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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 1

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

“ Runaway, It’s the hunters! ”

???? Chapter 1 ☘️

???? Lora ????

Evening was almost approaching as I sat at the hillside staring at the village. It’s been almost four hundred years now we’ve been living without the threats of the hunters.

I watched as little children played along the street while their parents were busy with their farmyard and mother was in her usual way of calling me for dinner.

I scoffed..

I was filled with the joy of nature on my village and I’ve gotten no appetite for anything even if it was my favorite dish she was cooking.

She noticed I wasn’t making any sign of showing up, she rested her arms on her hips with a slight shook of her head, she returned inside.

I smiled… I won this time.

I was sure the evening had surfaced fully before I headed back home.

I was still on my way when voices here and there told me my mother had been searching for me.

I scoffed again… Like I was lost, right?

I’d smile when they say that. Of course, I heard her called me, I even saw her calling me.

“Lora?” Came a little voice from behind. I turned to look who it was to see little Kittie running with her favourite toy in her hand. ” Your mother has been calling you. Where have you been? ”

” Up the hills. ” I replied pointing over it’s direction.

” Wow! “She exclaimed flying her mouth wide open.” How is it up there? ”

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” Beautiful. ”

” You always go there? ” She asked again.

” Always. “I said.” Always. ” rubbing her hair.

Kattie is just seven and the last child of her parents. They live two house away from mine and I only knew her when she was two.

She was as beautiful as kitty and that’s why I gave her that name.

I rubbed her hair again before making my way back home.

“Will you come visit me tomorrow?” She asked in a yell.

” Maybe. ” I thought for awhile. ” Yes! ” I said still on my tracks.

I pushed the door open making my way in. I looked at their plates, they were already halfway with their foods.

I could see the empty space reserved for me with my food on the table. I made my way pass them without saying a word to anyone.

I noticed as their eyes followed me and they said nothing either.

The truth is, I wasn’t hungry to have even a bite from the bread.

I leaned on my door taking in some few air before walking towards my bed with my face buried in my pillow.

A knock came at my door, I acted like I didn’t hear it until it came again with a voice accompanied.

“Sweetheart, it’s me. Please open the door.”

For the moment, I wanted to be alone but I couldn’t let my mom stand out there. I made my way to the door.

“Hey,” I said with a fake grin as I walked back to my bed.

She noticed that…

Closing the door gently behind her, she came to sit beside me. “Something is wrong, what is it?”

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“Nothing, mom. I’m fine.” I said but it wasn’t convincing.

” Why don’t you wanna eat? ”

” I’m not hungry.”

She said nothing giving me this not sure look.

” I’m serious, Mom. I’m fine and I ain’t hungry. I’ll try eating it tomorrow morning. Don’t worry about me. ”

” If I don’t, who will? ”

” Mom … please. ”

” Okay. Fine. I’ve heard you. ”

There was a brief silence between us.

” Where were you today? ” She asked breaking the silence. ” I was looking everywhere for you.”

“I was at the hill.”

“Again?!” Her voice sounded like a yell.

” I’m sorry, mom. I was only trying to feel happy. ” My eyes already at the ground.

She chuckled.” How does the hills make you feel happy?”

“Each time I go up there, I see the fullness of nature. Everything about it just makes me feel… happy. ”

I didn’t even realize that I was smiling as I said that.

” Oh really?! I also want to feel this same happiness. One day, you’ll have to take me with you up there, let’s watch nature’s work together. ” She said with such seriousness, I had to guess it wasn’t her usual jokings.

“You sure about that?”

“Very.” She stood up from where she sat, “I’ll let you rest. Good night. ” She said with a kiss on my head.

” Good night, Mom. ”

She left..

I laid still on my bed, my eyes focused at the ceiling fan as it slowly rotated.

I realized I had fell asleep when I forcefully woke up by the noise of screams outside.

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I got down from my bed walking towards the window to see what the problem was..

From afar, I could see burning smokes clouding some part of the village. Everyone running here and there for safety.

Homes were falling like rags, I could also see lifeless bodies on the floor.

What might be the problem? What is happening??

What do you think is going on guys?…

Your comments please..