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The Golden Boys. Episode 7

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#bye if you have nothing better to say he yelled into the phone and hung up on her

his he so ill mannered and hot tempered?

well, I need no one to tell me that, considering the way he had spoke to me the day I had shove him unto the floor with my bicycle
he picked up his dog and walked into his room

I got closer to our door and knocked on it and grandma opened up

“good afternoon grandma!” I greeted rushing into the sitting room

I slumped into a sofa and tried pulling off my shiny black shoe whose colour had changed to white cause of the dust on the road

my eyes caught sight of a glass of water, placed on one of our stools
I quickly reached for it and gulped it down before placing it back on the stool

grandma sat beside me after bolting the door and turned to me on discovering the water she had kept on the stool had suddenly disappeared

“Samantha what happened to the glass of water I kept here?” she asked pointing at the stool

“but the glass cup is there on the stool, don’t let me believe you’ve gone blind” I teased but she let out a frown

“don’t pretend like you don’t know what am talking about Samantha!
the glass cup is empty!
what happened to the water I wanna use in taking my pills?” she asked and I gulp in tiredly
“am sorry grandma I was tired and thirsty” I replied and grandma held the glass cup up to my face like she wanna aim it at me
“grandma!!” I called hysterically

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“now get your ass off that couch and go fill up this glass with water” she ordered and I took the glass from her and hurriedly fill it up, I handed it back to her and scamper into my room with my backpack, and there was Molly sleeping on her bed
it’s kinda surprising cause Molly hardly observe afternoon nap

I took my bath,slip into a simple shirt and short before going back to the sitting room

“grandma am famished” I called holding my already grumbling stomach

“you missed lunch already!” grandma said and I felt my stomach groan louder

“grandma!!” I called but she kept mute
“c-mon grandma it’s not my fault
I got detained at school school today for good three hours”I said and grandma stood up from the couch

“I couldn’t make lunch today cause i was tired and Molly had a running stomach
make do with the leftover from breakfast” she said and I smiled

“thanks grandma!
but did you just said Molly had a running stomach?” I asked walking into the kitchen to get the leftover breakfast which is turning out to be my lunch

“yeah I just did
and can you stop acting like you’ve suddenly gone deaf”she said and I chuckled

“I was kinda surprise seeing her taking a nap
everyone knows she hate afternoon naps” I said placing the food on the centre table cause we had no dinette

I shove my cutlery into the meal and spoon some into my mouth

“it was so serious that she had to visit the hospital for treatment” grandma said and I almost choke

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don’t tell me me you spent the little savings for our fees on her” I asked my mouth agape

if that happens, I will have to drop out from school and I never planned to be a grade 5 high school drop out

“nope I didn’t
that cute boy next door actually paid for her” she said and I choke on my meal

why did grandma had to inform him of our poor state?
that jerk of a boy will mock me!!
how am I gonna look at him in the face, knowing he actually paid an hospital bill for my sister

“grandma you shouldn’t have told him about it, you should have use the savings instead” I said already losing my appetite and a hard glare from grandma made me pick up my cutlery and dug into the meal again

“well I was on my way home when I saw him carrying molly into a cab
seems she passed out or something so I had to join them in the cab”grandma said and I gulped down some water

“that’s thoughtful of him”I said and grandma nodded
he’s actually a good boy”grandma said and I furrow my brows at her
“what makes you think he’s a good boy?
taking molly to the hospital and paying the bills isn’t enough to call him that”I said and grandma frowned

“I really likes his personality and what he did is worth more than being a good boy” grandma said and I kept shut

“i was really grateful and you ought to be Samantha
he unknowingly prevented you from being a drop out and you clearly knows what it means if I had spent the savings for Molly’s treatment” grandma said and I kept mute

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“I expect you to tell him a huge thank you when you see him cause I told him one” she said and I tittered
“you don’t expect me to go knock on his door and just blurt out a thank you” I said shoving the table away cause I was done eating

“that’s not a big deal, I invited him for dinner and he accepted
so you can tell him how grateful you are when he comes” grandma said going towards her room

is grandma being serious?
she’s inviting him to come eat our poorly cooked dinner?

“grandma tell me your joking?” I asked with wide eyes
“am going to my room for a nap Samantha
make sure you prepare dinner
drop mine in my room and serve him when he comes and please, please ,please and please do not wake me up, you know how much i hate it” grandma said avoiding my question and In a flash, she walked into her room and shut the door

I sat on the sofa like a statue, trying to take in what she just said
it sounds crazy to me!!

he’s coming for dinner and grandma wants me to prepare it
she knows how much I sulk in cooking

what am I gonna prepare?

all the cooking ingredients we have are local qualities
what if he fall sick after eating it?

he looks like a rich kid!!!!

my eyes landed on the wall clock 5:56, I gasp running into the kitchen to start making dinner