March 22, 2023

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Crazy Couple. Episode 10

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written by Eunice Nwodu????
Short story❤


“I Said am not sick!” I yelled my lungs out as he kept drawing the syringe close.

“Stop lying” he said and rolled his eyes.

I bit him on his arm he was using to pin me back on the bed..
He winced.

I jumped up from the bed and ran into the closet. I shut the door and locked myself inside.

That was close.

“Come out Stella. Am not going to inject you, I promise” he said.

“Liar!!” I yelled still scared.

I heard him laugh.

“I fuc*ing promise not to inject you” he said.


I don’t trust this guy.

“I want to spend the night here” I persisted and I heard him sigh.

“Didn’t mom tell you about the ghost in this house? There’s a ghost going around this house at night and it possesses people with strong heart” he said.


“Won’t it possess you!? You’re so cruel and your heart is as strong as stone” I snickered.

“What? I have a very weak heart. I’m not as fierce as you. You fuc*ing burnt my car” he said and I didn’t know when I yelled.

It’s true.
Am strong hearted.

The ghost…where is it?!

“You’re lying Jeremy” I jibed.

“You’re so stubborn! Anyway, soothe yourself” I heard him say and he left the room.

My tummy grumbled.
I should have had dinner before faking sick.

I will wait it out.
I sat on the floor in the closet and tried not to look up at the clothes hung ahead of me. They might look like monsters.

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I waited for a while and I couldn’t take it any longer!
I couldn’t sleep cause my tummy kept grumbling.

I stood up and opened the closet slowly.

I looked into the room.
No sign of hubby.

I stepped out of the closet and tip toed out. I went downstairs and rushed to the kitchen. I cooked noodles and ate it till I was full..



I shuddered looking around the kitchen.
Who just called my name?



“Jeremy???” I asked with a crumpled look.

Could it be him messing with me?

Is their really a ghost????

I was about to run when Jeremy showed up at the door.

“I thought you were going to stay in there forever. I was just about to make preparations for a new wife” he said grinning.

I scoffed.

“I should have known you were the ghost” I said and went to where he was.
“And as for the wife part, soothe yourself. Am just sad that you won’t find any woman in her right senses that would want to live with you”.

He chuckled.

“You have no idea how many ladies that wants you dead for marrying me” he beamed.


He left the room and I trailed after him.

He laid on our bed and crossed his legs.

“Come on, go inside the closet” he said and I glanced at the closet.

“No way” I said and laid beside him.

I turned my back on him with my hands folded.

“Pervert” I muttered and he scoffed

“In your dreams. If I wanted to have you , tonight, trust me, that is not a problem” he said.

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“I’d like to see you try” I muttered.

I felt him touch my butt and I flinched.
Wh..what did he just do????

“Jeremy!” I gasped.

“Just tell your pu*s* it’s days are numbered” he said and I shuddered.

Am just shocked.

He removed his hand from my bum and I felt a bit relieved.

It’s going to go down very soon!
It makes me quite scared.

????NEXT DAY????

My eyes fluttered open as the sun’s brightness became much on my skin. Jeremy was standing close to the unveiled curtain staring at me.

He looked like he was going out.
In a blue suit and a gold wrist watch. It glittered and shone brightly almost blinding me as the sun reflected on it.

I sat up on the bed.

“Am going to the office, I’ll be back by 5 sharp. Grandpa is holding a gathering for all his grandkids.

“Wear something lovely and moderate. The beauty service agents will be here to get you ready. Anything else?” He asked taking his phone from the drawer.

“No” I muttered resting my head back on the pillow…

He turned and left the room.
Husband’s are supposed to give their wives goodbye kisses, right?
I wonder why Jeremy and I are different.

We’ll never get along I guess.
But this was never the marriage of my dreams.

I remember back in highschool,
I would sit by myself with my diary and make notes of what I’d do with my husband. So many fun activities, well, I ended up getting married to a jerk and my worst enemy.

I sighed..


I parked my car few steps from Jeremy’s house. I watched him drive off probably going to the office which means Stella’s inside.

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I stepped out of the car and wore my sunshade glasses and made my way to the house.

I rang the doorbell few times before the door opened and she stepped out.
Stella Anderson, my main ticket to getting the wealth.