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Vamp Love. Chapter 17

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By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 17????


It was lunch time..and school so far has been great for the first time ever..I keep being clumsy around Jeremy..God please help me

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I bumped into someone..causing both of our books to fall

“Oh..Gosh am so sorry”

“Its ok” I picked up my books and he handed me one

I looked at him..his handsome..something on his neck caught me attention

It was a small,black tattoo of a quarter moon

I have seen that tattoo before…a long time ago when…

“Hey am Harry”

“Huh…..yah am Luna”

He stood up and helped me up

“Nice to meet you Luna”

“Yah yah…well bye”

“See you around” he said and left…that tattoo

“Hey Luna let’s go” Jeremy said and I left with him

It was midnight and I couldn’t sleep..that tatto kept entering my mind

My mind drew to the last time I saw it


I was on my balcony super bored..something caught my eye…it a person

What are they doing here…he spotted me and ran into the woods

“Hey Get Back Here” I yelled but they were gone

I levitated of my balcony..Dad will be mad but I will be back soon

I followed them deep into the woods but I couldn’t see them

“Hey get out here” still no reply..then I got thrown into a tree

I fell on the ground..my back aching from the impact

“Hello..Your Majesty” he said

He was wearing full black and he was a Luxen..but evil

“Who are you” he came closer

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“Am here to take you to him”

“Whose him”

“Master” he replied and made to touch me but than a voice stopped us

It was the last person I expected to see..DAD

“LET HER GO” Dad was furious

“My King that’s not happening” he said and held me by my neck

I noticed a tattoo on his neck..a quarter moon
I gasp for air

“Ok than BURN IN HELL” Dad came and burned him to ash

“Dad I….” he cuts me off

“No…I told you…its not safe for you Luna but you never listen…I have guards for you….FOR A REASON LUNA” he yelled

“Let’s go back..” he left and I followed

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••END OF FLASHBACK

I sigh..could he be connected to it…I mean no he cant be

He seems so innocent..I was pulled out of my thoughts by Jeremy

He was wearing swimming clothes…Huh where is he going

“Hey where are you going”

“Oh Tiffany is having a pool party”


“You know.. you can come if you want”

“Really…ok lemme go get changed”

“I will be waiting outside”


I waited for Luna…where is she..how long does it take a girl to put on swim wear

“Hey let’s go” she said…she covered her body with a long towel that was so long it touched the ground

“Are you going like that”

“I covered my self for a reason”

“Mm if your that ugly” I chuckle and she frowns

“Let’s just go”

I drive to the party and she wouldn’t shut up…I mean I dont want her to but damn this girl can talk

“Has anyone told you that you talk to much” she frowned

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“Well excuse me for making this drive not boring” she said

“Ok well than am sorry”

“Whatever” she grumbled

“We are here”

We got of the car…wow half of the school is here

“Wow she lives here”

“Yep..lets go” she followed

“Please take that off” she nodded and threw it in my face

I took it off and my eyes nearly fell out of their sockets

This is no girl…she is a Goddess

Her long straight legs…her tiny waist…her full breasts…and that ass…….she was wearing a black bikini top and a short bum short..like short and she didn’t zip or button it

I kept admiring her body…she is to perfect

“Stop drooling”

” I wasn’t”

“Ok then…let’s go have fun”


The place was full..people drinking….others making out

Damn like wow..we went to a bar and got some drinks

“This is some party huh”

“Yep” just than my song came on

(Chris brown-party)

“OMG..Jeremy let’s go dance..this is my song”

“No you go..I dont dance”

“Dont or Cant”

“I dont dance”

“Ok suit yourself” then she left

I was having my drink when some stranger said something

“Wow the new girl can dance”

I looked at his direction and saw Luna…she was dancing perfectly to the song….wow she has moves

But wait she was dancing with someone…its that Ethan guy

She was swaying her hips to the beat and he held her my the waist….I felt uncomfortable

Than he pulled her body closer by her waist and she kept giggling

I felt anger flow through me..I clenched my fists and walked over to them

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Than separated them from each other