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Vamp Love. Chapter 22

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????Love ????

By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 22????


She calmed down and fell asleep in my arms..her room was trashed

How could she have caused so much damage…I guess she will sleep in my room

I carried her out of her room bridal style and headed to mine…I laid her gently on the bed

I wonder what the hell happened that made her so broken..and why would she think she is a monster

All of this is so confusing and complicated..I just wish she could open up..but I will stay by her no matter what

I dont know why..but I really care for her,,,I cant ĺĺĺsee her hurt or sad

I made to leave but she held my hand..I thought she was asleep

I tried by all means for her to let me go but it was of no use…than she pulled me in and laid her head on my chest

“What the hell” I whispering and checked her again

And she truly was asleep..I was to tired so I fell asleep

Next day


I slept peacefully…to be honest I expected myself to have a nightmare but it never came

And weirdly I dont remember much about yesterday..or how I went to bed

I turned but then I realized that my pillow is really hard..but comfortable at the same time..and I felt something on my waist

Like something was hugging me..I move my hand on the pillow and it became less pillow and more like a person

I open my eyes and I realized my pillow was someone’s chest..I look up and I see Jeremy!?

How the hell did this happen….I look around and I’m in his room

How did I end up here…how did I end up in his room

I imagined me and him….I blush..I blush hard

Did we sleep cuddling each other..is that why I never had a nightmare..Oh Gosh I think am gonna faint

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And then his hand moved from my waist brushing against my body…I fell my body heat up

He doesn’t stop until he reaches my cheek..than all of a sudden his lips fall on mine

He doesn’t kiss me but that doesn’t change the fact that our lips are touching..I jerk up and he wakes up

“What the hell” I face palm myself hiding my red face

“Luna..are you ok now” I nodded and I can feel him smile

“You trashed your room so I brought you to mine” I stayed silent

“Thanks” I finally said

“Luna..what happened last night” and i became stiff

“I dont want to talk about it” I looked at him and he had a worried look on

“Luna..you sho…..” I walk over to him and cover his mouth with my palm

“Am fine” I whispered

He sighs and stood up

“Go clean yourself up…breakfast will be ready soon” then he leaves

I get to the bathroom and I took of my clothes and instead of showering..I decided to take a bath

The Jacuzzi tub was full of warm water and huge bubbles..I smile and get it slowly

It’s so warm..I close my eyes and I couldn’t stop thinking about Jeremy

To be honest I wanted to tell Jeremy the truth but am scared that he might judge me as well

Am not human..Vamp..or Luxen am not normal..am afraid that he might want to stay away from me

I breath out…

I was done with my bath..I got to his room and went to his wardrobe

Its not my room..and my clothes are there so I will wear his shirt..I took a black one and it looked good on me

I went over to the balcony and let the cool air touch me

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I miss home


I packed back and forth in the room waiting for any word about Harry

I hope he didn’t fail me…I made it clear

Just than there was a knock on the door..I went and sat down on my chair

“Come in” he came

“Master,Harry was killed” and I shook my head disappointed..I should have known

“Was it the Princess”

“No..he had the Princess but she was saved” I looked at him shocked

“By who”

“Two young man from her school..they’re names are Clyde and Tyson Chage…they are Luxen brothers”

“Damn it” I hissed

“Leave” and without hesitation he left

She already has guardians…this will make things harder but if they stand in my way

I will kill them


????Jeremy ????

It was mid day and Luna was no where to be seen

She has been acting worse than before.. she tries to hide it but I can see through her clearly…..she is hurting

I went over to the music room..actually this room was for me and my sister

Emily..my sister she loved singing and I loved it the same..well not as much as her

She died in a car accident three years ago and ever since then I never sing or even step into this room

I miss her so much..her death affected me so much..she was two years younger

I went and sat in front of a piano and started playing but soon stopped by a voice

“You can play” she came closer and sat down next to me..I nodded

“Do you mind playing for me” I started playing
And she started singing

????All along it was a believer…A cold sweat,hot headed believer

????I throw my hands in the air and said show me something…he said if you dare come a little closer

????Round and Around and Around and Around we go

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????Oh now tell me…now tell me…now tell me now you know

????Not really sure how to feel about it….something in the way you move

????Makes me feel like I cant live without you

????And it takes me out of the way

????I want you to stay

Something made me sing and I started…Luna looked at me in total shock

????Its not much of a life your living

????Its not just something you take is given

????Round and Around and Around and Around we go

????Oh now tell me…now tell me…now tell me now you know

????Not really sure how to feel about it… something in the way you move

????Makes me feel like I can’t live without you

????And it takes me all the way

????I want you to stay

She stopped my hand from playing..I looked at her and she smiled

“Why didnt you tell me you can sing”

“There is nothing special about it….I mean half of America knows how to sing” she shook her head

“But only a few can sing good…you have a great voice”

“Thanks” I got up..and we both left


I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears…Jeremy was singing

For the first time in three years..he samb sne beautifully

Tears couldn’t help but fall..ever since Emily died his been harder and hated music..for three years

And a strange girl comes for a few months and easily gets him to sing…I dont regret that day I met Luna

It was the best day…Luna and Jeremy must have a strong bond for Luna to be able to make him sing that way

He sang with his heart….I missed his voice..and am sure that they will fall in love with each other soon