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Vamp Love. Chapter 14

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By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 14????


I didn’t know what the hell happened to me..I just froze in time I guess

The kiss lasted a few seconds..then she disengaged and left

I stood there dumbstruck I couldn’t believe..it.s.she kissed me

“Man…did…did she just do that” Ryan asked in disbelief

“Damn” Tyson couldn’t believe either

I need to get the hell out of here…and with that I left and went to the garden for some fresh air


I couldn’t believe my eyes..she did it
I thought she would step down but she did it she kissed..my Jeremy

Anger flowed through me as she walked towards me

“Done..now leave me alone” she left

I will make you pay for this..Luna I swear you will pay


I was looking everywhere for Luna but I couldn’t find her and I felt so sad until I heard her voice

From behind me

“Hey Ethan” I smiled at her

“Hi Luna..how’ve you been”

“I’ve been good..so are you gonna introduce me to your band or not”

“Your really interested”

“Yah so are we going or not” I held her hand and lead her to our music room

We got in and everyone was there
Motheo,TJ,and Lisa

“Hi everyone”

“Hi” they all chorused

“This is the girl I have been telling you about”

“Luna this is Motheo,TJand Lisa”

“Hi it’s nice meeting you all”

“So what she can sing it takes more that that to get in with us” Lisa said,I dont jnow what her problem has been bit ever since I spoke about Luna she has some issues

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But the others are cool with it,Lisa actually has the best voice in school..well second best after Luna

“Look sweetie I was invited here..I only came here to share my voice..nothing more nothing less” she scoffed

Lisa walked up to Luna and gave her a guitar

“Let’s see what you can really do”

“Ok” she took the guitar and started playing

????yah I am stuck on this couch scrolling through my notes heart was broken…still no growing

????waking up to headlines filled with devastation again..my…heart was broken

????But I keep going

????pain…but I won’t let it turn into….Hate

????no I wont let it change me..never losing inside

????your the one I keep inside

????now I know it…yah….I know it

????You cant take my Youth away….this soul of mine will never break..as long as I wake up today….you cant take my youth away

????You cant take my Youth away….this soul of mine will never break…as long as I wake up today…you can’t take my Youth away


She stopped and dropped the guitar…I looked over to the crew and they were speechless

“Wow that’s one voice”

“Totally…beautiful..maybe better that Lisa’s” she scoffed and walked out the class

“Sorry about her behavior..she is just…..”

“Its ok..hey I have to get going..it was nice meeting you” and she left

“Wow is it just me if is she ..Hot”

“Yah super”

“Shut up” I snapped at them and they laughed

Silly friends of mine


“Master we have found her location..she is in America living with a rich woman and her son”

“Good you may leave” he bowed before he left

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So soon Luna..we have found you and soon you will be ours..just wait for us my dear

We are almost there


The rest of the day was normal but my mind get going back to Luna kissing me..the way her soft lips felt on mine

Argh! What is happening to me..this feeling its weird

I was pulled out of my thoughts when my door opened..and there she was

“H..Hey” I could tell she was nervous

“Yes can I help you”

“Well I wanted to apologize for early..I.. me..mean…t.th..the.k.i…kiss”

“Yes what about it”

“Well its was actually…a dare by Tiffany”

“Oh..so it was a dare”

I felt sad for some reason..she only kissed me because of that witch..but why do I feel so

God damn disappointed..Argh what’s wrong with me

“Hey you ok”

“Yah yah..its ok..I get it”

She was still in my room and it made me feel weirder

“What are you still doing here”

“Do you hate me”

“No why”

“Your always mean and grumpy..what did I ever do to you to make you hate me so much”

“Nothing I guess”

“So can we be friends”

“What..you want to be friends with me”

“Yha I mean..you dont hate me so it wont hurt right”

“Sure..we can be friends”

“Let’s shake on it”


I smile”Friends”

“Good..because that means you wont be really mad at me for…BREAKING YOUR PHONE!”

She said and ran out of my room..WAIT she did WHAT?!..SHE BROKE MY PHONE

“LUNA..WTF…GET BACK HERE YOU WITCH….DID YOU JUST BREAK MY PHONE….LUNA!!?” And all she did was laugh as I ran after her..playing childishly

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I haven’t had this much fun is a long time..but am still gonna kill her for breaking my phone