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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 9

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 9

Scott’s POV

On arriving at the party, I was happy to see some of my friends.

I walked up to them with Helen. They greeted Helen happily.

I turned back to introduce Brenda but I couldn’t have a view of her.

Where in the world has this girl gone too?

I continued chilling with my friends. My eyes landed on a lady dancing with a very fat man. The figure of the lady seems familiar and on checking well, I found out it was Brenda

What the hell! Just like that? She has hooked up with a man and start to dance already?

My eyes expressed horor when I saw her backed that man and begin to twerk for the man.

A feeling of jealousy arose inside of me and that me stood up angrily.

“Where to Scott?” One of my friend asked.

“Be right back.” I replied and went to the scene of the dance. I angrily pushed the fat man away and looked into her face.

For the first time, it looked beautiful to me.

Damn it! I quickly ignore that thought. How can an ordinary maid ever be beautiful, it’s not possible?

“Why are you dancing with him?” I asked. Before she could answer, the fat man approached me and carried me with my chin up. My leg was dangling in the air.

“How dare you push me away, who are you?” The fat man asked in his thick cigarette smelling voice.

“I…I…” I scrumble for what to say.

“He’s my brother, he’s only trying to protect me, let him go.” Brenda said and the man looked at her. He turned to me again and scoff. He dropped me and I almost fell to the ground.

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The man walked away without saying a word.

“Thank me I save your as*s, otherwise , the man would have roasted you.”

“You jerk!” I spilled angrily. “Did I bring you to the party to dance with another man?”

“I don’t get that, how can a party be more fun if dancing does not take place.” I replied.

“To the extent of twerking for mother man ” I said.

“Another man’ you say?”

“Yes , must your boyfriend know that you are here twerking for another man?”

“I still did not get why you are taking this personal, you are not my boyfriend, and even if my boyfriend finds out, he won’t speak. Just say you are jealous.” She said and chuckled.

“I forbid that, jealous of who? Never! Just trying to…”

“Trying to what?” She interrupted.

“Forget it.” I said and walked away.

But why am I jealous, not like I’m her boyfriend.