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I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO. Chapter 39

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I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 39


The man twisted his neck and stood, “You gave me a blow because of an ordinary poor girl?”

“Of course, you are being inhumane. Samson, is this you?” Sir Richard asked but the man chuckled sarcastically.

“You really want me to snitch on you, Richard?” The man asked but Sir Richard didn’t say a word.

“I beleive in doing what is right.” Sir Richard said.

“Killing your mother is right? Throwing her dead body to the river is right? Common! Preach to me man.” The man said and scoffed at Sir Richard.

But the man’s word really get to me, I let go of Sir Richard slowly. Did he really kill his mother? What? How can anyone kill his own mother, I don’t care what the mother did.

“Is that all you could say, f—k you, man. Our friendship ends today.” Sir Richard said.

“Sure, I hope your tutor will also tell the world how you killed your girlfriend and buried her at your backyard, how you erected her statue before anatomy department in your university.” The man said.

“Enough!” Sir Richard shouted, he held my hand and walked me out.

At that moment, I was extremely scared of Sir Richard. Is he really that cruel?

He killed his mother and his girlfriend? What! No wonder all the workers under him are all males.

As soon as we arrived at Sir Richard’s large living room,”Go inside and dress properly, meet me here in five minutes.” His face holds so much seriousness.

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After I got dressed, instead of going back to Sir Richard, I stated to sneak out of the house. I was scared of Sir Richard. If he could kill his mother and his girlfriend, then I he could kill me at anytime.

I can’t believe that the man I had always adored from afar is such a cold blooded murderer.

I got outside and saw many guards patrolling, I began to walk amidst them outside hoping that no one suspects that I was trying to run away.

After getting to the main gate, I opened the mini gate and stepped out.

“Why don’t you let one of the drivers drive you?”One of Sir Richard’s guard spoke and I turned to him nervously but quickly put on a smile.

” That won’t be necessary, I’ll be right back.” I said and turned. I began to walk swiftly , and then began to run.

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