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Vamp Love. Chapter 27

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????Love ????

By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chaper 27????


Ok….did that just happen…..why the hell is she mad

And what the hell does “time of the month” even mean

I got out of my car and headed to class…I was early

I bumped into Tiffany…why do I always bump into her

“Hey..Babe” I hiss

Did I forget to mention that ever since I saved her from Luna…she has been calling me babe and been clinging to me

“Am not your boyfriend” she frowned

“Why do you act like am wrong” she tried to touch me but I slapped her hand away

“You are wrong….I dont love you and I never will” I left her standing

I dont have the time or energy to waste with her


He left me standing there….he just left me

I ran to the girls bathroom….and tears fell from my eyes

Why….why doesn’t he love me…he only sees that b*tch Luna…what does she have that I dont

Oh yah….his heart I have seen the way she looks at him…she loves him

I will have to get rid of her….I love Jeremy his mine and mine alone

Just wait for me Jeremy…I will make you mine
Even though you dont love me….you will learn to

I wiped my years and replaced them with my smile I walked out of the bathroom and to class


It was lunch time and I was looking for Luna

That girl….she yells at me and now she doesn’t want me to be with her during lunch…Argh

I walked over to her class and she was there….nobody else was there

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She hid her face in her desk breathing heavily…what the hell

“Luna” she popped her head up and faced me

“Yes” she said and stood up

“Its..its lunch lets go” she walked towards me

She was still breathing heavy but not that much

“Luna are you ok…you look pale” I touch her cheek and she gently push my hand away

“Am ok” she said and she walked up to the door

I noticed a red dot on her dress…by the back

I stop and stare at it….her time of the month

Than it hit me….I quickly pull her back

I took of my jacket and wrapped it around her waist…I hugged her from the back

Jeez…now I get why she was so mad at me…she is on her period…am so stupid

“Jer….emy what is it” her cheeks were bright red

“Are you on your period….your stained” she looked away shyly


“Are you on your period….your stained” I looked away shyly

Damn….am stained this is so embarrassing
This is a total….Argh am so mad how can I be stained

“Do you have a change of clothes” he asked

Than I remembered I do have a change of clothes in the girls locker room

“Yes” he looked back

“Ok…go change” he said and lead me outside the class

With out hesitation I went to the locker rooms and the jacket hid my red friend

I got there and changed..it was black clothes
It was a black tshirt and black jeans and white sneakers

I wore his jacket just in case…I look at myself in the mirror and sigh

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I just want this day to end

It was after school and I rushed home….Gosh

I super speed myself to my room and and took a shower

I came out feeling fresh…..I looked at Jeremy’s jacket and I blushed

He gave me his jacket….I walked over to it and hugged it

“He gave me his jacket” I whispered and blushed

Wait a minute what am I doing….am hugging a jacket….a jacket

I throw the jacket away and groan….what the hell is happening to me




Days later


It was a Saturday and let me just say…America is hotter than the Sahara desert

It’s to hot for my liking….I put on my red swimsuit and I took my towel

To be honest ever since that day Jeremy helped me I have been a complete mess….am worse than before

I cant to anything right around him and I have become super clumsy…even at school

I go to the pool and someone was already there

It was Jeremy…I immediately turn around to leave but he stopped me

“Luna…hey” he exclaimed and I turned around

He got out of the pool and his whole body was wet from the water and Damn….this us to much

He started walking closer to me and his wet hair glued to his face

I started breathing really fast….and heavy


I saw Luna and walked up to her….she kept starting at me..scanning me from top to bottom

Her whole face turned red….why I dont know but she has been a mess lately

She started breathing really fast….and heavy

“Lu…” before I could finish she fainted…just as she was about to fall I fought her

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Did she just faint…..she really fainted