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Vamp Love. Chapter 16

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????Vamp ????

By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 16????


I continued sucking his blood..I noticed he passed out

Wanted to stop but I couldn’t…something made me continue..I could feel myself getting better..getting stronger

I pull out of him..I bury my head in his neck,crying

Am so sorry Jeremy..I caused you this pain

I could still feel his heart beating..that’s a sweet relief but I still feel disappointed..in my self

I get off his body..he looks cute sleeping
I levitated his body to his room and laid him there gently

I smile at his cute face..my eyes roam his body for any injuries..I spot a few

I sigh and heal him…I cant believe I bit him..am so disappointed in my self

Tears streamed down my eyes..I kiss his forehead and leave his room

I got to my room and lock my door..they’re right we dont fit in with humans because we are Monsters…no matter how we see ourselves

Next day


I woke up..and my body was aching everywhere,I had a headache,and I felt real dizzy

I tried getting up from my bed but I couldn’t move..my body gave up on me

The last thing I remember was being in Luna’s room and she….I race off

I check my neck and am ok..but how I swear
Luna bit me yesterday

Just than my door opened..and there she was..Luna

“Jeremy..your awake” she seemed happy

“How long was I out”

“The whole day”

“What” I tried getting up but she stopped me

“Jeremy no”

“Lemme take care of you”

“So now you care”

“Look about last night am sorry ok”

I scoff..wait I need to ask her what really happened

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“What happened last night”

“Well you came to my room..I asked you to leave..and you le..ft” I could tell she was lying

“Are you sure” I asked and she nodded

“Let me get you something to wat you must be starving”

“Yha thanks” she left..I know she is lying and am gonna find out the truth even if it’s the last thing I do

????Days later????


I woke up pretty early today..its time for school

The past days Jeremy has been observing me..watching my moves..I feel like his on to me..but I will throw him of my tracks

I got down stairs and didn’t see Jeremy..than I got a text from him

《Come outside am waiting 》

I got outside and he was there..but next to a power bike

“Hey..are we riding that to school”

“Yep..hop on….we dont have all day”

I stood there..I have never been on a bike before..but I have a feeling that it will be fun

“Are you scared”

“Nope” I climbed on

“Hold on to me so that you wont fall” I obeyed..I slide my hands around his waist and and i blushed

God..what is this..why do I feel so weird and…GOSH

“We’re here” I looked up and we where at school

“Wow..that’s fast”

“Yep..magic of a bike”

“Let me help you” he stretched out his hand and I took it..smiling

“Yah thanks” he smiled back..what the hell is wrong with me

“Hey you ok”

“Yah yah..let’s go”

We were walking and I noticed he was still here

“Aren’t you going to your class”

“Yha am walking you to your class first”

“Awn you love me that much” I smirk

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“What..no am just..” I cut him off by hitting his arm playfully

“Am just kidding Lover boy” he frowns

“What..what’s wrong”

“Why do you pick the worst names”

“Mm well I think its beca….”I was cut off by that b*tch

“What do you want Tiffany” he asks as she glued herself on his body

Gross…she just ruined my day

“I just came to say..Hi”

“Great now leave”

“Why do you always treat me like this Jeremy..we both know you love me like how I love you” and that’s when I laughed

I continued laughing..I laughed so hard I started crying

“And what’s so funny” she said looking pissed while Jeremy kept staring at me in confusion

“The fact that you think he loves you or the fact that you believe it” I said laughing

I stopped and looked at her…she was fuming in anger and I smirk

“Baby..I thought you knew this coz your a sl*t but just because a guy f*cks you more than once it doesn’t mean he loves you” she looked red like a tomato

“Wow I didnt know..people actually change color” and Jeremy chuckles

“Why you little brat..your just jealous that he loves me”

I smirk..well this is fun

“Sweetie not even his shadow can fall in love with you”i said and dragged Jeremy..leaving her standing

“Thanks for saving me”

“No problem..I have been dying to out her inher place”

“And you did it so well” we both laugh

“Yep am that good” I brag and he laughs harder

Damn..I love that smile of his


“You will make contact with Luna,,act as her friend than capture her”

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“Yes master” he bowed

“Now leave…Harry” and without hesitation he left

Phase one is in action..soon Luna
Your father as hid you for to long..its time we have you Princess

Soon the Kingdom will fall…with the help of Luna I will rule the two Kingdoms