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Vamp Love. Chapter 21

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????Love ????

By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 21????


Its finally Halloween just a few days later….I’m so happy it’s been so long

Halloween is actually a huge thing for us…Vamps get to take out their fangs and humans think its fake….Luxens on the other hand

The have this ability to turn into a half human..half wolf…they look human just with a tail and wolf ears on the top of their heads

On Halloween we get to be ourselves…its the only day that we can do that….be free

It was already night…and time to be out there
I took a quick shower and I applied my lotion

I took my costume and put it on

I was wearing a cute maid outfit with long black socks that reached my thighs and some shoes…I wore a matching headband and left my hair unpacked

I got down stairs and Jeremy wasn’t there yet…mom went to the office

And actually Jeremy has been acting bizarre lately…his more protective….and sweeter,,what actually happened I dont know…but he sometimes acts like Dad which is funny

He once shouted at me for wearing a short and singlet…he said it’s to revealing and I was actually not mad but I couldn’t stop laughing

And Harry has been hanging around me often…we have been friends but he sometimes acts weird…and I sometimes find myself staring at his tattoo

“Hey” I heard and turned around to see Jeremy

He was wearing an Egyptian outfit but with no shirt..revealing his abs..oh gosh

“My eyes are up here” he smirk and that quickly turned into a frown

“What” he kept scanning me

“Your going out like that” I smile

“Yes” he frowns

“But it’s to…”

“Whatever…..DAD!” I cut him off

“Hey am your dad”

“But you sure act like it” he scoffs

“Let’s just go to the party”

Actually Ryan is having a Halloween party and the everyone will be there

“Yah lets” I took his hand and we went outside


“Tonight you will capture the Princess and Tomorrow you will bring her to me” he said over the Phone

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“Yes” I could feel him smile

“Dont fail me” he said and hang up

Tonight is Halloween and it’s the same night I have to capture the Princess

Call me cold hearted but u dont give mercy to anyone…I kill with no thought

The Kingdom will be ours..they are many of us in the Doom Clan and we are skilled

Tonight I bring her down….its my mission and i wont fail

Tonight there is a party at Ryan’s place and am sure she will be there

I got out and headed for my car..I drive the party and started the search


Luna seems real happy about Halloween..I wonder why

“Hey Luna why are you so excited about Halloween”

“Because it’s the one day of the year where we can be ourselves”

“Your selves?” I asked confused

“Yah where we can fin…..” she trails if and buys her lower lip

“Go on” she shook her head

“Um…well…..hey look we’re here”

I looked and we were…mm but what was she saying

We got down from the car and students were everywhere

Wow this place us packed…I held Luna’s hand and led her through the crowd

We met up with Tyson and clyde…they had the same costume

They were both shirtless and had a tail and wolf ears

Wow it looks real…..to real for my liking


Tyson and Clyde were in their half Luxen form…they looked good but am sure I prefer them with a shirt

“Hey guys” they looked at me and smiled

“Hey Prin…..”

“Whoa…nice costume”

“Thank you”

Just than..a song played (Ashnikko–Daisy)

“Let’s go” I dragged Jeremy to the dance floor before he could do anything

“What is It” I smirk

“Let’s dance”

“Mm…..ok” I was shocked..I expected him to say no

We danced to many songs..and he went to get me a drink

“Hey” I turned around and saw Harry…he was in his Vamp form

“Hi Harry”

“Hey I’ve been meaning to talk to you”

“yah…what’s wrong” he smirk

“Not here” he gave me a sigh to follow him and I did

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He took me to a park…its far from the house..u dont know why he chose this place or what he wants to talk to me about

I turn to face him and he had a wicked grin

“Its over Princess” before I could process the words in my head

A force lifts me of the ground and slams me to a wall

I wince in pain…I look up and its Harry..WHAT!?


I came back and she wasn’t there

I went over to Tyson and Clyde

“Hey have you seen Luna” they stood up immediately


“She’s gone”they looked at each other worried

“We have to find her….let’s go” we left the house and began to search


“Dear Princess..your to naive and trusting and that will be you down fall” he said walking closer to me

He levitated me off the ground…I struggle and try to fight him…cause I could end him..but I cant

“My mission is to bring you to my master and with your help the two Kingdoms will belong to us” he cut of my air and I struggle to breath

“Why” he smiles

“What can I say Princess…am just evil” he brings me close and I stare into his dark eyes

And I feel so Afraid…am not even scared if my own father and for the first time ever am afraid of him

“Hang on” he slammed me hard to the ground and I scream



I heard a scream from 2 miles and it’s the Princess

She must be in trouble but we cant let Jeremy find out about us

“Hey lets split up…we will find her faster” they nodded in agreement

“Me and Tyson will go this way…you go that way”

“Ok…see you” he said and left

“You heard that too” I nodded

“Let’s go save the Princess”

We followed the NOISE to the park


He held me by my neck cutting off my air…I struggle to breath

Than something comes between us hard…I fall to the ground catching my breath

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“Its ok”i look up and see Tyson

I looked to my left and Clyde was fighting Harry

He was about to kill him…but Harry had some last words

“Ha…you thi k you’ve won Princess…your not only different but dangerous..you dont belong around humans,Luxens or Vamps….your date is clear,,your a ticking time bomb,,,you will destroy everything and everyone you love…your a Monster” and Clyde finished him off

Am a monster…no I dont want to hurt anyone I dont

Tears run down my eyes

“Let’s go” I got up and we left

????Jeremy ????

I got a message from Tysin saying they found her

I saw them coming…Luna looked terrible she kept hugging herself and sniffing

She was crying…what the hell happened

“Luna” she came and hugged me tight..crying

I hugged her back..I looked over to the guys and mouthed “what happened” but they looked away

“Let’s get you home”

We got home and Luna was quite the whole time

“Go get clean” she left


“Your a monster” his words wouldn’t stop ringing through my head

I got myself clean and wore my PJs and looked at the mirror

I smashed it…out of anger I started breaking and mashing things in my room

I cried still smashing


I heard loud noises coming from Lunas room…I opened it and got the shock of my life

“LUNA” she smashed almost everything 8n her room and she continued

She was crying and smashing

“Luna stop…you will hurt your self” but she didnt

“I not a monster” I felt angry and sad

I came over to her and she kept breaking everything

“Calmn down”

“NOO..STAY AWAY FROM ME” she yelled

But I came closer….and I hugged her

She struggled a but I didnt let her go…..she gave in Finally

She hugged me tighter and I did the same

She fell and sat down but I didn’t let her go…I held her and sat with her

“I never asked to be this way…..am not a monster”

“Am not a monster”

“And your not” I whispered and kissed her hair

“Your not” and she became more relaxed