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Vamp Love. Chapter 12

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By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 12????


I was on my way to class..I came real early hoping I would see that Angel from yesterday..Luna,her voice is so soft and beautiful..I have never heard anything like it

I want to introduce her to my band..am sure they would love her..but she seems a but strange..am sure its nothing

I was still on my way when I saw,I felt happy and I walked up to her and placed my hands on her shoulder

“Lu…”I was cut off when my back hit the ground hard,she just flipped me

“ARGH!” I wince and she took a look at me and she was shocked

“ETHAN” she came to me and helped me up

Damn…what is she a ninja..how could she flip me and so fast

“Omg..am so sorry Ethan are you ok” she helped me up and luckily for me I could stand and walk

But I swear this girl is really strange

“Let’s get you to class or am gonna run late” I looked up and saw Jeremy..great just perfect

“Yah yah Me Pompous am coming”

Mr Pompous…I held my laughter..I didnt want to cause trouble

“Bye Ethan..and am sorry…its just my..reflexes” she left

I sigh and walked to class….


“So are you gonna keep shut or are you hanna tell me”she looked at me confused

“Tell you what….I have nothing to tell”

“How you flipped that guy in one second”

“Like I said…reflexes”

“I never knew you were a liar”

“And I never knew you were so nosy” she smirk

“Mmm touche”

We got to her class and I bide her good bye and that when u ran into that b*tch again

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Tiffany…I hate her so much..I f*cked her twice and now she thinks I have feelings for her….she cant get the message

I mean the way she acted yesterday towards Luna..I swear Luna was gonna do something but what

“Jeremy” I rolled my eyes..

“What do you want Tiffany”

She frowned and took my hand into hers bit I quickly remove it

“Be quick I need to get to class”

“What’s the rush”

“Tiffany I dont have time for this”

I walked away before she could say anything..she is so annoying


I got to class and the teacher started teaching…I while later she left..she was called for

“Hey Luna” Ethan called..he sits next to me


“So I was wondering if I could introduce you to some people”

“Are they musicians too” he nodded and looked away nervously

“I would love to meet them” he smiled happily

“But..I actually wanted you to meet them to show them that sweet voice of yours”

I blush and look away..I could feel him smiling

“Great then…but can it be tomorrow”

“Sure” the teacher came back and continued teaching

School was so boring,I felt like sleeping

I was walking when someone called me

“Hey you” I turned around to see that b*tch again…WTF

“What do you want…I dont have all day”

“Am Tiffany”

“And I don’t care” she frowned

“If you know what’s good for you….you stay away from Jeremy”

“Ok and why would I do that”

“Because am his girlfriend” I laughed and Laughed

I laughed so hard that I started crying…wow this girl is really crazy ain’t she

“And what’s so funny”

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“Look..Tiffany,Jeremy can be anything but not someone’s girlfriend…I have seen so many girls that have slept with him in two days and Baby you ain’t one of them”

She steps closer to me and I did the same

“Look Baby girl..Jeremy isnt your boyfriend”

I turned around and made to leave but not before making things clear to her

“And my name is Luna..remember that..ok bye Baby”

And I left..I felt like laughing..I was still thinking about what she said..that girl really made my day


????King Vald????

The guards have found nothing yet..she has covered all her tracks

I cant sleep..Leila tired to contact her but Luna always cuts the visions,she really doesn’t want to be found

I was in my room with Leila..I was lying on her laps as she brushed her hair

“Do you think Luna is ok” I asked and she smiled

“Am sure she is…she is my baby I know she is”

“I still feel guilty”

“Yes and you are” I stare at her and she laughs

“Aren’t you supposed to make me feel better”

“I could but as your wife it’s my duty to tell you your…..”

“My what”

“You should go to sleep you have a very important Council meeting tomorrow Vald”

“Leila..my what”

“Good night My Husband”

“Leila” she turned and slept of

It was midnight and Leila was fast asleep..I couldn’t sleep

I went to the balcony and let the cold hair flow

Luna where ever you are I hope you are ok..I wont rest until I find you and when I do I will never let you go..I cant lose you…i hope you will forgive me


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“Master the rumors are true,the Princess has escaped the Palace she is no longer protected” I smirk and get up from my chair

“You can leave” and he left and I smile

Oh my Dear Princess Luna..you know nothing once we find you it will all be over…just wait for us my dear the time has come for you to know what really happened

That night….that faithful night you turned into a Hybrid….your one of us and we will have you