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Vamp Love. Chapter 9

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????Vamp ????

By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 9????

????Jeremy ????

“Mom tell me your joking”

“No am not she will be staying with us from now on”

“Sye is a stranger that you pick up from the street”

“Hey no need to be so mean Mr Pompous” she said with her arms crossed under her b**bs

“Would you stop calling me that”

“But it fits you so well” she smirk and all mom did was stare at us


“Yes and you better be nice to her”


Mom left with that girl behind her
Urgh you have got to be kidding me I have to stay with her from now on

Jeez…this isn’t fair at all…how am I gonna survive her

I went to my room and took a shower then put PJs after that I slummed om my bed and let sleep take over

????Luna’s POV????

After I left with the lady she led me back to my room

“Are you ok Luna did he hurt you in anyway”

“No ma’am”

She sighed is relief and hugged me,I hugged her back

“Ma’am can I ask you a question”

“Yes” she disengaged from the hug

“Why are you so caring but your son is so mean”

She laughed and sat on the,I sat beside her and she hugged me from the side…she reminds me of mom

“Well that I dont know but all I know is that he will change”

“Why do you care for me so much” she sighed

“I guess its because I always wanted a daughter and now I have one”

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“So is that why you like so much”

“I guess go to sleep u need rest”

“Ok” she left

Well this is the start of my new life and with that thought I slept off

It was already morning and the lady told me she was going out to get me new clothing

I was in the sitting room and I got bored real quick so I decided to explore again

I found a room full if instruments I guess it’s a music room

I picked up a guitar and started singing

????When you feel its hopeless

????when you feel that you’ve lost

????Oh..I will take your hand and we will rise up from the dust..Oh

????Here we go..go..go let us sail and grow

????You wont be alone..we’re unstoppable

????Dont be afraid to show what we are going for..this is what we know

“You can sing” I was interrupted

I put down the guitar and turned to see Jeremy

“Hi Mr Pompous” he scoffed

“Would you stop with the name”

“But it suits you so well”


“I was looking for you” I looked at him confused I tilted my head to the side


“Where’s mom”

I scoffed”really that’s all”

“Yah where is she”

“I dont know.. call her”

“Your usless”

“Same to you”

He scoffed and left…well that went great..his worse that Luka..God I miss them so much


????King Vald’s POV????

“What do you mean you cant find her”i shouted at my chief guard

“This is all we found my King” he brought out a navy blue mermaid dress with a matching mask

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“Leila cant you track her”

She touches the dress and let’s go

“No..there is no essence on it…I cant”

“What about things from her room”

“All her things that contained her essence are gone”

“Damn it” I cant believe this so this is what she meant by she wont stay here for long

“Seach the whole of Russia if you have to but find the Princess”

He left with his guards and Leila turned to me and slapped me hard on the face

I held my red cheek and stare at her in shock

“This is all your fault Vald..if you had told her she would have understood and never left the palace”

“Leila I..” she cuts me off

“No Vald..No..what if they find her Vald..what if they turn her….you know what nevermind”

She turned and left

Damn it she’s right if only I told her she would have left and now they can easily get to her and once they do..I will lose my girl for good

Luna please take care of yourself..I wont stop looking for you…I will keep you safe

????Luna’s POV????

My alarm went off,I jump out of bed and had a quick shower

Today am going to school,I applied lotion

These past 3 days were good but Mr Pompous was super annoying his ten times worse that Luka ever was

I wore a black denim skirt with a chain and a black tee shirt that I tied on the side,I brushed my hair left it unpacked,then I wore black sneakers

I took a look at my self at the mirror and I looked gorgeous as always

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I got down stairs and found Jeremy eating

“Morning Mr Pompous” he scoffed

“You better not call me that at school”

I took some food from his plate,he looked at me with shock and mostly anger

“What the hell”

“Relax Mr Pompous it’s just food” he stood up

“Let’s go or else I will leave you”


We finally got to school I looked around and smiled

Me and Jeremy were walking down the hall

I noticed some off the students here were Vampires and Luxens because of the way they were shocked to see me

I saw fear in their eyes and the humans kept staring at them in confusion..yah they know me and they know what am capable of

I smirk as I walked close to Jeremy until two guys approached us

“Hey Tyson,Clyde what’s up” Jeremy greeted they did some kind of handshake and greeted each other

I could tell that the both of them are Luxens, I can sense it

They turned to my direction,our eyes meet and the took two steps back in fear

I smiled at them

“Hi” they looked shocked and a bit paralyzed..well I dont blame them am their Princess