet” Mr Ken replied

“Anyway, She is still in her ward, her boyfriend is already there” the doctor said
My eyes widened
Who could that be?

“Can we go and see her?” Mr Ken asked

“Sure, let’s go” the doctor said and we walked out from his office
Straight to Dorothy’s ward

When we entered there, David was already there, holding Dorothy’s right hand

I felt jealous immediately

“I think she has woke up” David said while the doctor went closer to check it

“Good morning” David greeted Mr Ken
That was too much show

“Good morning, thank you my son” Mr Ken responded while David smiled
He waved at me and I forced out a smile

Immediately the doctor got to Dorothy, she opened her eyes gently

“Please go away” Dorothy managed to say
It was clear that she was referring to David
She removed her hand from David’s own

I couldn’t help it but to smile

Mr Ken walked closer to where Dorothy was and held her

The doctor brought his thestescope and checked Dorothy’s body
Mr Ken turned and looked at David

“You must be David?” He asked

“Yes sir” David replied
I was burning inside
They were just recognizing him
I guessed, Dorothy has said a lot of things about him, to her Uncle

“Her system is getting stronger” the doctor said while we nodded

“Thank you doctor” David said

“You are welcome, just take care of your girlfriend” the doctor said smiling
That smile was pissing me off already

“Mr Ken, can you please see me in my office now” the doctor requested

“Sure” Mr Ken replied


….Mr Ken POV ❣️

We got in the doctor’s office and he gestured me to sit

He took out a stainless plate

There was something inside it and it looks familiar

“I found this in her neck when I was treating her” the doctor said

“I discovered that it has been inside her and it looks strange” he said

“That’s why I seek for her parents” he added

I took the plate and looked at the thing very well

It looks familiar

My mind ran a race immediately

“TP gum” I said slowly

“That means someone must have given it to her” I thought

” Could it be David?” I asked inwardly