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Vamp Love. Chapter 26

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????Love ????

By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 26????


????Few Days Later????

I was in my room watching Tv…to be honest I was really bored

And ever since Luna revealed herself she doesn’t hide her powers from me

And it wasn’t long when she told me about Tyson and Clyde…although I was shocked I expected it

She once even levitated me when she was mad all because she lost her phone and blamed it on me

I was pulled out of my thoughts when she came in my room…without knocking

“Argh” she frowns..than climbs my bed

“Have you ever heard of knocking” I frown

“Yes…why” she asked looking at me

“If you know what it is…than why didn’t you knock first……I mean what if I was naked”

“But your not” I scoff

“Am making an example Luna” she smiles

“Well that was a terrible one” I roll my eyes

“What do you want” she smiles widely

“I want you to help me with my Maths assignment” I smirk

“No” her mouth dropped

“What…what!?” I grin wickedly

“You heard me” I took the remote resting on my pillows…and all she did was stand there

I didnt feel like Math and besides why would I help her anyway…she can go to her friends for help

“Please Jeremy…I need your help” I looked at her smiling like a bloated cow

“And I dont wanna help…so goodbye” and she frowned

She stands there…than raises her index finger and I find my self floating

“What the f*ck…Luna put me down” and she grins wickedly

“Not until you help me with my homework” and I nodded

She put me down not gently but hard….on the damn floor

“ finger slipped” she said and I frown

“I hate you” and she laughed

“I hate you too…now stand up and help me” she stretched her hand out and helped me up

“Fine go get your stuff” she skips out of my room

I swear one day that girl will kill me

“Ok did you get all that” I asked and she frowned

“What is it now”

“Nothing…I understand” I smile and she blushes a little

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“I thought your stage pasted already” she looked at me confused

“What stage..I dont understand”i frown

“The one where you said you will act all weird and turn to a cherry tomato every time your around me” and she nodded

“Yes that one…yah it hasn’t”

“Than when will it” she bites her bottom lip


“Than when will it” he asked and I bite my bottom lip

“I dont know…when it’s ready I guess” he stands up

“Ok” he walks a few steps away from me and takes of his shirt

My mouth flew open at his view…his back was facing me and I loved the view

I felt my cheeks heat up..he turns to face me and his abs caught my sight first

I couldn’t help but drool at this view…his so hot now wonder ever girl loves him so much

“Luna my eyes ate up here” I looked at him and he smirks

“You were drooling” and I stand up

“I wa…wasn’ lieng” I suddenly became nervous and I felt like I was going to faint

“I..I have… go” and I ran out

I got to my room breathing hard…his going to kill me with his hot looks

????Back at the Palace????


“Again!!” Dad ordered and I let out as much fire as possible

“That is not enough!!” He shouts

My body is sweaty and wet…..ever since that day Dad told me everything

I offered to train hard…to be strong..I guess this is how hard it gets

I could believe what he told me about Luna…I want to train to protect her

Right now all I think of is seeing her safe…I dont want them to find her cause once they do…its all over

“Again Luka..give it your all” I closed my eyes and consecrate

I open my eyes in a split second and everything around me was on fire

I couldn’t believe I could do that

“Good..that’s all for today go rest” Dad said and left

I got to my room and took a shower…cause damn I needed one..when I was done wearing my clothes there was a knock on my door

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“Hi babe” Crystal came in a d kissed me…and I kissed her back

“Hey..did you miss me that much” she smiles

“Yes I haven’t seen you in Days…I miss you” I hugged her

“I missed you to” I kiss her forehead

“How was training” I frown

“Terrible as always” and she laughs

“Well am glad your still alive” I smirk

“Of course you are” and she giggles

She let’s go of me amd walks over to the balcony

“Do you think she’s ok” I come behind her

I slide my hands through her waist and kissed her neck

“I dont think…I know” she smiles

She turned and she kissed me…i did hesitate to kiss her back

I love her so much…she us my strength and weakness


He got in and sat before me…I wonder what he wants

“Hello your maj…..” he cuts me off with his hand

I hiss and he chuckles

“Hello…am here to make you a deal” I smirk

“Listen Royals know of you…I found you through my connections”

“Ok than get to the point” he sits down in front if me

“I little birdie told me you have already found the Princess”

“Yes and…” he grins wickedly

“All I want is her…Luna that’s what I want if you give me to her I will help you get the two Kingdoms and if you refuse I will expose you” I frown

“Why do you want Luna”

“That us none of your business…so do we have a deal” he stretched out his hand for a shake

I mean I will still benefit…and I have no choice

How he found me..I dont know but I have to agree

“Deal..” I said and shook his hand

He smiles widely than turns to leave

“Nice doing business with you” he left

Doing this might increase my chances of getting the two Kingdoms but of all people why would he come to me and how did he find me


I woke up feeling pains….I hold my waist and than it hit me

No…no dont tell me it the time of the month
This is bad…why now

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I pull of my blanket and behold it

It was like the flag of Japan ????????and I felt like screaming

I immediately pulled of the sheets and put them in the laundry bin

I took a quick look and took a stationary pad that was in the bathroom…thank God for that

I wore a dress that made me move freely and some matching shoes

I came down stairs and Jeremy was already there

“Hi” I said and sat down and started eating

“Hey how are you” he asked

“Am good and am very……..” I trail of as I bite my bottom lip

This is damn painful…why cant boys go through this


She bit he bottom lip like she as in pain or something

“Are you ok” she nodded and shut her eyes

“Yah…I will wait for you outside ok” and she left like she was being chased

When I was done eating I went outside and she was already waiting there by the car

“Let’s go” I said and she kept mute

The drive was really silent…what is wrong with her

When we arrived she tried to leave but I held her back

She looked at me confused

“What is it” she asked and I just kept a straight face

“More like..What is wrong with you” she faced me

“What do you mean”

“You have been acting weird” and she looks away shyly

“Its nothing” I frown

“Tell me or your not getting out of this car”

Her cheeks turned red….why is she so shy

“Well it..its my tume of the month” I arch my brow

“What do you mean by that” than she frowns

“You know what” she fires

“What??”I asked

“You men are just useless…what part of my sentence did you not understand huh?….we girls have to go through so much and they even taught you this at school…..But no you refuse to listen and learn…your all useless” she fires and left me speech less

What the hell just happened…did she just say that

What did she even mean by time if the month

What the hell??