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Vamp Love. Chapter 25

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By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 25????


She stared at me with no words….I guess she is shocked to see me…same but what u just saw

I need answers from

“Je..Jer..Jeremy” she was scared

“What are you doing here” I scoff and stood up

“I came here for you…what are you doing here..Luna what are you doing here” I asked instead feeling some how angry

“I..I.”she stops

“You what..Luna…so are you going to explain to me..for what I just witnessed” I asked with a frown

“Jermey” she whispered and sat down

I forgot she was injured..I came closer to help her but instead she held her leg and in minutes the wound was healed…no blood

I was like she was never injured at all and took two steps back

“Let’s go it’s not safe here…I know a place where we can talk” she stretched out her hand for me to take

I shuddered and looked away…she sigh and with drew her hand…she started walking and a followed

She lead me to a hill top…it had a beautiful view of Crystal Springs

“Wow” I exclaimed and she smiled

“Its beautiful isn’t it” I faced her

“It really is” she sat down

She pulled both her knees to her chest hugging them…I sat next to her with one knee up and the other over the hill top…I rested my arm on my knee….taking in the beautiful view

“I guess you want answers” she said staring into the view

I didn’t say anything..she sigh deeply

“My real name is Luna…But am Princess Luna” and I turned to her…she is a Princess

“Your a what…right this must be a joke” she shook her head

“Am Princess Luna Hail”

“Ok than explain to me what are you” she looked at me

“Am a hybrid..I mixture of a Luxen and Vampire” I shook my head in shock

“What the hell is a Luxen”

“They are people who can turn into a wolf…and Vampires have a set of powers like Luxens”

“Ok fine…what the hell are you doing here than…why are you not in your Palace ” she sigh and looked

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“Ok I will explain everything” and I leaned in to make sure I miss no details

I stood up angrily…so this whole time she has been lying to us……Argh how could she

“So you have been lying to us…..to me this whole time”

“Jeremy”she stood up

“No….don’t you could have told the truth..you could have but you chose to continue lying to us” tears streamed down her eyes

“Am…am sorry Jeremy I didn’t……” I cut her off

“So..you expect me to forgive you and move on like this never happened….and why would I do that….why did you come into my life Luna if you knew you would effect me like this”

“I trusted you..I became your friend…..I never hide anything from you….nothing as big as this…I hate you Luna…I hate you” she stared at me shooked

I turned and walked away…she was following me…she called my name many times but I ignored her

I found a familiar route and took it…I reached my car

“Jeremy please” I turned to her

“Dont…Luna dont…am going home and u will leave you here for what you came for” I got in my car

I looked at her one last time and more tears streamed down

I drive off….right now I dont even want to see her near me


He drove off and I fell to the ground crying..he hates me

His right I could have….I could have told him or his mom..but I lied

I was afraid…I was afraid of this..I was afraid of losing him and I just did..he hates me and he doesn’t want to be near me…he hates me….all because of this I wish I was human

I stood up and headed for my bike…..I sigh and drive off in high speed

I got hope and my heart started beating fast

I have never been this nervous in my life…I just hope everything is ok

I got in…I headed to the living room and Jeremy was there with mom

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She stood up and ran to hugging the life out of me

“Luna…your ok…why would you do that…..I have been worried sick…dont ever do that again” I looked at the time and it was 11pm

Shit…was in that late….she finally let go of me and I turned to Jeremy

Our eyes met…he scoffed and looked away

He stood up and made to leave..I called his name and he didn’t even look back

He passed me like I wasn’t even there…I felt my heart sink

He left and I sigh…I hate this so much

“What happened between you two” mom asked at I looked away

“Nothing” I said

“Am really tired…Goodnight mom” I said and left

I got to my room…I took of my clothes and and headed to the bathroom

I stood under the shower letting the hit water touch my body…I couldn’t help but cry

I wish today never happened….I face palmed myself

I got out and wore my short PJs…it was a bit hot

I got out of my room and headed to the kitchen

I wanted to get a class of water before going to bed

I bumped into Jeremy on the way….he stood up and made to leave but I stopped him

“Jeremy”i called but more in a whisper

“What do you want” he asked coldly

“Jeremy ple……” he didnt even wait for me to finish…..he just left

I ran to my room..I got to the balcony

Oh Jeremy…I just am really sorry


I know one thing happened between those two…there is no way Jeremy would act that cold towards her

Something happened…and i cant stand there watching this happen

I walked over to Jeremy’s room…I opened the door and he was by the balcony

“Jeremy” he looked back

He walked towards me

“What is it mom” he looked normal

“What happened to you and Luna” and he changed

He went over to his bed and sat by the edge

“Nothing” he said and looked away

“You cant lie to me am your mom”i sat next to him

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“What happened” he sighs

“Mom…she did something bad okay..and I cant forgive her”

“And why is that” he stood up

“Because…what she did effected me okay…I cant just forget..I want to forgive her but I cant”

“So the best thing to do is to ignore her” I asked

“Well…I…I dont know anymore”

“Well you cant just Judge her…for starters put yourself in her shoes…wouldn’t you done the same thing”

“I guess” I smile

“I would have…I never thought if that”

“That’s why am here…to help you honey” he smiled

“Thanks mom” I stood up

“Now…go make things right with Luna” I said and left

But I cant help but wonder what Luna did that mad him so angry

It must be Teenager stuff…if a gave into all that I would faint


Mom is right…I should have done that
I should have….I should have understood

I looked everywhere for her but I couldn’t find her…I decided to go outside and I heard splashing

I followed it and she was by the pool..she wasn’t swimming but her legs were in the water

I got there and sat next to her

“Jeremy” she has been crying all because of me

“Hey” she looked away

“Do you hate me” asked and I paused

“No” she looked at me happy

“Am sorry I lied….I should have told the truth but i………”I cut her off

“No am sorry….I should have seen through your view” she looked shocked

“If I were in your shoes….I would have done the same thing…..I should have understood you” she smiled and treas fell from her eyes

“I said I was sorry alright….stood crying” she laughed

“Tears of joy..idiot” I smiled and than frowned

“What did you call me” she wiped her tears and stood up

“Am sorry” I looked at her confused

“For what.”

“This” than she pushed me in the pool

She laughed and ran away

Idiot…she forgets we live under the same roof..am going to kill her