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Vamp Love. Chapter 7

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By Authoress Kelly.L????

????Chapter 7????

????Luna’s POV????

It was time for the ball and as expected father asked me to stay in my room all night but it’s my night to go free

I went to take a shower and I got out,applied lotion to my already glowing skin

To hide my identity I had to change and become a blue bell

I wore a long glimmering navy blue mermaid dress that brought out my curves and I wore a matching mask that hide my identity but my freckles and golden eyes were still a problem

I had brought contact lenses that changed my eye color to black and I applied foundation to hide my freckles even thou I hated it

I took a look at myself mirror and I couldn’t even recorecognize my self,Good now time to go

I got to the ball room and they were many guests more than I expected

But I need to leave before anyone finds out that am not in my room

I was about to leave for the exit when a voice stopped me I looked and it was a man wearing full black

“May I have this dance”

I hesitated a bit but I took his hand into mine

I studied him and that when I realized who it was

Its Dante but wait does he know that it’s me I hope not

“I have never seen you before..please tell me who are you”

“I am Lady Lisa and you” I lied I need to protect my identity

“I am Prince Dante Black”

I pretended to be shocked and shy

“Why are so shocked”

“I didn’t expect to be dancing with a prince” I kept on acting

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“Well why don’t u get us a drink”

“Yes please”

He finally left and I made my way to the exit the guards didnt recognize

I got outside and went far away from the Palace into the woods

I took off my clothes and you would expect me to be half naked but nope

Under my dress I wore black sportswear and sneakers and surprisingly I was able to hide a large black hoodie un the dress

I put it on to hide my face and made my way to the airport

????Dante’s POV????

I came back with two glasses of drinks and Lady Lisa was gone

WTF where has she gone well there goes my chance of getting my girl but something about her seems so familiar

But I cant put my finger on it,oh well lemme go find another

????Luna’s POV????

I got to the airport and asked to get a plane that goes to America and lucky for me it was available

I didn’t even need to pay all I needed to do was show my face and they took me to first class

Am finally out of that hell hole time to live life



“Yeah baby”


The b*tch kept moaning in pleasure as I drilled into her p*ssy

Her moans became louder and that only increased my pace as I drilled into her faster increasing my pace each minute

I felt my climax and increased my pace

“Ahh….Jer..emy…am gonna..cum”

I slap her ass and increase my pace
I finally cum inside her and it felt so good

When I was done with her I put my clothes on and made to leave but she stopped me

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“Are you just gonna leave”

I scoffed and looked at her

“Lemme guess you thought that after I had s*x with you,I would make you my girlfriend”

“Well that’s not happening”

She looked at me and I saw her eyes
She is crying already

“But I thought tha…”

“Well you thought wrong” I cut her off

She put on the clothes and left in tears

Cry…Cry….Cry that’s all they do

Well lemme introduce my self am Jeremy Coleman a hot and handsome 20 year old

My Dad is a billionaire bastard and my mom is a famous businesswoman am the only child and am spoiled whatever I want I get

With Fame,Fortune and looks no wonder why every girl will die for me

“Another broken heart”

I turned and saw my mom

“Hey mom”

“Dont hey me when will you get a girl that you will stay with for at least 3 weeks or more”

“Jeez mom am still young”

“Yes to young to be a player”

I roll my eyes and made to leave but she stopped me

“You will fall in love one day Honey”

“The day I fall in love is the day pigs fly”

I left and got a message from Ryan my best friend

《Hey man there is a pool party at Tiffany’s you coming

《Yah am coming

《Cool see you there

I smiled as I left the house time to have fun

????Luna’s POV????

I got to America and it was so new to me nobody here knew who I was

Well it’s my new life I guess

I was walking on the streets roaming the area when a car splashed mud on me

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Like what the hell I started wiping it of but it was of no use

“Am so sorry”

I heard a voice and I looked up and I saw a woman she looks rich and in her mid forties at least but she was really beautiful

“Hey are you ok”

“Yah yah am fine”

She smiled causing me to smile

“What’s your name”

“Am Luna”