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Rejected Demon. Chapter 42

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Forty-Two????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Jenny POV ❣️

My sudden hatred for David was also unbelievable for me

I had always hated people who have stained their hands with bloods

I was only trying to pretend as if I wanted to come back for him
So as to get what the plan takes

My intention was for him to trust me again, then I will use the opportunity to expose him

I knew that my life was at risk but I had to to that

David seems to be an easy going person because he accepted my apology immediately
Or would I say that it was because he still loves me

That would make everything less hard for me

After school, I drove straight to COP Kelly’s office
I gently went inside

I knocked and he ordered me in

Jason was already there
I wondered when he left school

“We are already discussing about it, get seated” COP Kelly said

I sat with my serious face

“So, tell us how it went” COP Kelly requested

“It wasn’t hard as I thought, he accepted me back” I replied

“That’s good” Jason said
I knew that he was trying to say something but had nothing in mind

“Okay then, you need to get closer to him but use your brain” COP Kelly said
I nodded

“Am here because of this information, I think I need to go now” I said standing up

“No prob, thanks for the information” COP Kelly responded
I smiled and walked to the door

“Me too, I need to go” Jason said
I cared less and went out

I was almost close to my car when Jason rushed and stood before me

I ignored him and tried walking away but he still, blocked me

“Aren’t we supposed to be together?” He asked smiling

“No, just step out of the way” I replied trying to walk away
He still did the same thing

“Fate is trying to bring us together, stop being stubborn” Jason said
I couldn’t help it but to laugh

“You and I know that we can never be together” I replied

“Stop that act” I added


…. Faith POV ❣️

We were watching Jason and Jenny through my mirror
It was me, the demon and the queen mother

I was seriously getting jealous the way things were going

I knew that Jason was trying to play her but still, I want anyone to go closer to my man

I wished to go there but I still want Jason to miss me

The mirror suddenly went blank

I turned properly and it was the demon who stopped it

“I think we need to kill Jenny” the demon said looking at me as if she was reading my mind

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I looked down

“We don’t have anything to do with her” the queen mother responded

“She will be useful to them later if we don’t kill her now” the demon said

“We are yet to deal with Dorothy, she is still alive” the queen mother said

“She is useless now because she is like an empty container” the demon responded

“Killing her doesn’t mean anything” the demon added

“As far as she still lives, our future is at risk” the queen mother said
I was just listening to them because I had nothing to contribute

“Even Jason” the queen mother added
I wanted to talk but remembering her promise, I decided to stay mute

“So what is the plan?” The demon asked

“Let’s watch their moves for the main time” the queen mother replied

All my mind was on what would be happening since I couldn’t see them

If Jenny didn’t stay clear, I would surely kill her


…. Bonny POV ❣️

I got home that day really weak

If I should loose Dorothy, then I had to achieve one thing

Even if it was to have her on my bed or something that would make me not to look like a looser

I had made lots of plans but none of them were accomplished

I brought out my planning book

I started drawing how things go

My mind then was to get David and give him to Jason since I have failed twice

I picked up my phone and called Jason

“Do I still have a chance?” I asked

“Which chance?” Jason asked back

“I want to hand David over to you” I replied

“You have tried so many times and still failed” he said

“I only failed twice but I won’t let it be three” I persuaded

“How do you plan on doing that?” He asked

“Just give me a go ahead order and leave the rest for me” I replied

“This is your last chance” he said
I never cared about what he wants to use him for
But what I needed to prove was my capability

“Can I have the address of where to bring him?” I asked

“Late Mr chef’s uncompleted building” he replied while I smiled

“Consider it done by tomorrow” I said

I also planned on moving outside the country, once I hands him over


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

The following day, I woke up really sick
It was hard for me to get down from my bed

The wound I had on my neck was disturbing me

I remembered that I don’t take the prescription as instructed since it has finished

My Uncle rushed to the hospital for the medicine

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In few minutes time, he came back with it

After breakfast, I took it in
I checked the time but it was already late
I thought of what would happen at the school

I wished that the demon doesn’t show up

Although, if I was to go to the school, I wouldn’t know when it shows up

I prayed that David was with the leaf since it was impossible for me to go that day

My Uncle also said that he wouldn’t go to market on time because he needs to take care of me,

He started sweeping
Even though I wish to help him but I couldn’t
My body was really weak

The next thing that came into my mind was the so called TP gum
Since I was bored, I needed some topics that would make me not to feel lonely

I waited for my Uncle to finish, then I would bring it up


…..David POV ❣️

That morning, I got to school

What I first checked was where Dorothy used to stay
It was only Bonny

I guessed maybe she went out

I waved at Bonny who waved back

“Good morning” Jenny greeted just as I sat

“Good morning, hope you are good?” I asked while she nodded

“Can we go on a date?” She asked
My mind ran to Zita
That was how we got addicted to each other

I would have to accept it, maybe it would ease some things
The stress was too much

“When and time?” I asked

“On weekend, from morning” she replied while I smiled

“No prob, fixed” I said

During break period, Bonny met me and told me that he wanted to discuss something with me after school

I wanted to ask him about Dorothy but remembering what happened at the hospital, I decided not to try it


…. Bonny POV ❣️

After dismissal, I had already told David that I would drop him off

So I told him to call his driver, and tell him not to come
Of course, he did so

I texted Jason if they were ready which they replied that they would wait for me there
They kept telling me not to fail again

Everyone was gone except me and David

“Still, I don’t know where we are going” he said

“Am just surprised that you didn’t ask me about Dorothy when you see that she didn’t come today” I said

“I was just wondering, although I didn’t get the courage to ask” he replied

“But where is she?” He added asking

“She couldn’t come to school today because of the wound and her Uncle said that he will like to see you” I lied
I was only trying my best to convince him

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“Where is he?” He asked

“That’s exactly where am taking you to” I replied

“Okay then, let me give my driver a feedback” he said

“Which feedback?” I asked because I was confused

“I told him to wait for my call because I was yet to know where we will be going to” he replied
It was smart of him but wasn’t enough

We got into my car and I drove off

My intention was to disappear, after handing him over to Jason

“Am very sure that you saw Victor before you leave” I said trying to start up a conversation

“Who told you?” He asked while I smiled

“I heard when you were discussing it with Jenny that day before you left” I replied

“That’s true” he accepted it

“So, where did he travelled to because I really want to know?” I asked
I want to go over there after my plan must have been done

“Can I trust you with this?” He asked
I nodded

“Trust me” I replied


…. David POV ❣️

I thought for a while before telling Bonny where Victor went to

In his eyes, he really wanted to see him

“I know his two houses at two different countries but I don’t know which one he would go” Bonny said
It looks so true

“He is at Switzerland” I replied

“He really loves that place” Bonny said

After going deep at a lonely place
I wondered if it was really where Dorothy lives

“Aren’t we reaching there?” I asked

“Almost” he replied

“It’s too far” I said

After some minutes later, he stopped at the middle of the road

Beside it was an uncompleted building

“Is this the place?” I asked wondering how someone could be living there

“No but I want to urinate” he replied
I nodded and he got down

I took my phone
Unfortunately, there was no service in that area

Soon the door was locked from outside, automatically
I was just confused that I wanted to push it open but it was hard

Then something like gas started leaking from nowhere but inside the car

I tried to call Bonny but he was just standing close to the door with the car remote control

That means he was the one doing it

I perceived the gas a little since I couldn’t hold my breath

It was a teargas

I tried screaming but it was making its way into my mouth

I was seriously getting weaker

I held the window looking at Bonny who was keeping a mean face

Another set of people joined him

I could see Jason, Andy and Sam there

I never thought of that
I became more than weak because the teargas was already doing its work

I gave up