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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 19

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????kate pov????
“Dad never went with her to do the test, she did it and brought it to dad on that day” Lucy said

“I thought dad went with her that was why I never questioned the test” I said

“It was Miranda who brought it to dad,dad never left to do the DNA test”Lucy said

” then it only means that Miranda Lied”I said angrily

“That Lady is a witch” Lucy said

“A witch who will do a lot of things to separate me from her son,weve got to redo the DNA test” I said

“And we need a sample from liam and father” Lucy said

“Dad DNA we could get but liam am not sure” Lucy said

“Dont worry about liam,I will go to his apartment to get something of his” i said

“What if you see him?what if he asks what you are doing there” Lucy said

“I will just lie to him and dont worry liam would not stop me” I said

I needed to be sure first before I tell liam

I drive down to liam house,I still had the spare key with me,have never tried returning it and liam have never asked for it

I opened it and went in,I knew liam would be at work now,so it’s the best time to take something of his

I was heading to his room when I heard Sarah voice

“Love you are back so soon” she said coming out of the kitchen dressed in one of liam shirts

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“You?how the hell did you come in here” she said

“With the spare key”

“You are not suppose to be here,why the hell are you here” she yelled

“Lower your tone Missy,its just me and you here,there is no need to act like a mad dog” I said

“How dare you come into my house and insult me” she said

“Oh,last time I checked this wasn’t your house” I said

“Well as you have said its the last time,now am the girl in liam life and I want you to leave my house” I said

“Are you sure you are?” I said feeling so jealous

“Are you that blind to notice,am wearing his shirts,we just made love and am sure that when he comes back then we will continue from where we stop,so my dear just leave cause liam will never be yours again” she said

I felt so sad and hurt, how could liam have left me for this fool,while am struggling to forget him,he is here with this slut,doing things he did with me with her and it hurts to see her in the shirts i had bought for him,i felt like peeling the clothes off her but i wasn’t here because of that, i was here for something else

“Won’t you leave?” She said

“I came to get something and by the way,you might be the one in his life now,warming his bed but am.still the one he loves,am the one he is married to and am sure that when he is tired of you he will get rid of you” I said snapping my fingers

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She stood with her mouth wide open and I walked up to liam room,I saw the witch clothe on the floor and stepped all over it

I went to liam bathroom and took his comb put it in my bag and left the room

“Hope you didn’t steal a thing”Sarah said

” relax okay,I didn’t steal a thing but I bet that your clothes are all enjoying the dirt’s I put on them”I said

“My clothes?what did you do to it” she said as she ran upstairs

I walked out of the house and was heading to my car when I heard him call my name

“Kate,its a surprise to see you here” he said walking towards me

“I just came to get something, am leaving now” I said wanting to get into the car

“Why not stay for a while”

“No,I don’t want to and I think you should go in and meet sarah, she has been waiting for you” I said sadly and opened the car door

“Wait,Sarah?why is she here”

“Don’t pretend okay,you’ve been having an affair with her and it wouldn’t be a surprise if she is in your house waiting for you to continue from where you stopped”

“Kate its not ………”

“Just leave me alone,I find it hard to forget you and here you are having the fun of your life with Sarah,well go on,I don’t care anymore” I said and got into the car and drove straight to the hospital

I called Lucy to come meet me there and soon she arrived,we did the necessary thing and waited,I didn’t want to leave,I wanted to stay and know if its the truth or not

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And after hours of waiting it finally arrived

“Well its now or never” lucy said beside me

I opened the sheet and it was negative,negative,liam is not my father son and we are not siblings

I sat feeling so relieved,Miranda only lied and I will now be with the love of my life