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Vamp Love. Chapter 19

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By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 19????


????Days later????

These past few days I have been a mess…I cant even talk properly around Jeremy….and am super clumsy around him

My heart beats like it’s about to pop out of my chest…I start being nervous and I cant even look at him eyes

Am I starting to have feelings for him….no that’s not possible….is it

Gosh I dont know a mess…I think I need help..lemme go ask mom maybe she knows

I walk out of my room to her office…I knock and she tells me to enter

“Hi mom” yha I call her mom now..she said I should do so…but it a bit weird

“Hi honey..what can I help you with” I sit down and sigh

“Well mom I need your help knowing something” she looks at me confused

“Ok go on”

“Well I think I need a doctor” she jerks

“What are you you feel sick” she checked my temperature

“I dont know but I feel weird”

“Please explain”

“Well every time am around Jeremy…I become clumsy and nervous,,I cant even talk or look at his eyes and I find myself staring at him”

“Ok so when did this start”

“Well the time we spent the day together on Saturday” she smiles and jumps up and down like a child…I look at her confused

“Honey your not sick….you in Love!” I jerk of my seat and stare at her

No…..she is lying….the is no way….I can be in love with…no

“No mom…your wrong”

“Baby its love…I have been there”

“No No No… leaving bye mom” she giggles

“Bye Princess”

I leave and head for my room…no she us lying there is no….right… argh I dont know what to think anymore

It was school day and I was getting ready, I took a hot shower and supplies my lotion

I wore Tshirt with cat on it and a pink skirt and long socks that reached above my knees with black sneakers and I wore band with cat ears on top

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I took my bag and went down stairs and met Jeremy in the kitchen and he was eating

I sat in front of him and ate my food….gosh now I feel that feeling again

“What’s with the look” I look up and face him

“Well I was feeling catish” he chuckles

“Is that even a real word”

“Yes….” he scans me

“You look cute Kitten” I choke

He told me am cute and he gave me a pet name…gosh am gonna faint

I continue coughing and he gave me a glass of water

I drank from it and he rested his hand onmy shoulder

I jerk up immediately and dropped the glass on the floor

“Hey are you ok”

“Yha..yha am good”

“Great I will wait for you outside ok”

“Ok” then he left…finally

I ate my breakfast and went outside..I couldn’t see him…I looked at all the cars but he wasn’t there

“Luna over here” I hear him and follow his voice

He was in front of his bike…oh no does that mean…..JEEZ what do I do now

“Hop on”


I slide my arms around his waist…and I blush..gosh I feel like a cherry tomato

We got to school and meet up with Tyson and Clyde


We got to school and met Tyson and Clyde

“Hey man” we greeted each other and made our hand shake

“Hey Princess”

“Hi guys”

“Well I have to go to class…see yha”

“Bye Princess” Tyson and Clyde Clyde chorused

“Bye kitten” I noticed her face changed color and become red and she left like she was being chased

“Oh my….What was that” Tyson smirk

“Jeremy what the hell happened”

“I dont know…ever since Saturday she has been so clumsy..and nervous around me” they smile

“Wow I can’t believe it”

“Me either”

“Guys what are you hiding” they grin

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“We cant say Mister…you will find out soon enough why she is acting so weird”

“Ok fine…anyway I need to go”

I left them…why cant they just tell what us wrong with Luna


“I cant believe it either” I laugh

“Yha Princess is in love” we all laugh together

“And….Jeremy is so dumb he cant see it”

“The way her face turned like a cherry tomato”

This is actually good news…the princess is in love and that is really rare to Royals

Am glad in fact am over the moon…now all they need to do is to just admit it


I was with Tyson and Clyde in my class room

It was after school so it was empty…I was lying on the floor In this heat

“How do you survive in heat” I asked breathless

“I dont know Princess…we were born here so it’s easy for us”

“Argh……this is torture…………Russia is cooler and much more better that this…..its hotter than the Sahara desert”

They laugh and look at me

“Just wait for snow day Princess”

“And when is that”

“In a month or two”

“Please I will be dead by than” and they laugh

“Now on to the main topic” I looked at them confused

“And what is that”

“That your in love Princess”

I stand up immediately and stared at them and they grin…..Damn it

“We know you love….Jeremy”

“No….no am leaving” I left the class immediately with my bag

I went to the parking lot and met Jeremy there already…Damn

“Hi” I said in a shaky voice

“Hey” he said smiling

“Sorry am late”

“No problem Kitten” and just the mention of that name I blush

I hop on and we go home

We get there pretty quickly….coz of the bike

I made to get of but I tripped,and twisted my ankle

I made to fall when Jeremy caught me by me waist and I jerk

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“Hey you ok”

“Yha but I think I twisted my ankle”

“Let me help” he carries me bridal style..OMG…I blush so hard that he noticed me

I buried my head in his chest…I can feel his heartbeat….and it made matters worse

I didn’t realize when we got to my room..he paid me down gently in my bed

Our faces were very close to each other…I couldn’t stop staring at his baby blue eyes

“Hey” he whispers…and I become nervous

“Am going now ok…will you be fine” he said

“Yah I will be good”

He leaves and I sigh in relief….I bend over and heal my ankle

I get up from the bed and went over to take a bath..I came out and look at myself in the mirror

This is just a stage…it will pass

Next day


It was bid day and……my days it was hot so
I decided to take a swim

I put on a red bikini wear….I took a small towel
I wore my flip flops and went down stairs

I got to the pool and I started swimming


Damn it’s hot…so I decided to go swimming
I got to the pool and heard splashing

It was Luna…she was swimming..

“Hey Kitten” she looked up and saw me

She turned red….what the is this what Russians a power

“H..hi” she said nervously

“Wanna swim with me” she looked shocked

“Um…huh” she stammers

“Yha…ok” she agrees

I jump in the water and spring out…..and she kept staring at me

“Aren’t you coming in” she shook her head

“No am good” she sits down on the chair

She kept looking at…what the hell…I got out of the water and she face palmed herself

“I cant do this anymore”

“Your too…your”

“Am what Kitten”

“YOUR TO DAMN SEXY!!?” she screams and turned red and she ran away

Did she say Sexy??…WTF