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Living With Me. Episode 3

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???? Living with him ????

{Taming Mr popular????}

Episode three.

By : Adebayo Dolapo.

???? Bianca’s POV ????

” I walked inside the mansion, it was big and classic”.

“I met a man there, he takes me to the woman who I guess is the owner of the house”.

“Luckily for me, I was taken to work as a maid”.

“But Tiffany wasn’t taking, we went home happily”.

???????? Joel’s mansion ????????

” I board a taxi to the place, I am going to be walking”.

“The place was cool, and nice,”.

“I walked inside and met my colleagues working”.

” I joined them”.

???? Oliver’s POV ????

” Am going to make Torre love me, have been dating him for like a year but is not faithful to me”.

” So we broke up”.

“But am back for him today, I said softly”.

” I walked inside my room going to my wardrobe, I pick up a net bra and net pant with a big jumpsuit”.

” I will make sure you’re mine again Torre”.

“I said am wore my clothes, I moved closer to the mirror and do a heavy makeup on my face, I packed my long medium hair in a messy bun”.

“I walked closer to my heels, and pick up a red heels matching my clothes with my classic handbag”.

” I take my car key, and walked out of the room going to the parking lot, I walked seductively to my car and hop inside”.

” I zoomed off speeding, he will still be in school but have to wait for him”.

” I will be going to his school tomorrow since am back to American now”.

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” I opened his house gate myself since they don’t want to open the gate, I drive inside and park my car at the parking lot”.

” I’m mediately his bodyguards walked closer to me and collect my bag”.

“I walked inside seductively and plonked myself on the couch beside me”.

” Still the same scent though”.

“I hope my plans work out for me”.

” I heard the sound of cars driving inside”.

“His here”.

???? Torre’s POV ????

” I was so exhausted from the s*t, but I can still go with another round”.

” It was kinda boring for me, that I had to go home to find a bitch to f**k”.

” Let go” I said to my bodyguards as we walked out of the cafeteria”.

“I sat at the back sit while the car zoomed off speeding going to my mansion”.

” The car was parked at the parking lot, while I came down from the car and saw a different car at the parking lot”.

“Who could have done that”.

I said angry and walked inside the sitting room.

“I met her sitting seductively on the couch”.

” What are you doing here”.

I roared at her while she fiddling with her clothes.

“She started walking closer to me, I couldn’t resist her curves and beauty”.

“Such a killer shape”.
“She trace her fingers to my chest, and touch my bare chest with her hands”.

“My body vibrate immediately, Oliver stop it”.

I said more like a whispered, enjoying what his doing to me.

” Suddenly she left me and remove her jumpsuit”.

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“She only on bra and pant.”

” My d**k was already erected in my trouser”.

” She touched it through my trouser and rub it”.

“I was really enjoying it, I grabbed her and pushed her slightly to a nearby couch”.

” I removed her bra and throw it away, I rubbed her small size breasts with my hands”.

” After rubbing it, I suck it”.

“Oh yeah!”
“Oh my Torre”
“Oh my gosh”
“Hmm, oh my geez!”.
“Suck it baby”.

“Torre I love you”.
She moaned loudly, I think am driving her nut with what am doing.

” I was done sucking her b**t and her c**t”.

I removed my trouser and as her to suck and rub my d**k.

” She rolled her tongue on it, and suck it like a baby”.

” Oh yeah”.
I groaned in pressure as she continues doing justice to my d**k.

” I was on top of the world with the way she’s sucking it”.

” I felt my self ready to come, I grabbed her head and pushed my d**k to her throat”.

” I released my semens in her mouth”.

” She was breathing roughly”
“She wrapped her arms around my neck and kiss me, I allowed her since she was my ex girlfriend”.

” The kiss was hot, that I couldn’t breaths anymore”.

“She stopped to caught up her breath”.

She laid her head on my chest and stared directly into my eyes expecting me to talk.

” Oliver why are you here”.

I asked her softly.

” Am here for you now”.
She said and wanted to kiss me but I stopped her.

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“Oliver you’re too late”.

” I can’t love or love you again”.
I said coldly.

” I could see some tears gathering up on her face but I don’t care”.

“She hurt my feeling leaving me, by going to Korea”.

“I begged her not to leave but she said she can’t stay here with me”.

” I stood up and wore my clothes”.

“Oliver if you’re done make use of the door”.

I said sadly and walked away going inside my room.

???? Rachel { Torre’s mum}????

” Have been noticing that new maid”.

” I think she going to be good for my son”.

I thought

” I will have to come up with a plan”.

“I hope they can love each others”.

“She pretty and sexy”.

” I will make sure my son got to marry her, I hope she keeps herself from my son”.

” Because he’s addicted to sex”.