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Living With Him. Episode 6-8

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???? Living
With him ????

[ Taming Mr popular]

Episode 6

By Adebayo dolapo

???? Bianca’s POV ????

” Oh my goodness “, you sure you’re ready, she said and smile at me.

” Yes ma’am” I said and smile at her..

Hey give me a hug, she said and I walked closer to her, and hug her briefly before unlocking from the hug…

” Ma’am I’ll try all my possible best to change your son”.

I said…

” change into a nice clothes, let go get some things in the boutique”.

She said but couldn’t believe my ears.


We came down from the car, I continue admiring a lot of things till I found a suitable clothes and heels.

” Bianca you will have to go school” she said and I heard a loud bang on my head.

” O_k ma’am” I stuttered.

♠️ Torre’s POV ♣️

Joel’s mansion

” I drove speedily inside the mansion,I unbuckle my belt and walked inside eagerly to hug my mom”.

I walked inside and met her talking to someone, she looks young, just my age though.

” I move closer trying to get a clear view of her, but she walked away avoiding my eyes contact”.

Her back shape got me erected.

” She looks pretty though, g!sh”.

I will want to bang her harder and roughly.

I bit my lip in anger…

???? Living
With him????

[ Taming Mr popular]

Episode 7

By Adebayo dolapo.

# two weeks later.

???? Bianca’s POV ????

” Ma’am am kinda shy” I said shyly as i put my long hair behind my ears.

” Bianca you don’t have to be shy, everything is under my control, just behave yourself and always do the rightful things”.

Ma’am Rachel said and hug me.

” The car pulled over in front of a large building, I mean a big and classic mansion, made with different kinds of rock, the entrance was sparkling with different designs”.

” Let go now” ma’am Rachel said and I walked out of the car majestically, I adjusted my short grown”.

I’m mediately about five people rush to us, they collected my luggages and roll it inside the mansion.

” We got to the front door, it was like a remote was controlling the door, immediately we found ourselves standing at the entrance to the sitting room”.

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” We got to the sitting room, and met a br* lying on the tiles, follow by another pink p@nt”.

” Ma’am what happening” I asked with curiosity.

” Daughter let go to his room, we walked through the passage to his so called room, a wow escape my damn mouth, it looks cool, we heard something likes moans”.

We barged inside the room and we found them f**king each other’s, doing some disgusting stuffs.

” Leave now bitch” he said coldly and the bitch ran out nakedly, he was starring deeply into my eyes, which makes me feel uncomfortable, I continue fiddling with the hem of my clothes, till ma’am Rachel cleared her throat”

Minutes later, mom I can’t allow her to be living with me, he yelled angrily sweating profusely.

” Imagine “!!!!

I can’t cope, if she leaves with me.

” Come on, just for a main time son” ma’am Rachel said.

“Then get a hotel for her” he said and stared at me coldly, giving me a look of I will kill you.

” She’s leaving with you, ma’am Rachel said and stood up with her hand bag and walked out going to her car”.

I stood up immediately, ” hey can you show me the way to my road.”

I said with a smirk.


♣️ Torre’s POV ♣️.

” Can you repeat what you just said now”.

Huh, have you gone nut !.

I asked getting pissed off.

“I don’t take shits, I said and move closer to her.”

The next time you try that rubbish with me, I will make sure I cut off your nose.

I said angrily.

” Now find your self a room, don’t come near me or touch my things”.

Is that okay.

Huh, can’t you talk.

” You must be crazy, she said angrily and walked out moving her hip up and down”.


See Torre oo.

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???? Living
With him ????

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[ Taming Mr popular]

Episode 8

By Adebayo dolapo

???? Bianca’s POV ????

” The Ray of sun glinting on the window reflected in to my face, I yarned tiredly and stood up sluggishly”.

I slept peacefully, I thought.

My phone rang immediately and is ma’am Rachel.

“????Hello ma’am ” I said softly.

????Hello dear, how was your night, hope everything is okay.

???? Yes ma’am.

???? Get ready, you’re starting your school today, make sure you ride with Torres.

???? Okay ma’am, I really appreciate it but ma’am Mr parents.

???? I said sadly.

???? Don’t worry everything is under my control.

???? Okay ma’am, bye.

I said and ended the call….

Minutes later, I was done bathing, I tired a towel around my neck, and move to my wardrobe .

” I pick a sliver grown, it has different designs which makes it look pretty and classic, and a black Pam Slipper”.

I packed my long hair, in a messy bun and put a lot of ribbons, which makes me look like a princess,am not a fan of make up , so I walked closer to my bags and pick a black bag.

I clutch my slagging bag and walked out of my room.

” I got to the place which looks like a dining room, and met him already eating, yeah his drinking his tea”.

” Morning ” I muttered with an eye roll.

” He hissed and continue slipping from his tea”.

I took a sit beside him, and wanted to pick some bread..

” What do you think you’re doing” he said coldly.

” Huh, am trying to eat as you can see”.

Haven’t I told you not to touch anything in my house, huh are you deaf.

“You must be sick” I said and gulped down his remaining tea, he was staring at like he wanted to strangle me.

He stood up and i didn’t hesitate to follow him instantly.

♣️ Torre’s POV ♣️

” I was shocked to the bone, when she hop inside the car and sat beside me, I wanted to tat but she glare at me “.

She continues starring around, pouting her lip like a baby, which makes her look cuter.

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She looks pretty good, in her outfit, I thought and continue drooling , looking at her open chest.

Such a nice chest, I thought and lick my lip.

” I can’t wait to drill you, Bianca or whatever you’re called”.

” Hey” will you stop licking your lips, she snapped at me.

I flare up immediately.

“Am not starring, quit the rubbish, you’re not my type”.

I said and hissed loudly.

” Finally we got to the school and I didn’t hesitate to rush out, immediately I saw Oliver looking pretty as ever, she came down from her car and walked closer to me”.

Bianca walked closer to me.

” Hi Torre” she said and I glare at her.

“Hi” I muttered.

” Can we walk to the class together, she said like she trying to make me happy”.

” As you can see am with someone” I said and wrapped my hands around her neck, before I knew it she pinch me hard.

” Ouch” I groan in pain.


???? Oliver’s POV ????

” I felt hurt” who the hell is she.

I walked away angrily, going to the class, and met my friends Megan, and savia.

” Morning guys ” I said coldly and sat beside them.

” What wrong babe girl” the asked waiting for my answer.

I told about my encountered with Torre, they told me to sit beside him , I move to his sit and wanted to sit down when someone pushed me back.

” I look up and found Torre and the lady beside her , starring at me”.

” What do you think you’re doing” Torre asked.

I want to sit with my love.

I said and glare at the lady beside her.

Everybody was now starring at the scene happening between us.

“Listen carefully Oliver, sit anywhere you want, Bianca will be sitting with me”.

He said and my jaw dropped immediately!!!!

???? Bianca’s POV ????

” I just stood there starring like a log of woods”.

She felt hurt .

” She moved closer to me, and touch my hand”.

His mine .

His mine alone !!!!

She said and walked out angrily…