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Vamp Love. Chapter 23

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????Love ????

By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 23????


I was in my room busy with my laptop….my mind kept going back to earlier today when I sang

My put my laptop on my desk and fall backwards on my bed

I stare at the ceiling…I cant believe a sang..and most importantly with Luna

She has a beautiful voice..sick dance moves..she is everything a musician wants to be

I haven’t used my voice every since Emily..and seven months was all for Luna to get me to sing…and I dont regret it

My door opened and it was..Mom!?
What does she want now

“Hi honey” she sat next to me

“Hey mom” she smiles widely

“Ok..what did I do wrong”

“Nothing…how are you feeling” I look at her

“Am good..why” she shook her head

“No reason…good bye” and she stood up and left

“Bye..I guess”




I was running..I don’t know from what but ever since I got here I ran

“LUNA!?” I heard him call my name

I kept running to only God knows where…he kept following me..I couldn’t see his face at all like it was hidden

Without looking I trip and hit my head…my leg hurt badly

“Princess Luna” I heard his name

“Your mine..you cant escape me Luna” I looked in fear

“You are mine” he tried to touch me

“NOOOO!!” I scream and wake up

It..I.. it was a dream…its was all a dream..
Or was it a vision..who is that man

What does he want from me…there were many questions in my head

I stood up and wiped the sweat from my forehead

What is happening to me….I head over to the balcony and sit down

Letting the cold air blow and cool me down..Who are you..and what do you want

????Back at the Palace????


“NOOOO!!” I scream and wake up…with sweats on my face

“Leila” Vald called me

“Are you ok” I nodded

“Luna..I saw Luna..she was running from him..I..I think they found her already” his eyes turn red

“They what” I frown sadly

“Vald..” he get up

“Where are you going” I asked..he looked back at me

“Am not resting until I find her” I frown

“Its past midnight Vald”

“I dont care..I am finding my daughter” I look at him sadly

“Leila if they found her..they wont stop until they have her…am not losing my Daughter” and he left

I sigh deeply…the issue is I dont know if that was a linked dream or linked vision

Will that happen or not..my Luna
I wish you never left…now they might have found you

I love you so much dear…please be safe


My phone rang and I picked it up

“What is it” I asked

“My Lord..Queen Leila has had a linked vision or dream with Luna”

“Ok..please explain to me,how this involves me” I groan

“Well..they now know that you have already found her”

“Dammit” I curse and hang up the phone

So the had a linked vision..this is bad news for me..if they know that I found her

They will start to question why they haven’t found her..than they will find their little mole In the Palace that was helping me

Mmmm…what to do..Luna you will be mine soon


I woke up feeling really dark….I felt empty and dull

I went and took a long shower thinking it would cheer me up..but I was wrong

I applied my lotion and wore black boots,black jeans,and a black Tshirt

I applied black lipstick and took my headphones..I played Billie Eilish music since it fits my mood

I got down stairs and met Mom and Jeremy

“Morning honey” I wave and sit down

“What’s wrong Luna” Jeremy asked

“Nothing am fine” he smirks

“Are you sure” I smile

“I mean your wearing full black even lipstick…are you planning to be a goth” I chuckle

“What no”

“Then why the look” I giggle

“Am just feeling blue” he smiles

“Do you want me to help”

“No…and am taking the bike..am bot going to school with you”I rushed my words in one breath and I left immediately

I got to school and climbed of the bike..I got to class early and Ethan was there

“Hey” I smile

“Hi” I said and sat down

“Are you ok “I nodded and put on my headphones

It was already lunch time and I was miserable..I just want to end this

I sigh..and Tyson came to me

“Luna..did you hear” I looked at him confused

“Hear what” he sigh

“Well at Halloween..Tiffany took a picture of you leaving with Harry and she posted it saying you guys left to f*ck each other and she shared it to the entire school saying your a sl*t” I couldn’t believe this

I laugh hysterically

“She said that”I said still laughing

“Yes..look Luna….”I cut him of with my hand

“Where is she” I asked smiling

“Luna dont….”I cut him off again

I look at him dead in the eyes and he flinched..guess what my eyes are red

“Where is she Tyson” he pointed behind me without saying a word

I looked behind me and there she was..Tiffany

I walked up to her boiling in anger..how dare she spread such rumors

“TIFFANY!!” I screamed her name

I slapped that b*tches cheek so hard..she fell to the ground


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