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Vamp Love. Chapter 24

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By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 24????


I was still burning in anger when I saw her on the floor….touching that red cheek that I slapped

I wanted to do so much more..but let me hear her out first

“WTF is wrong with you Luna” she yelled still on the floor

“Me..what’s wrong with you..spreading rumors about me” I yelled back and she laughed and stood up

“Those rumors are true…your a sl*t” I felt like ripping her apart

“How dare you…what the hell is wrong with you..what did I ever do to you” I yelled and she smirk

“We all know the reason Jeremy likes you so much is because…you seduced him..your nothing but a cheap sl*t” and I snapped

In a second I pinned her to the wall..holding her neck…making sure she doesn’t breath good

“Let….go……of……me” I hold her hard

“No” I said..she looked at me

????Oh no

????the Princess will surely kill her now

????poor Tiffany..she didn’t know who she was messing with

????Princess please you will kill her!!


They kept telling me to stop..but I don’t listen..I wanted her dead..I wanted to see her lifeless

I wanted to end her..I held her tighter


I was walking alone to the Cafeteria…..I wonder where the others are

Than a stranger came to me he just ran a marathon

“Jeremy come quick” I looked at him confused

“What is it”

“Luna is gonna kill Tiffany…she has her pinned to the wall holding her neck hard” and I stood there shocked

“WHAT!!….Let’s go” and he lead the way

How can Luna do that….how can she

I got there and there was a crowd…some were yelling trying to stop Luna

I got to the center and Luna was there..pinning Tiffany…and Poor Tiff tried to get some air

“She will kill her” Clyde said beside me

“LUNA!” I yelled and she turned to me

Tyson grabbed her from behind and she let go of Tiffany

Tiffany fell to the ground..catching her breath

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“She’s a psycho..she tried to kill me” Tiffany said and I looked at Luna

She was struggling against Tyson

“LUNA!” I called and she turned to me

I looked at her in fear..this..this is unbelievable…she…she…she has fangs and blood red eyes


I turned to him and I saw him looking at me in fear..Fear

My angry look turned to a sad one as I saw his reaction towards me

I pushed Tyson away and looked around..they were all staring at me..and others were shaking their heads

I looked at my hands…I lost control..I messed up..I nearly wanted to kill her

Tears fell from my eyes and I ran outside

“Luna wait” Jeremy called me as I got to my bike

“Luna I…”I cut him off

“Just go”


“Just go…I almost killed someone all because I lost control of my disappointed in a monster”

“Stop saying that” I frown

“Your just understand nothing”

“What do you mean am human”

“I almost killed greatest fear right that I might hurt you”

“Luna please let me…” I cut him of

“I just want to be alone” I got on my bike and looked at him before putting on my helmet

I ride off..not looking back…I need to clear my mind


“I cant believe it” I said

“Brother…same here Luna lost control” I sigh

“What if” he stops and I look at him

“What if..what” I asked

“What Harry said will come true”i sigh and stood up

“I wonder the same…we must protect her”je nodded

We will be here for you Luna..we are your friends after all


She left..and I stood there

She had fangs and red eyes..she changed completely and just in a second she became herself again

And she called me a she is not one either

She isn’t normal at all….and I wonder what is really going on

It was after school and I left to go home…I near to talk to Luna

I dont understand why I miss her this much

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I got in my car and drove home..the drive was really quiet

I got home and went to Luna’s room first..I got in and she wasn’t there

“Luna” I called her name but there was no response

Maybe she went out…I left and got to my room
I took my phone and headsets…I played some music and I closed my eyes lying on my bed

Where are you Luna…I hope your safe

????Back at the Palace????


Ever since Luna left the Palace has been upside down

Mom and Dad are worried about me and especially Dad

I dont think that he sleeps at night at all….he is always trying to find her

Hunter hasn’t been himself..I guess his really worried about her…but really they ate BFFs so I understand

I got out of my room…I got to her room

I miss her so much…I always act like jerk around her..but that’s because I love..thats how we are

“You miss her” Dad came in and u nodded holding her picture

“Yes..I really do…I hope she is ok”

“I do to…I need to find her”

“Dad….why are you so overprotective with Luna..she is capable of taking care of herself” I asked and he sat down beside me

“I have a right to know why as her brother” I nodded

“Let me tell you..the full story” I was all ears


It was 11pm and Luna wasn’t come home yet

I tried calling her phone but it went straight to voice mail…than an idea pooped up

Lemme track her phone

I took my laptop and tracked it…she was in Crystal Springs

What the hell would she be doing there…..and took my keys to go get her….what is she doing there

I got there and parked my car…I stepped out and started looking for her

I think I made a wrong turn cause the woods started getting darker

“Luna”i called and tripped

Shit…I got up and started walking to only God knows where

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“Luna” I called and I felt some presence so I stopped and looked around

And out of no where a wolf jumped out and three more

They surrounded me…shit I forgot that this place is real wild

“Grrrr” I looked around me for an escape route and found one

One tried to attack me..but it missed And I was an opening

I don’t hesitate to run and I heard all four of then following me



I was sitting on a a cliff….I wish I never left home

Because ever since life changed for the far worst

How can I go so far…how could i…….

I was cut of by the sound of someone panting real hard about 2 miles away from me

I turned to the left and than to the right to here clearly

I stood up to get better hearing and i heard wolves…four in total and a Human

He was panting so they must be chasing him….I need to help him

I started running towards the source…I saw a figure running towards me..and I ran to it

It was that guy being chased


The wolves were still chasing me…I saw a figure come towards me

It looks like a girl….what is she doing here

She took of her shirt while running and when she got a bit close she jumped above me

When I looked behind…the moment she fell to the ground she wasn’t a person anymore

She was a wolf and I huge one…as tall as me.
She became a wolf but how

“GGRRR!!” She said to the wolves before charging at them

She killed two and one injured her leg…only two were left and they ran

I stood there staring at the wolf or should I say person….how but this is IMPOSSIBLE!! there is no freaking way

She turned back to a human..her leg was injured but she managed to stand

She turned around and I nearly fainted…I.. it…its.. Lu..Luna

But how…no way….how is this possible