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Vamp Love. Chapter 13

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????Love ????

By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 13????


Who the hell does she think she is talking to me like that….how dare she

“Relax Tiff…she just said that to get in your head” Mia my bestie said and made me sit down

“Who does she think she is huh??”

“Just forget about her”

“Fine…let’s go am starving” I roll my eyes..she is always thinking of food

We left the house and went to a restaurant

That girl could stand in the way of me being with Jeremy..I wont let her get between Jermey and me…I have to take care of her


I got home and went to my room..I have Ron’s of home work and its killing me

I was done with my homework..FINALLY
I went to take a nice,relaxing shower..I applied my lotion and went to my wardrobe to pick something out

I really feel hot today and I wont wear something long..hell no not in this heat

I took out a red long sleeve shirt that luckily covered my butt and I wore long socks that reached above my knees with my black unicorn slippers

I packed my hair in a messy bun and put on my headphones…I wanted to get a drink..so I went down stairs

I felt some presence but ignored it..it must be Jeremy..and besides why should I care..I walked over to the kitchen,opened the fridge and took a glass of orange juice and I heard someone whistle as I bend down..i turned around to see boy but he looks familiar

“Hey gorgeous”

“Um..hi” I made to leave but then he stopped me

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“Am Ryan” I kept a straight face as his eyes never left my body

I started feeling uncomfortable..so with out waiting I left..I heard him calling me but I ignored him

I was on my way when I bumped into Jeremy..he looked shocked at what I was wearing

“What the hell….Lu..na..did you go out of your room in this” I rolled my eyes..am to tired for this

“Why do you ask a question when you clearly know the answer”

“Please tell me you didnt run into Ryan”

“Nope” he sighed in relief

“He ran into me” and he looked mad but why

“Great..just perfect..now his gonna shower me with questions”

“Well good luck”

“Lu..na..Luna” I ignored him

I got to my room and slummed on the bed and went to sleep

I was in my room..in the palace..what the hell
I got up but my feet felt sore so I sat back down..and than I saw my mom

“Luna” and I knew what was happening..she was communicating with me through dreams now

“Luna please”

“Am not coming back..so dont waste your time”

“I need to come back before they find you”

I looked at her confused…what does she mean by they

“What do you mean,mom whose they”

“Your in danger Luna”

“They will come for you and when they do………….” she was cut off..she began fading and I realized I was waking up..Noo she needs to tell me..mom

“Hey wake up..Luna wake up” and I saw Jeremy..he woke me up

“What the hell..why did you wake me up”

“Mom said you should come have dinner so let’s go..”I scoffed and got up

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“Am not hungry”

“How come you don’t eat..huh”

“Maybe its because there is more than meets the eye”

“What I do…”

“You will never understand” then I left for the bathroom


Mm what does she mean by that..gosh I dont think it’s a good idea thinking about it to much

“You can leave am not eating..” I hiss

“Did you just hiss”


“Jeremy get back here”

I didnt even wait…I left



I woke up feeling good..and a bit stressed
To be honest..I kept thinking about what mom said..whose They

I went to the bathroom and had a long shower..then I only put on bum shorts blue tshirt and white trekkies,I left my hair unpacked

“Morning Luna”

“Morning” I replied flatly

“Oh no..honey are you ok” she came closer and held my forehead

“No am just lost that’s all”

“Will you be ok should I…”

“No am good” I cut her off

Then Jeremy came..he passed me and went outside

“Guess I should go..bye” I left and met him by the car

We got to school and as usual it was starting off boring

“Hey are you ok”

“Yah why do you ask”

“You’ve haven’t teased me or made me mad at you all morning”

“Am fine it’s just that…I have a lot on my mind”

“Mm ok..amma leave bye”

“Bye Jeremy” he turns to me in shock

“Ok that’s it am taking you to the hospital”


“You have never called me bye my name..Ever”

I giggle and smirk…wow so now he cares

“Ok bye Mr Pompous” I left for class
Class was so boring…..I almost fell asleep

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I was on my way to the cafeteria when I bumped into Tiffany…ARGH

“Hey” I didnt reply her

“Hey..am talking to you”

“What do you want”

“So you think your better than me huh”

“Sweetie I dont think…I know”

“Well than if your so good than you will be able to do this one task”

I smirk..I wonder what she wants to offer

“Ok let’s see what you got Princess”

“Ok let’s see..I want you too….mmmm”

“Get on with it”

“Kiss Jeremy”

What..did..did she just say I should kiss Jeremy..I cant do that..can I


“You heard me kiss Jeremy”

Oh lord..I jave to kiss him

“Fine” and she laughs

“Like you will ever do that”

“Watch me” I said and walked to the cafeteria and looked at Jeremy…well here we go


I was talking to Ryan and the guys when the doors flew open..and I saw Luna

She kept looking at me..she came over

“Jeremy stand up”


“Stand” I stood up and she looked…weird

“Luna what do you..” my words were cut of when she held me by my collar

“Luna what..” my words were cut of again when she ..she…pulled my face close to hers

And the next thing I know I feel her soft lips on mine…WHAT??

She is kissing me!!