January 27, 2022

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Married To A Prince. Episode 25

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“please don’t” I pleaded and he smirked wickedly

how can some one this cute be so hard hearted?

“am your wife for crying out loud ,your suppose to treat me like a wife
it wasn’t my fault I was betrothed to you!
it wasn’t” I rasp before I could hold myself
I just couldn’t take it
it’s becoming over board
last night I slept on the couch and today he wanna make me stand under the rain

is it my fault that I never learnt how to cook?

“and it isn’t my fault that your greedy father had to commit treason against my father” he yelled and I froze
his eyes seems to be burning with sparkling flames on it

my late father?
committed treason?
was that the reason I was betrothed to him?

what do I have to do with this?
was that the reason mum locked me up for so long?

the thoughts alone seems to melt every anger in me and I found myself sobbing

“am sorry” I pleaded wondering what an actually sorry about

“now f**king get your ass off that couch and go stand under the rain before I ask the guards to throw you out themselves,
and you can’t stand the embarrassment
can you?”he asked
his blazing eyes eventually turned into normal

is this guy human?
or do he possess some strange qualities?
why is his eyes blazing or I it normal cause he’s a Prince

“get the f**k out before I lose it” he rasp and I found myself walking out of the door into the cold

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I shivered immediately the first drop of rain fell on me

don’t tell me an gonna be standing on this rain for an hour?

the rain fell heavily on me and i found myself hugging my kneels to myself as I squat under the rain

what sort of honey moon is this?


I watch her from one of the guest rooms cause it’s the only place I can get a perfect view of her

she shivered under the rain and i smiled to myself

serves her right
next she’s never gonna mess with me ever again

I was about retreating from the window when I saw her face palm herself

don’t tell me she’s crying?

well,she can cry for all I care
I never told her to be so unlucky to get betrothed to me
it isn’t my fault

I kept watching her for some reasons I really can’t explain.
and for the first time in weeks since I met her,I saw how beautiful she looks

her hair isn’t too long and it isn’t too short too
the exact hair I had want for my wife
the rain drops on her hair making it wet and it glued to her body
while some strand of it
fell forward,covering her face

she had long straight legs,exactly my taste and her boobs were moderate,the exact type for a Lady

the rain drops on her shirt made it wet and it glued to her body,
making the lines of her bra visible.

she looks too perfect
too bad,she won my hate already
why must she have everything I desire in a lady?

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her boobs were almost visible in the shirt she had wore due to how wet it was.

the short she had on,glued to her hips making her butty ass transparent
the shape of her v was slightly visible and I felt a tingling sensation on my loin

wait a minute!
what’s wrong with me?
am I seriously checking her out?
that’s never gonna happen!


my hair fell on my face and i pushed it backwards,cleaning the tears that were streaming down my face

is this what they call marriage?
is this what mum went through in the hands of dad?
is it normal for a guy to treat a lady this way?

no! no! most of the romance Novels I had read aren’t like this
Nita actually told me she loved her boyfriend so much.
she won’t be defending him if he’s cruel to her the way kyle is treating me right now!

have I ever offended him?
is he angry I had gotten married to him?
was it my fault my father committed an offense in the past?

I couldn’t help the tears that stream down my face
suddenly I couldn’t feel the rain drops on me again but the rain was still falling
how’s that possible?

I looked up to see Mr pompous holding an umbrella,covering me from the rain

“let’s go inside” he cooed
his voice was somewhat slow and tender
is he feeling remorseful?

I stood up slowly from the floor where I had sat,
he took me inside and I quickly rushed into the bathroom immediately we had got into the bedroom.

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I changed into a long sleeve Cardigan and wore an head warmer, then a socks and hand glove
I was seriously freezing

I laid on the bed covering myself with the duvet when the door opened and Mr pompous walked in
I shrink on seeing him

“are you okay?” he asked and I nodded
“should I get you a hot cup of tea?”he asked and I nodded positively

why’s he being nice all of a sudden?

he walked towards the door with his hands dip into his pocket,
he took a deep breath and lean on the door

“am sorry’ he said and I suddenly froze with my cheeks turning red

did he just apologised?