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Vamp Love. Chapter 18

7 min read

????Love ????

By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 18????


I left the Jeremy at the bar…I wonder can he even dance

I started moving to the beat of the song when someone held my waist

I turned and saw Ethan..I was surprised and why did he hold me by my waist

“May I have this Dance” I giggle

“Of course”

We started dancing to the song..people started cheering for us

????”Go Luna!”

????”Go Ethan!”

????”Go Luna!”

????”Go Ethan!”

He held me by my waist and brought my body close to his.. I giggle

Than out of no where…a force pulls me and Ethan apart…the crowd stopped cheering and I was shocked

“Jeremy what are you doing” he looked a bit mad..but why

“Hey,man what’s your problem” Ethan looked pissed..whoah it’s the first time seeing him so mad

“She dances with me only” I was shocked by his words

“Then why did you let her dance by herself” he didnt relpy

“I asked a question”

“And am not answering it” I took my hand and made to leave but Ethan stopped him

“Or maybe its because you cant dance” he smirk

“So you think I cant…I can beat you on the dance floor anytime” I stood there listening to everything…..standing like a lost sheep

“Well then…there is only one way to find out”

Then the crowd started screaming




The party was over and let me say….Jeremy killed it…he beat Ethan hard

We got home and he slummed on the sofa..it was 9 PM

“Why didn’t you tell me that you can dance”

“I never said I cant..I said I dont”

“Well you were great out there”

“Yha thanks” he took the remote and switched on the TV….I sat close to him

I noticed he became stiff…like he was uncomfortable with me sitting me

“Hey….why did you look mad when I was dancing with Ethan”

“No reason” I frown

“Lies” he looked at me..and I saw something in his eyes

“I felt weird”

“With me dancing with my friend”

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“He was holding you by the waist and all that ok…it made me so uncomfortable and Je…..” he trails off

“Uncomfortable and what” he stayed silent

“Jeremy are you gonna tell me”

“Argh am tired…am going to bed”

“But its 9 PM”

“Yha so…didn’t they tell you it’s good to sleep early”


“Goodnight Luna” and he left me

Dam what has gotten into him now..its like his jealous or something..he will surely be the death of me

Next Day


I slept so well…I stretch my arms and move to the side..I felt some breathing on my face

I slowly opened my eyes and jerked up immediately

Luna was in my room..and she was dressed already..in a short overall with a floral shirt and some brown boots with a gold necklace and floral headband

What..I check the time and it was 6 AM…what the hell..where is she going so early

“Morning Mr Pompous” I frown

“What the hell are you doing in my room Luna..so early”

“Let’s go have fun”

“Its 6 AM in the morning..Luna half of America is still asleep”

“And the other half awake” she smirk

“Go get dressed we have a long day ahead of us” she leaves and I have no choice but to do as she says

We were at the mall..she was busy looking around..while I did nothing…obviously

“Hey let’s go watch a movie” I hiss

“Did you just….hiss” she half yelled

“No” she frowns

“Liar..u did”

“Than if you knew that I did..why did you ask”

“Well because….argh let’s just watch a movie”

We got there and she picked a a teen romance movie…Gosh what was I think letting her pick

“Hey let’s go”

“Yah yah” Lord please save me..

“Well that was torture”

“What no it was beautiful..Adrian and Mia finally ended up together…it was the best romance movie ever”

“That Adrain guy was cool but not as handsome as me” she smiles

“Nope..his more handsome…what I would give for him to talk to me” she said drooling already

“What no am more…” she cuts me off

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“Boba!” she pointed at a shop

What the hell is boba…I have never heard of it before

“Let’s go” before I could reply she dragged me there

“I will have two lemon flavored boba please” she asked

“But I dont want lemon” I whisper ear and she laughs

“Trust me it good..I used to drink it all the time”

Than I became interested in knowing where exactly is she from and how she got here

“Here you go..Boba for the lovely couple” I choked

“Thank you” she took them both and we left the shop..

Just the image of me and Luna dating…it was weird I mean we can never be a couple

“Here you go” she handed me the drink and I stare at it

WTF is this…its like water but with small balls at the bottom..what the hell how am I supposed to drink this..is it even eatable

“What is this” she smiles and takes a sip from hers

“Its boba..trust me it’s really good” should I trust her

I take a sip and expected it to be terrible but it’s not…its sweet and the little balls aren’t bad

“See not bad”

“Yah its actually good”

She giggles and holds my hand



The day was great and fun..although Jeremy complained a lot..it was still fun

Its was 8PM and the sun was already down..it was night time but I didn’t want to go home yet

“Hey its getting dark”

“Yah….let’s go on a hike” he looked shocked

“Please Jeremy..its gonna be fun”

“Ok ok fine..let’s go”


He covered his ears and frowns

“Your to Damn LOUD!!”

“Sorry” he smiled

“Let’s go” he held hands and I felt my bony heat up…Gosh what is this

We took a route that led to a small cliff that had a beautiful view of the forest..Jeremy kept hit by tree branches and I laughed every time

“Wow this place is beautiful” he exclaimed…I looked at his hair and laughed…it was full of thorns

“What is it” he asked in confusion

“Sit down”

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“Cause you have thorns in your hair and I need to take them of” he sighs

“This is the trees fault”

“Nope your just to tall” he frowns

He sits between my legs..and I took out the thorns one by one


“Shut it…am almost done”

“Argh…fine” I was done and stood up

“Finally” he stood up and sat at the edge of the cliff

I do the same and I feel nervous and weird..what is this feeling that I have everytime am around Jeremy

“Hey can I asked you a question”

“Yah go ahead”

“Where are you from”

I hesitated with his question


I noticed she hesitated

“Wh..why do you ask” she became nervous

“Well your always talking about the things you did..and your brother or friends”

“Yah so..”

“Am just curious that’s all..how did you end up in America if your from Russia”

“I ran away from home..I needed a break from everything and everyone so I left” I see sadness in her eyes

“Was your life that bad”

“It was the worst…and” she cuts off..I can feel her voice..she was heart broken

“You almost feel ashamed..That someone could be that important..that without them you feel like nothing…no one will ever understand how much it hurts….you feel helpless..like nothing can save you…then when it’s over and it’s gone…..you almost wish that you can have all of that bad stuff back..so that you can have the good” she said and faced me

She must have been through a lot..I can see how it hurt her..I hate seeing her like this

“Luna I…”

“Its ok..I have I new life now and I have…” she trails off when she stares into the sky

I do the same..and I cant believe it..its a meteor shower ☄☄

The colors in the sky were breathtaking

“Wow its beautiful”

“It really is” I faced her and she smiled

She moved closer to me and rested her head on my shoulders and I held her by her waist and pulled her closer

Right now..I dont want this moment to end