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Vamp Blood. Chapter 4

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By Authoress Kelly.L????

????Chapter 4????

????Hunter’s POV????

“Luna” we all called in shock

“Yes” she said but she was really weak,she leaned to the wall for support

“Luna what are you doing here,your supposed to be….” she cut me of

“Am here to save you” she said with a smile

“Father and King Esmond” they looked at her in confusion

“Hunter saved my life,I owe more than anything,he doesn’t deserve Punishment” she said shaking her head negatively

“He saved your life..Luna he was the cause of your near death” her father yelled

I held her back shaking my head

“His right Luna” she looked at me and back at her father

“But he is not responsible for those men attacking us, He protected me,Its because of him I’m standing here” she shouted

I cant believe she is standing up for me,she knows am at fault and yet she doesn’t want me to get Punished

“Luna the decision is not for you to make, Stay out of this” father said calmly at her

She took a few steps forward and held my hand, What!!?…. what is she doing

“Father you can’t blame him for those men attacking us,they would have followed us all day and planned the whole thing for all we know” he scoffed

“Luna…” she cut him off

“No Father, So what if he bit me he saved me” her father laughed

She looked at him with confusion and back at me

“And what is so funny”she yelled angrily

“King Esmond that will be all you are free to leave with your son..I need to speak with Luna

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“Of course” father came to me and gave me a look that we should leave NOW!

I looked at Luna and frowned,she doesn’t know yet and she will hate me if she finds out

“Good bye Luna” I said flatly and left

????Luna’s POV????

“Goodbye Luna” Hunter said and with that he left

“Luna you really care for him don’t you” he said with a serious expression

“Of course I do,His my best friend”

“Well your best friend has changed your life for ever”

“What do you mean father”

“When he bit you,he fussed a Luxens DNA with that of a Vampire”

“So what does that mean”i asked confused

“Just let me finish, so where was I,Oh yes
When he bit you he fussed your Vampire DNA with that of a Luxen,that us Why you are experiencing changes in your body,for example your hair and eyes have changed and it will continue that way until the DNA has fussed completely”

“So you are saying am no longer a Vampire”

“Yes,you are no longer a Vampire nor a Luxen
You are now a hybrid,a mixture of the two” he said

I was dumb struck,I mean am a hybrid
But this is not good Right!!??

“No need to panic daughter”

“But from now on I will train you personally to use your powers,Hunter will assist as well,and you will not be allowed to step out of this palace with out 5 highly trained guards by your side,you will no longer be allowed to do the things you used to,you will still be allowed to go to school with Hunter,Crystal,Dante,and your brother Luka”

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No this cant be happening His gonna take full control of my life

“Father are you trying to tell me that you wi…”

“Yes I will be taking full control from now on”he cuts me off and leaves without waiting for my reply

I start crying my life will never be the same again
Ever since that day my life changed for the worst but I never held it against Hunter in fact
He was always there for me,He was a true best friend

I was pulled out of my thoughts when a paper flew in my room I read it

《Come to the Lounge in the high tower》

Mm what? Who sent this

I went to the Lounge and opened it,it was really dark and I switched on the light and..

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY” they shouted

It was Hunter,Crystal,Dante,and LUKA!?

“OMG Guys you really shouldn’t have”

“Oh shut it Princesse we had to I mean your my sister right”Luka said and I looked at him in shock

“Come here” they said and pulled me into a group hug

“Thanks guys” I said and started crying

“Damn your so emotional” Dante said causing all of us to laugh

“Now time to party” Crystal shouted and played some music

“Hey Luka how come your not celebrating your own birthday”i asked

“Well I had to Sacrifice it for you of course you needed the lift”

“OMG My brother Luka is being caring”i said mocking

“Yha Yha dont get used to it”he said roughing my hair

Damn they are the best friends ever they are my family where would I be without them

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