March 22, 2023

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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 6

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(14 Nights In His Bed)

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 06.



I start shifting back slowly and just when I turn hack gently to close the door and run say, he grabs my wrist and pull me out of the house while I scream but he holds his palm over my mouth.

I bite on his palm and he turns me around, slapping me and I almost lost my balance.

Oh god. How did he.. How did he found this place?
I had never wanted him to know this place.

I was just gonna work and pay him everything all at once but it seems like he found me already.

I just don’t know how he had figured out this place.
How exactly?

“b***h, you owe me money and run away with my money. Do you think I wouldn’t give you? ”

He grab a fistful of my hair and start pulling me along with him.

Oh god. Please, I beg you. This mustn’t be happening to me please.

He drag me along and push me into the car where two huge guys are inside.

They smile immediately I’m pushed inside and trail their fingers across my face while I turn away from their touch.

“I swear to you that I wasn’t trying to run away with your money.

I’m gonna pay it. I was just gonna wait till I have everything before I pay you.
I wasn’t trying to run away with your money.

Please understand that I’m trying my possible best to pay you. Please just let me go. ”

All my pleas falls on deaf ears as he asks the driver to start and I sigh as I move say from the huge men that are still staring at me.

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If only I have a chance for one of the man to move away from the door, I will jump out of the car but again, what’s that purple for exactly?

He already knows where I live so where am I gonna go if I escape from here right now?

“Please Vladimir. Let me go please. ”

I sob, tears rolling down my cheeks. I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me now.
What is he gonna do to me?
Oh god. I don’t even want to think about all the terrible things that he could do to me.

I sigh as I sob harder and heavily. To get his attention at least.

“Shut the b***h up!

He groans and I stop immediately, I move away from the man at my right, only to almost collapse with the one at my left.

I turn to the widow and that’s when I see him.

That’s Quinn. It’s him, he’s walking towards be car now.

He could save me!

Wait, what would he save me?

We have never gotten along together, if anything he would tell them go take me away and do whatever they want do to me especially after what I’ve done to him today.

He was really pissed, I shouldn’t make the mistake of calling him to add to my problem already.

I sigh and stare down at my feet with my hand in my head when the car suddenly bumps up and down.

“what the hell? Is this guy blind or something?! ”

The driver yells and I raise my head up.

It’s Quinn. It’s him again.
This is my second chance to ask him for a chance but I won’t.

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I won’t. He wouldn’t help me, I know he wouldn’t.
I should just leave him to go.

Besides, even if he wanted to help me, what’s the point, how can he take on three guys himself and I know for a fact that he wouldn’t help me but instead, I find my mouth opening and calling his name on their own accord.

“Quinn. Quinn!!!! Mr Klein!! Quinn! ”

I yell but a palm quickly covers my mouth, muffling my screams and I bite on the palm, yelling Quinn’s name again before Vladimir grab my head and hit it against the car seat, the metal near it.

Damn! That hurts!

“Boss, he isn’t moving. ”
The driver says and I raise my head to see Quinn still standing in front of the car.
I shift to the center even more and his eyes meets mine.

Oh god. Finally.

He stares at me and what he did next leaves my mouth hanging.

He simply get into his car and drives off.


What the hell
Quinn yaff crazy