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Living With Him. Episode 4 And 5

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???? Living
With him????

[ Taming Mr popular ❣️]

Episode 4

By Adebayo Dolapo

???? Rachel POV ???? [ Torre’s mum]

” Bianca can I have a words with you” I said as I laid on my king size bed”.

Yes ma’am.

She answered.

” I promise to double your salary thrice, and I promise to take care of your parents, if you agree with my deal with you”.

I said and she bow again.

” Now take a look at this pix , I said and gave him Torre pictures”.

She collected and a wow escaped her mouth, after she was done starring at it, she finally gave me back.

” Ma’am what do you want me to do” she asked softly avoiding my eyes contact.

” Bianca I want you to leave with my son, and make him love you”.

I said.

She was choking on her breath already.

” Think about, you can go” I muttered under my breath.

???? Oliver’s POV ????

Am Doom.

I thought as I continue crying profusely, what should I do to make you mine Torre, I already gave you what I have but still you’re still angry at me, I thought.

” I remember we’re the best couples then, we won the prom king and queen”.

I wore my clothes and walked out,I understand the tissue to Clean my face, I clutch my slagging bag and walked out sadly .

???? Bianca’s POV ????

What am I supposed to do?.

Because I really need to take care of my parents and Tiffany.

” Gosh, this freaking me out” I thought furiously .

” I don’t know what to do”.

I said and plonked myself on the small bed beside my partner.

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” I need to make a right decision”.

I thought.


???? Living
With him ????

[ Taming Mr popular]

Episode 5

Note: Bianca is Nadine, have changed the name, I don’t want to cause confusion …

???? Bianca’s POV ????

” Gosh!”
What should I do?, I thought as I laid on the bed.

She’s going to take care of my family, and double my salaries thrice.

His one of the cute guys have seen, his pointed nose makes me smile.

He looks cute !

I smile lightly, the lady beside me glare at me.

What have I done ? I thought and turned around backing her, she hissed loudly.

” Such a crazy girl” I thought and hissed slightly, before I knew it, she pull my hair roughly, that I had to groan in pain.

“Melissa please you’re hurting me” I said in a rough Breath, trying to free myself from her.

Everybody in the room, was now looking at the scene happening between us.

” Let me go!”.

I yelled angrily and push her to the bed, she stood up trying to slap me but I hold it firmly, and twist it .

Am sure it hurt like hell.

” How is it” ? Huh I said with a smirk and kick her legs, which made her to be on her knees.

Beg for mercy… I said and smirk wickedly and twist it again, while the rest of the maid just laughed at the scenes.

“Next time, don’t try me” I said and plonked myself on the bed..

???? Rachel’s POV ????

I watched them through the computer, as they continue fighting, she’s one of the craziest girl though, I like her skills.

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” She’s brave enough, am sure she won’t allow my Torre to have a taste form her Pervic area”.

I said and shut down the computer, and gulped down the whole content in the glass cup, and laid flat on the bed.

” Torre I want you to change for better, because my son is addicted to s*x , I need to stop it before it too late”.

I thought .


???? Oliver’s POV ????

” I dress up in one of my perfect and classic clothes, and clutch my school bag and my Mercedes Benz keys”.

” I got to the dinning table, and met the maids setting the table”.

Ma’am your parents said they had to leave earlier, because they want to caught up with their business partner.

The maid said.

” Ok, that not new to me” I muttered, though I felt bad, my parents don’t have time for me.

Am their only daughter, but they think everything is all about money, nope I need parental care.

I thought and slip from my tea, I was done eating, I walked out and hop inside my car and zoomed off speedily.

” I walked out of my car majestically like a princess, the breeze blew my hair, which makes me feel cool, I sighted Torres car, I walked closer to him trying to peck his lip but he shoved my mouth away”.

” Oliver we are done for good” he said and walked away from me, tears were gathering up in my face.”

” It hurt”!

♠️ Torre’s POV ♣️
“I felt bad for acting like that to Oliver, but she left me I begged her to stay with me but she left me”.

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I thought as I walked inside the restroom, I got there and clean the tears gathering up in my face.

” What have I done to deserve all this?”.


I yelled angrily and smashed the standing glass.

“Gosh, I really love Oliver back then, but she left me which makes me to become addicted to s*x “.


???? Bianca’s POV ????

” I carried the tray inside ma’am Rachel room, i met going through her phone”.

” Ma’am this it” I said and put it on the table, ma’am I want to tell you something.

I stuttered.

“Huh” she said and adjust her glasses.

” Ma’am am ready for your proposal”.

I said and her jaw dropped immediately.


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