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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 99

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Ninety-Nine????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Officer Dan POV ❣️

The guy really wasted time before sending the video to my email

I would have gone to his place but unfortunately, I didn’t know where he stays

How could I? When I wasn’t living there

I opened the video and began to watch it

I had to forward it to the place when he came inside the room

I payed a full attention to it

A guy walked in
From nowhere

He was also checking around

“Over here” the guy said and the camera guy shifted it to his side

He saw that place same place I stylishly kicked

Everything there were out

The camera guy zoomed in the thing

“What the hell is this?” The other guy said picking one of the small sachets

“Strange” the camera guy said

I looked closely to it

It was cocaine

“Perfect” I said as I took pictures of them

I saved the video

It was another way to get COP Kelly
And doc Henry needed that

I headed to his hospital

I gave him the pictures
He needed to add it to anything he has for David and his brother


…. Jason POV ❣️

Just after leaving from Mr Luke
I and David drove straight Dorothy’s house

We needed to meet Mr Ken

He was before the house when we got there

We greeted him and sat down on a long bench there

Dorothy walked out from inside and was surprised to see us

“Oh” she simply said with much joy
If I could guess

“Bring them something to eat” Mr Ken said

“Oh no sir, we just finished eating before coming here” David responded

“Okay then, what about drink?” Mr Ken asked

“We can take that” we replied together

Dorothy left to get it

“I love this union” Mr Ken said while I smiled

“Actually, we came because of what you told me earlier” David said

“Oh yes, that’s why I asked you guys to work together” Mr Ken said
Dorothy came out then with our drinks

“So what is the next step?” I asked

“I need to know what you guys are up to first” Mr Ken requested

“Oh, we have already sue him and he needs to report before this weekend” I replied

“That’s great” Mr Ken said

“So, what do you have for us? Because you said something like that?” I asked

“Oh, don’t worry, that thing only needed to be shown before court during the judgment” he replied

“So, we can’t get any tip of it?” David asked
We were really curious

“Am sorry, I suppose to but unfortunately, not yet, it is form of surprise” Mr Ken replied

“Okay, I trust you” David said
I wasn’t satisfied but I had to keep calm

After some talks, we were done

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David had some time with Dorothy before we left

“Are you going home directly?” David asked during our ride

“Have you forgotten that my car is still in the house?” I asked in form of reply

“Oh, I forgot” he said

“Do you think Mr Ken is doing the right?” I asked since David seems to know and trust him

“I don’t even know what is in his mind but I believe that he won’t be bad” David replied

I exhaled and kept calm

We arrived home and got down

My real parents and Faith were outside

“Guys are really working” My Mom said smiling

“How was it?” My Dad asked

“I wanted to follow you guys but it is dangerous” he added

“Don’t worry Dad, we will try our best Dad” David replied

“I think I need to start going because it is already getting scared” I said

“Will you still go back?” My Mom asked
I could tell that she was scared

“Even after what you told him?” She added

“Don’t worry Mom, I already knew how to handle this before taking the decision” I replied

“I don’t want to loose you again” she said

“You won’t, trust me” I replied


…..Mr Luke POV ❣️

I couldn’t stop thinking about how everything was just turning around to another thing

That day seems not going anymore
Ever since I received the information from Jason

I was just walking around the compound when Jason drove in

He greeted and meant to walk in but I stopped him

“Jason” I called and he stopped

“Do you have any information?” He asked instead

“What are you talking about?”

“As in, have you forgotten that am your father?” I asked while he smiled

“My father can never be selfish”

“He supposed to understand my feeling and others” he said

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing

“Where did you even get such information?” I asked because I was sure that we cleared every single evidence

“You can’t hide things forever” he replied with a smile

“So will you be happy to see your father in shame?” I asked
To know the kind of heart my son has

“Of course not” he replied
I felt somehow happy

“So why are you doing all this things?” I asked

“I don’t like something illegal things” he replied

“Illegal? I think my enemies has been crossing paths with you” I said nodding

“Do you have anything to say, maybe that can convince me?” He asked smiling

“Just don’t believe them” I said

“Sure, I will but don’t forget to report before weekend” he said

“I don’t want to get harassed as well” he added and walked inside the house

I couldn’t think straight anymore


….. David POV ❣️

The following day, doc Henry called me

I had to go with Jason

He gave us some pictures

“This is what Officer Dan got from the burn company of COP Kelly” he said

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“This looks like a cocaine” Jason said

I wasn’t surprised because Jason has been a bad guy right from time

“That’s exactly what Officer Dan said” doc Henry replied

“We got only against Mr Luke but this COP Kelly has gotten involved” he added

I was just busy checking out the pictures because it was my first time seeing cocaine

“Unbelievable that law protectors are now spoiling it” I said

“Just do as usual because we don’t have time” doc Henry responded

“Jason” I called

“Sure, let’s hit it” he responded and we stood up

We thanked doc Henry before walking out


….. Benita POV ❣️

I was in my room entertaining myself with some movies

My Dad refused to go out because he was still down with lots of things

He lost his company and also his brother was sue to court

I went downstairs to for what we would prepare for lunch

The car that drove into our compound got my attention

I was almost close to the kitchen but I needed to go and see who they were

Before I could get to the entrance door, they were already inside

David, Jason and one gentleman on his suit

“Benita” Jason called

“Welcome, please come inside and sit” I said as I shifted a little

They did

“Please is your father inside” the gentleman asked

“Oh yes” I replied still confused about their visitation

“Can you call him for us?” He asked

“Sure” I replied and went upstairs
Straight to my father’s room

I knocked on his door and he opened the door after some seconds

“You have visitors” I said

“Who are they?” He asked

“I only know David and Jason, my classmates” I replied

“You said Jason?” He asked

“Yes” I replied

He thought for a while and nodded

“Am coming” he said before I went downstairs

After some minutes, he walked out
By then, I was already sitting in a different couch

He was shocked when he gets out

I guessed, it was because of the man

“Welcome” he said pretending to be alright as he sat opposite us

“What can I offer you guys?” He asked

“Sorry, we aren’t here for it but for an important message” the gentleman said

“What could that be?” My Dad asked

The man gave him a big envelope

“What’s this?” My Dad asked

“You can read it to know” the man replied

My Dad opened the envelope with a little confidence

He was shocked when he saw the content

“Court call?” He asked

I was also surprised to hear that

I already knew that my Dad wasn’t that good
Even to me but that court call was really surprising

“Why?” He asked

“Sorry but the court have the answer and you need to report before this weekend”the man said

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“Officer Dan” my Dad called
That was when I knew him

Officer Dan

“We are done with today’s meeting, we will be on our way” Officer Dan said as he stood up
Jason and David the same

My Dad was just left with thoughts

I wondered what his crime was

“Am sorry Benita” David said
Likewise Jason

I just waved at them


….. Jenny POV ❣️

We were in the middle of nowhere as we watched what was going on with the people I left

I wished I wasn’t wicked

I wouldn’t had ended up there

We were watching as Jason, David and Officer Dan as they walked out of COP Kelly’s house

“This is our only chance” the queen mother said

“If they successfully report to the court and they were judged, we won’t be able to go back to earth” she added

She was actually behind the burning of COP Kelly’s company
But she has to use something common to make it look real

It was just something that she could just do on her own but she has to use someone

She said that we could only see them but we won’t be able to go to them

“So how can we stop them?” I asked

“We will just hope” she replied


….. COP Kelly POV ❣️

I never knew Officer Dan would go far

I suspected his movement that very day at the company
But I never knew he was really against me

I wondered how he got to be in Elysee

Someone must have invited him
But who could that be

I just watched them as they walked out

Benita didn’t say anything to me

She just walked upstairs

I took the envelope straight to my room

I called Mr Luke immediately

“I have my own envelope” I said

“Ah why?” He asked

“One Officer Dan, I think he saw those cocaine after when the company was burnt” I replied

“You said Officer Dan?”

“Yes, do you know him?” I asked because his question sounds suspicious

“Not really” he replied

“So what are we going to do now?” He asked

” Am still thinking, maybe we should report” I suggested

“No no, it will ruin us” he said

“Don’t worry, I will visit you tomorrow” I said and hung up

Just then, a call came in

It was unknown number

“Hello” I said after picking up

“Is this COP Kelly, owner of Yellow Star Aluminum company in Louvre?” He asked as my mind skipped

That was the biggest among the two companies I had

One was already gone

“Sorry but a patient that survived the burning of your company here asked us to call this number because we need to see you” he said

“What!!!!?” I shouted jumping up from the place I sat

“My company, burnt????!!!!!” I asked

I felt like dying