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Vamp Love. Chapter 15

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????Love ????

By Authoress Kelly.L????

(When two worlds collide)

????Chapter 15????

????Few weeks later????


These past few weeks have been so much fun..although Jeremy is still a bit grumpy but in a good way

But I miss my old friends,Crystal,Luka,Dante…and Hunter

I miss them so much..but am never going back there again

I got to Jermey’s room..I entered and he was on his laptop..sitting on the edge of his

“Hi..Mr Pompous” he rolls his eyes

“Dont you have a better name”

“Nope” I said and slummed on his bed

“Luna..what do you want”

“Can I borrow your headphones”

“What” he closed his laptop and faced me

“Can I borrow your headphones..please”

“What happened to yours” I looked away to avoid his gaze

“I dont know..they’re lost” he laughs

“You lost them” I nodded and he continued laughing

“Why dont you just by new ones”

“Am to Lazy” he scoffed

“Wow..have you ever heard of online shopping”

“To lazy to do that too”

“Argh..fine take mine then but bring them back”

“I will” I took them and headed for the door..when I got there I looked back at him and smiled

“What is it”

“Remember when I said I will bring them back”


“Well….I lied” I said and ran out..I heard him call my name but I ignored him

Next day


I got up and went to take a shower..damn I dont feel like school today

I put on a navy blue trouser,tshirt and hoodie with a black bennie to hold my hair

I got down stairs and for the first time ever I saw Luna there already..she was eating breakfast

“Morning” she looked a bit weak and in pain

“Luna are you ok..you dont need to go to school if your not well..you know”

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“No..no am fine am just..a bit dizzy that’s all”

“Luna I…” she cuts me off

“Am fine Jeremy” Now I know that she isn’t ok..every time she calls me by my name something is wrong

For the past weeks we have been studying each other..we know each other very well

“Huh..are you sure”

“Yes I will be fine”

We finished eating..and got to the car

The drive was silent..what the hell is wrong today with Luna

“Hey am going…bye” she said and left like she was in a hurry

I hope she is ok..I wonder what’s wrong with her


I can feel myself fading fast..gosh I had forgotten..Vamps need blood..to live but one thing is for sure we dont live forever..we do die

When a Vamp doesn’t get blood they go through a series of phases,,,our powers go out of control,,,we become weak and in pain,,,and the last one

No Vamp wants to go to the last stage..that’s when we become real Monsters

Our hunger for blood takes control of our body…we hunt for blood and the first human we see,,we bite

Some bite them till there bone dry..others bite them but leave them alive

It’s a terrible stage on right now am on stage two..I really feel weak and in pain every where

I managed to get to class..some people were talking to me but I couldn’t talk..gosh I feel so terrible

It was lunch time and I felt worse..I sat down and I couldn’t even listen to what everyone was saying

“Luna are you ok” Tyson asked me but I didn’t reply

Him and Clyde could tell what was really wrong

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“Luna you should go home” I shook my head

“No am good”

“Luna your obviously not feeling good let me take you home” Jeremy offered and I had no choice but to agree

I stood up and left with Jeremy..we wrer in the empty school hall when my headache suddenly went up

I felt super dizzy and the next thing I knew..I was already on the ground

“LUNA” was the last thing I heard before everything went black

I woke up with a huge headache..I looked around and I was in my room but how..the last thing I remember was being in school

It was already night time..I looked at the watch and saw the time..WTF its 9pm was I out for that long

I was in my PJs..I guess they changes me..then I felt pain on my chest

The the door flew open and Jercame in shirt less

“Luna your awake”

“Am fine” I try to get him to leave but his to stubborn

I feel the urge to bite him..I can hear his heartbeat..and feel his blood flowing through his veins

He has to leave..I dont want to hurt him..I wont forgive myself

He tries to help me..but I slap his hand away from me

“Luna let me help you”



“Jeremy just leave my room” I yell at him and he looks mad

“What’s wrong with you Luna..just ket me help you”

“I dont need your help..now leave”

“Luna” he calls softly and tears fell from my eyes..I hate doing this but I have to

“Just leave Jeremy”

“Lu….”I cut him off


“FINE!!?..you want me to leave then I will leave

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He turns around..the wind blows in my room

The it blows against his neck..I breathing in his scent..then I snap

I look at my hands and the look different..I grin wickedly


I made to leave..what is wrong with her cant she see that I care..she’s my friend

I was still walking when she came in front of me in great speed..how did she get here

“Luna how did you get here so quick” she kept her head down

“You know what am leaving” she kept mute

The she faced me..and opened her eyes..I couldn’t believe what I seeing

Her eyes changed color..I held out my hand to touch her but she stopped me

Her grip on my hands was strong..to strong

“Lu..” my words were cut of when I felt her hand on my neck

Than in a split second she pushed me down to the ground hard..then she came on top of me

“LUNA” she didn’t reply I felt her breath on my neck..I tried getting up but she held me down

Why is she so strong and fast all of a sudden

She came closer to my face and whispered in my ear

“Am sorry” I didnt even have a chance to respond when I felt pain on my neck

Sharp pain and I felt her lips on my neck..is..is she biting me

I screamed in pain and have tried multiple times to get her off me..but she didnt budge

I felt my self getting weaker and weaker than I blacked out

She bite him????????
Pls ppl just to say he wont turn into a Vamp????????coz i know that’s what y’all are thinking

Hii Cuties????????