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Vamp Love. Chapter 20

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????Love ????

By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 20????


I ran away from the pool and went to room..I got there and locked the door immediately

Now how will you face him Luna….after you called him sexy…gosh what’s wrong with me

I face palm myself…am never coming out if this room again..ever

It was 9pm and I was wearing my shirt…my pant was visible

I was reading my favorite novel (Lux:Obsidian) when someone knocked on my door

“Its open” I didnt pay attention to who it was

“Hey kitten” I jerk of my bed

Its Jeremy…Gosh why didnt you pay attention…now look

“H..hey” and am nervous again…just great

“Kitten can you please explain what’s wrong with you”

“Um….huh..it nothing”

“Yha right….apparently Tyson and Clyde know so what’s wrong”

“Ok fine….it a stage am going through” I lied and he tilted his head in confusion

“Well you see girls go through some stages as they grow,this is one of them” he raises a brow

“Well I’d you say so” I sigh in relief

He looks at me from head to toe and smirks

“Nice outfit” I face palm myself….I wish he could just leave

“Anyway…if your done using my laptop I would like it back” Oh yah…he gave me his laptop last night

“Let me go get it” I turn and head for my bag..I bend down and I hear him whistle

Huh….why is he whistling

“I didn’t know black is your color” I stand up with his laptop in my hands

Black what is he talk……..OMG my undies..his talking about my black undies

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“Why you little……”he cutts me off

“Relax…your black pant hugs your ass perfectly” he says smiling widely

“Here” I hand him his laptop

“Now get out of my room you…Pervert” he chuckles

And I turn red

“Wow I think am gonna call you Cherry from now on….since that’s the color you pick to change your face” I frown

“Get….OUT!!” I drag him out my room and he laughs

He was out and I slammed the door…..I will hide my body from now on

Next day


I woke up real early and went down stairs….I was ready to go to school when I opened the door and the snow blew on my face

I quickly shut it….Gosh it’s a snow day

I went to my room and changed into warm clothes

I got out of my room and heard Luna scream..I rush to her room and opened it

“LUNA!??” I saw her…she was ok

“Jeremy…what’s wrong”

“You screamed”

“Yha look” she points outside and I scoff

“What” she smiled

“Its snow” I frown

“You did scream because of snow” I scoff

“Yah….GET OUT!?” She shouted and the next thing I know am outside her room

This girl will be the death of me

We got to school and I noticed something I have never noticed before

Half of the students are wearing normal clothes including Luna…like it’s not even cold


Gosh I have to go now…I left without saying Goodbye and bumped into Harry that new guy

I sensed him and his a Vampire

“Hi Luna” I smile


“You know we are in the same class…let’s go to class together”

“Yah…I forgot let’s go”

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We both left and got to class

“There will be a History project due next week Monday” I groan…gosh

“You will be paired with a partner” I smile

I really hope its Ethan cause his the only one am used to in this class


The class was over and everyone gathered around to see their partner

“OMG..I got paired with Ethan”i girl next to me screamed

Great..now what..I look at the bored and my Partner is..Harry!!

Ok..to be honest I didnt expect that but I guess it’s better then the others

“Hi Partner” I smile


“So about this project where should we do it”..I didnt think of that…GOSH

Um…maybe…mmm….the library that’s good right

“The library”

“Good idea…after school” I shake his hand

“Aftre school…bye”

I got to the cafeteria and met Jeremy


“Who is he”

“Who are you talking about”

“That guy that you just talked to” i was shocked

“How do you…..well his my friend”

“Your friend”

“Yah am allowed to have a guy friend like you right” he frowns

“Yah…whatever” and he leaves angrily

Ok…now what’s his problem


Argh…..this is frustrating…I feel like punching that guy

I mean she can have more than one guy friend right

Argh….but why do I hate the idea of her and that guy

I will deal with him later..now key me go clear my head

It was afterschool..and I was with Luna

“Hey..I’m not going with you ok”


“Me and Harry have a project we have to do…so I will ride with him home” I scoff

“Ok what’s your problem”

“Nothing…go have fun with your guy friend” I left and didn’t give her a chance to reply

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Ok…what’s his problem..argh

Maybe his having mood swings..let me go before am late

I got there and he was already there

“Hi,sorry am late”

“Its ok…let’s get started”

“Ok..who were the Native Americans” he asked me and I sigh

“Um….huh….well…..I forgot” Jeez I always hated History

“C’mon…are you that forgetful” I smile

“Well..sorry” and he laughs

“Hey Princess if I can ask..what are you doing here in America cause I thought your Dad wouldn’t allow it”

I hesitated and became nervous

“Well…he allowed me”

“He finally let you go huh”

“Yep…now back to studying” I tried reaching for a book but am to short

“Let me help..short stuff”

“Ha..Ha..Ha very funny” I roll my eyes and he chuckles

He reached and grabbed the book…when i tried to get it i tried and fell on him

Our faces were so close I could feel his breath and am sure he could feel mine

“Am sorry” I got up and helped him up

“Now…lets do this”


Oh my dear..revenge is sweet indeed

My mission is to get you to my master very soon..just in a few days my Princess

And the two Kingdoms will be ours

Your to trusting..you trust every new face in an attempt to make friends

But your kindness will be your downfall…kindness is a weakness,,and that you have

I was snapped out of my thoughts by her,,Luna

“Hey I asked a question”

“Oh sorry…please repeat”

“Argh…fine but next time no mercy” I laugh

“Ok..I will take it”

She smiles….such beauty..to bad it was wasted on her

Very soon Princess