March 22, 2023

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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 5

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 05.



Work was over for the day, though it was really funny through it out and I couldn’t help but to just laugh almost for the entirety of the day. .
I can clearly remember that look he’s away having on whenever I come near him. It’s so funny and weird. He looks like he wants to just kill me.
His ego must have been hurt that he wasn’t able to punish me.
Seriously, what exactly did he took me for?
Does he think I’m dumb or what, why the hell would I go somewhere that’s many miles say then come back ten times when I’m not stupid.
That’s absurd.
I laugh as I get into the car and remember the meeting that we had earlier, he was very careful not to look at me and it’s really quite funny that he’s that much hurt.
I deprive joy in seeing him like that.
My prick of a boss.

I sigh as I stare the engine and stare driving towards home.
It’s already getting late and I have just like tine go prepare for the strip club.
My phone rings on the dashboard and I grab it, connecting it to the car as I take a sharp corner.

*Hey Kath, are you off work yet?
Carly voice rushes and there is noise in the background making me know that she isn’t at home.
Where the hell is she?!

*Where are you carl?
I mutter as I stare ahead, I almost jam into something.

*Um, I’m at somewhere. A party actually and I want to tell you that I won’t be coming home from here, I will just go to the strip club. Then from there, we can go together.

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She yells over the phone and there’s faint sound of music in the background.
That must be why she’s yelling.
*Um, okay. I will see you there then but what party are you? You didn’t tell me of any party when I was leaving.

It isn’t like I’m gonna go but I just like been updated on things like that, especially when it cones to carry.

*Just a friends party and I also didn’t know until earlier.
I made some pancakes if you want to eat, if you don’t then you can order something else. I need to really go new.

She rushes her words and I roll my eyes.
She’s talking as if I’m some sort of kid.
Well, she’s a year older than me but still… I’m not a kid anymore and I can take care if myself.

*I know what to do and what not to do new stop acting like my mother and get the f**k out of my phone.

I snap and her chuckle booms through the entire room of the car.

*I hope you haven’t wreck my car. It’s one I love and I know how reckless you can be.

Even though she isn’t here right now. Sarcasm is dripping down her tone.

*I haven’t wreck your crap of a car.
I laugh, purposely to about her and age must have known what I’m trying to do cause she laughs along.

*I will see you at the club. Bring the car with you.

With that the line disconnects and I sigh before disconnecting my phone from the car and placing it back on the dashboard.

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I don’t feel like eating pancakes. I should just order pizza or buy something else.
I don’t have the time to start cooking.

I get out of the car as I drop the car by a restaurant and walk inside.


I’m home already and I sigh as I drop my bag on the couch including the pizza before going to walk upstairs to freshen up and get ready for the club when the doorbell rings.
Why could it be by this time?
I barely have visitors cause I barely know anyone but Carly, yeah. It could be for her.

I walk back down the stairs before walking over the door and I open it, only to meet with his eyes.
I have as I move back slowly.
How did he… How did he find this place?


And who exactly would that be??