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Vamp Love. Chapter 10

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By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 10????


Ok WTF the students were acting weird now Tyson and Clyde are afraid of her

There us pure fear in their eyes like their shocked

“Hi” she greeted them and I think they were paralyzed,because they didnt move

“Am Luna” she stretched out her hand for them to shake,they looked at each other and back at the hand

“Clyde” he said and shook it

“Tyson” he shook it

“Am sorry but what brings you here your Maj….”

He trails off for some reason and all Luna did was smile

“I mean…Luna”

“Sorry but do you guys know each other” they all shook their heads negatively

“Nope anyway see you later man” And with that they left,I turned to Luna

“Ok…what was that about”

“I dont know..well bye”

“And where ate you going”

“To class…duh”

“Ok fine take this” I handed her the school map,she took it

“Thanks…Bye Mr Pompous” and she left

That girl is getting on my nerves,really what have I told her


“Damn what is Princess Luna doing here” I shook my head and leaned on one of the lockers

“Man..u dont know…I thought she lives in Russia so what is she doing in America

“I thought she wasn’t allowed out ever since she became a hybrid”

“Damn what are we gonna do…the other Vamps and Luxens are also as confused as us”

“Do you think Jeremy knows about us”

“No..I mean did you see his face,he was obviously confused”

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“Well let’s hope this won’t end bad”

I sighed and we left


I got to my class and it was empty…mmm I must be early than

I scanned the class looking for a seat and found one in the back corner of the class,it was dark and it was perfect

I went and sat,well since am early I opened my bag and took out my headphones

I played (Rihanna-Towards the sun) and I sang along,moving my body to the beat

????Turn your face..towards the sun

????let the shadows fall behind you

????Never wait…Just carry on

????And the shadows will never find you…….

????Lost in a rocky road…..got lost in a promise of a love I have never known

????Shadows chased me far from home….I remember when my heart was filled with gold

????And you know…I’ve been burned….I’ve been burned…I’ve been burned

????You’ve seen me lose control

????Its not worth…its not worth….its not worth…


????Turn your face..towards the sun

????Let the shadows fall behind you

????Never wait…Just carry on

????And the shadows will never find you

I took of my headphones and found a guy staring at me smiling..his human

“Hey…am Ethan”

“Hey Ethan am Luna”

“Nice to meet to…you have a beautiful voice you know” he said and sat beside me

“Thanks I…” i trailed of as my eyes set with a guitar at the back of him

“Your a musician” he nodded

“Your new here right”


“I can tell…I would have remembered that beautiful face of yours”

For some reason I blush and look away so that he won’t see me

Then more students came in followed by a teacher,they all sat down and some of the guys couldn’t stop staring at me

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The teacher called me up and made me introduce my self,I sat on my seat and found I letter on it

I opened it and it read《Hello Beautiful》
Damn now I hate being beautiful,first day of school and I already have a love letter ARGH!

Let’s just get this over and done with

It was lunch time and I was by my locker when two guys came to me

It the ones from earlier Tyson and Clyde

“Hey..come with us”

I didnt hesitate..I followed them and they let me to a garden…I beautiful one

I was still admiring the garden when they bowed..oh jeez

“You Majesty” I giggled and pulled them up to meet me

“Call me Luna”

“We are your humble servants”

I smiled at them and they looked shocked

“I dont need servants..I need friends”

“Will you be my friends”

They looked shocked

“You want us to be your friends”

“Yes..and to treat me normally..please”


“YAAY!!” I exclaimed and hugged them

“Sorry..” they nodded

“So do you want to eat”

“Yah..where’s the cafeteria”

“This way.. let’s go Princess”

Well I have my first friends

We got to the cafeteria and all eyes were on us..gosh the students here need to get a life

“So..Luna what do you want”


“What…really you ain’t hungry..huh”

“Nope I dont eat like my life depends on it like you Luxens…you can eat an entire restaurant and still want dessert” and they laughed

“Ok..ok..fair point”

They gave me a bowl full of red Strawberries

“Let’s go sit down” I nodded and they lead me to a table with Jermey,two girls and another guy

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“Hey guys this is..Luna”

“Hi” I greeted and they greeted back

I sat next to Jeremy and he scoffed

“Hi Mr Pompous” I grin and everyone laughed

“I told..NOT TO CALL ME THAT” he yelled and I smirk

“But it suits you so well and besides…” I was cut off by a girl that screamed out Jeremy’s name,he rolled his eyes

“Gosh..not her”

I was about to ask him who he wa talking about when someone pushed me off me seat and I fell onmy butt on the hard ground..WTF

“Hi Jeremy” all he did was roll his eyes

“Excuse me…but your in my seat” I said still on the ground

She looked at me and rolled her eyes

“And who the hell are you” ok that’s it am really pissed now..she wants to know who I am…WELL THEN I WILL SHOW JER EXACTLY WHO I AM

I got up and fixed me self

“I’m your worst nightmare Sweetie” I said walking up to her