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The Healer. Chapter 2

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian epic drama❤️

Chapter Two????♥️????

securities and maids came out from different sides,both men and women.Prince Drema already passed out.

“my prince”
“young prince”
“prince Drema”
the maids stood shocked at one end admiring his manly figure,the guards were shocked to the bones,they will all be in trouble for being so careless in duty.
a maid almost tucked his hair because it covered his sight but she was too scared to touch him not to talk of his hair so she watched him like a movie alongside other maids.

queen chiamaka’s p.o.v????
what did I hear that happened to my son?
I rushed to the prince empire immediately.
I didn’t even reply my hand maid.
“how can that common guard be so careless,where is the head guard? I shouted
“he is here my queen”another maid replied.
“and where is Drema personal guard? I shouted.
nkem appeared looking as tensed as ever,he hasn’t said anything,I slapped him.
“you will be punished for being a careless servant, you weren’t suppose to leave my son alone not even for a second you are to stay with him and lead him to wherever he wants to go”I yelled..my voice broke off cos of so much anger.
Seeing the boy I nutured for nine months in pain is enough for me to go crazy.
I sniffed,
all the maids bowed.
“am sorry my queen
“it was him that said I should leave”nkem said
I wanted to slap him again,I controlled my temper.
the guards already tried lifting Drema up.
I took Dre hand from the guards and used my hand to wipe traces of blood from his head.
who is trying to harm you,the pain you already felt,can’t they pity you…what did you do to this world??
I followed the guards who carried him carefully and in no time,the physician arrived the rest of the maids left and just three remained.
I stood quietly beside the glass door watching the the physician treat my angel..

“here is your phone,my queen”
I turned abd took the phone.
“Ciara please I need the you to book the next flight to Canada,it’s important”
“thank you,dremas health is really important to me,he is my only son and the main man in my life”.
“okay ma’am,the next flight to Canada is 6am tomorrow”
I dropped the call and watched through the glass door.Drema is still unconscious.
The physician came out after an hour.
“he is gaining consciousness but who is Nora?”he asked.
“Nora…that’s his girlfriend”
“she must be so dear to him cos he kept on calling the name Nora,her presence will help a lot”he said and walked in.
I dialed Nora’s number countless times,she wasn’t picking,my texts were unreplied.

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???? Nora my dear,please pick up my calls
???? This is the time Drema need you help,it’s really urgent please show up it’s really urgent..
no reply. and have called her number close to 30times and counting.
I strolled out to the garden while still dialing her number
she didn’t pick
is she having issues with Drema?
even if they are having issues that doesn’t mean she should busy my calls.

someone laughed from behind,I didn’t bother turning,I already know who it was.
she walked fully to my front; queen ivory(prince Charles mother).

“I meant to ask,where is your son walking stick or doesn’t he need it to do this….”she demonstrated how that blind uses stick to walk. I sighed.
“or do blind people not make use of sticks these days”she said.

“ivory am in no mood to utter gibberish with you”I said,she pushed me slightly.
Ignoring the push I got from her,I smiled kindly at her. “and you that your son is not blind,how many things has he achieved…
nothing good to write home about
maybe you should at least try giving birth to a blind child so that fortune will smile at you” I fired.
the look on Ivory’s face got more bittered.

“Hey don’t twist anything for the fact will always remain the same,your son is blind,so what’s the essence of his wealth if he can’t see”she replied..
I point a warning finger at her”ivory do not insult my son never never in your life and please he is not blind.He might be blind in your eyes but not in my eyes”I said.

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“you are very right Chismaka,in your eyes your son is not blind but in the eyes of others he is blind,you should have just remained barren all your life instead of giving birth to such a thing you call son”she said.
“only the gods knows why i gave birth to Drema ,you’re the owner of your mouth please yourself and do whatever you wish…
quick reminder ivory, my son is better than the other princes and you know it!! I pushed her the way she did to me,
she almost fell.i smiled and walked away.

Nora just disappointed me today.

“where is the Nora?the doctor asked.
“I guess she’s busy…never mind I will take care of it”I replied and went in.
I sat quietly beside Drema on the bed.
“my handsome Drema you will be fine.No harm will befall you my son.
I rubbed his palms softly.

“Nora”…he called.
“yes,my love I love you”I replied in Nora’s tone
He kept on calling her name
I kept on repeating the same thing.
although I was fed up but I stayed till the next day.

Authoress p.o.v
Chidinma a very beautiful girl aged 21 was seen sweeping her compound very early in the morning.Though her family can be regarded as the poorest of the poor but she lived her life to the fullest…
she doesn’t even mind if her father’s house is located in the most dirty part of Eziala(the most local kingdom ruled by the current king)

She has a nice height,a beautiful body stature with an amazing face but her trouble surpasses her looks as she is very trouble some,careless and blunt.She has 10clothes in total which are four dress wrapper and 6gowns.

Her father is a carpenter and her mother sells groundnut.their family is the poorest that was more reason why her mother borrowed money in every saving place
she had a little brother Nonso who was just 12years.
Chidinma has no time for men or even girls no one even wants to associate with a commoner only hanah talks to her and even if she does it’s just greetings..
that doesn’t stop Chidinma from getting into trouble anyways.
she dropped the broom tiredly,
Nonso was up already.
“escort me to the stream”
“how many times are you fetching?
“till the drum fills”she said.
“go alone,who will help mama fry groundnut” Nonso said.
“ohh it’s true*she said and left.
She met her mates once she crosses the boarder but they all ignored her no one seems to notice her
they were all busy chatting in groups.
“aaah Dera is pregnant for a drunkard,it’s really good for her at least her pride will come down”
there is a royal party at the palace this weekend…free food,free drinks,free entrance…
hmmm the princes are back so the party must be really grand…Ewww
I must attend in my best dress,best bead, best anklets..
Mildred said the princes are extremely handsome…
butttt the Queen’s are all temperamental… most especially queen Ivory she’s so bossy I wonder how the maids cope

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she heard different things,out of everything she pitied the Dera girl who got pregnant out of wedlock…
soon they all arrived
each of them fetched water in pots.
she hurried back home,only her house was far to the stream.

she passed through the back door and was about pouring the water when she heard sounds….

“where is your daughter???
that sounds like madam Tamara’s voice…
“where is your daughter???
“any problem”her mother came out.

“where is your daughter? don’t answer me with a question.where is she?? madam Tamara’s voice got high

“don’t I have any right to know why you seek my daughter?? her mother said.
“how dare you question me? don’t you know who I am I won’t ask again for the last time where is your daughter! do you know what she did? am asking you!!! madam tamara shouted.

“what are you waiting for??
“go inside and bring that daughter of a witch outside!!! she added.

this woman again! I dropped the pot quietly and ran from the back I passed earlier.