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My V Husband. Chapter 168

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 168


I helped my mom in the kitchen while we were waiting for my dad to show up. I had no idea what his reaction would be when he sees me.

After my mom and I had served food at the dinning, she said, “When your dad comes, we’ll eat together.”

“Sure.” I answered and just then, the door creaked open and my heart skipped. My mom went to welcome my dad and they both began to approach where I was.

My dad sighted me and paused, he then looked at my mom, “What is she doing here?”

Before my mom could respond, I spoke up apologetically, “I regret my actions, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me dad.”

“You even got married without informing us, what a child.” I could tell that he was speaking from a broken heart.

He walked beside me and sat at the dinning. My Mom and I also sat. My mom was sitting beside him and they were both facing me.

As he ate, he asked, “What brought you here?”

“Hum! I came to apologize for my wrongs, I’m so sorry.” I lied.

“Of course not, why would you suddenly change your heart, why are you here?”He asked, as if he could read that I was there for something else.

I lowered my head and dropped the spoon I was holding.

” I now have a son and my husband thinks the son is not for him. Even the DNA text confirmed that the son does not belong to him. Yet, he was the man that took my innocence and he was the only man that have ever slept with me.” I said.

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“Another man probably drugged you and had sex with you. Did your son resemble your husband?” My father asked.

“That’s where the problem lies, my husband is a twin, although Joe resembles him, he also resembles his brother.” I explained.

“Did his brother likes you? like…he hoped to be in some sort of romantic relationship with you?”He asked.

” Yes dad, but I denied. His dead now, though.” I answered.

“Joe is your husband’s brother son, he must have made love with you without your knowledge.” He said.

“How is that possible, at least, if he does, I was suppose to suddenly wake after being drugged for a long time, I didn’t have any strange experience, dad. I’m just confused.” I said but he took a large bite from the meat before him.

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