January 26, 2023

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Crazy Couple. Episode 33

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu

Episode 33

I stood by the balcony holding onto the railings. I stared into space almost breaking down.

Two weeks gone and Stella’s still missing.
I really don’t want to believe that I’ll never see her again.

She’s my wife.
I am nobody without her.
Who could do this??

I’ve done everything I could. The waiter never saw the person who hired her but I had her locked up though.

The CCTV camera at the resturant didn’t get the face of the nan cause he wore a mask.
No trace at all!

I wonder who’s got her and what they’re doing to her right now?

“Sir…sir” I heard a faint voice behind me and I turned to see Ava, the maid mom hired to cook for me.
She’s a super shy lady and is always looking down.

“What?” I asked coldly.
“Your parents and a man is at the living room.. They want to see you” she said and I sighed.

Mom’s here?
She’s problem herself.

I followed the maid and went downstairs. I met them.
Stella’s dad – mr Anderson was there two.

“Jeremy, how have you been doing son?” He asked and I went to him.

“Bad sir. I don’t know what else to do” I said feeling terrible that I lost her daughter.

“Calm down son, we can only pray and hope on God now. Stella’s a strong girl. She’ll stay strong for us” he said.

Mom and dad nodded.

I avoided looking at mom before she’d ask me to meet her outside where she would disturb me about the wealth.
Grandfather can take the wealth away from me. I don’t care, I just want Stella…

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I sat on the couch watching Stella sleep through my iPad. There’s an CCTV camera in the room she’s at.

It’s not what you’re thinking.
Am not injecting her with abortion pills.
I don’t care if she’s pregnant or not, I just want her dead.

I ordered the doctor to keep injecting her with ‘brain poison’.
It would cause her utmost brain break down and soon, she’ll go insane.
She’ll go mad, literally.

That’s the plan I have for her.
She can’t even move or speak now.

But then..she should be dead by now. It’s been two weeks but the doctor said her body’s too strong and immune for the poison but I told him to continue and double the dosage.

I want to see her sit in a room and laugh though she’s alone.
I want to see Jeremy cry out blood cause he’s wife is a lunatic.

The door opened and Yvonne walked in.
The bi*ch is here.
I turned off my iPad and focused on her.

She wore a nightie that got her body bare.
Her hips were in view and that triggered something in me though.
But she’s not as curvy Stella.

She got where I was and kissed me.
“Tristan, can I have you tonight?” She whispered and licked my earlobe.

I can’t deny this.

I stood up and pulled her close but then I felt uncomfortable cause I hadn’t taken my bath yet.

I kissed her passionately before staring into her face.

“I need to shower first” I said and squeezed her butt.
She closed her eyes enjoying the feeling.

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Now, am turned on.

“Be fast babe, I really want you” she pouted and i winked.

I left the room rushing to the bedroom.

I smirked as the fool ran off.
I’ll surely have my revenge on him for beating me up.
he thought I was helpless…
I’ll show him for sure but then…I don’t know why he’s been so secretive.

I took his iPad and turned it on.
I know his password like the back off my hand but he doesn’t know.

I watched what was playing at the screen.
She’ve been lost for weeks now!

Tristan has her?
I quickly copied the location backing up the camera.

What do I do with the address anyway?
Stella humiliated me.
She’s the person who caused why Tristan beat me up for the first time ever.

She’s an enemy.
But then…
If I tell Jeremy and he gets Tristan bursted.
That would be a good revenge.

I was about to drop the iPad when Tristan walked in.
He was in his towel.

Oh God….
Am busted.