March 22, 2023

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Crazy Couple. Episode 38

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 38

I panicked dropping the phone.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Jeremy asked rushing to me.

I sobbed softly staring down at my legs. He held onto me and stroke my hair.

“Love, relax… What’s wrong?” He asked and I scoffed in amidst tears.

“Can’t you see the blood? Am bleeding Jeremy…my baby…” I couldn’t say more as I continued crying.

“Stella…calm down. Where’s the blood?” He asked looking at my legs.
He took a stare of my pu**y area and glanced up at me.

“There is no blood” He said and I stopped sobbing.

“But I saw it…” I murmured as more tears came down from my weak eyes.

“You were imagining it, love. You’re not bleeding” He said and laid beside me on the bed.

He wiped my tears and kissed me. I dropped my head on his chest staring into nothing.

“Nothing will happen to our baby. Stop being scared, alright?”.

I just nodded blinded by tears.

He tried to adjust on the bed and his arm came in contact with the place I was injured.

“Ouch” I winced reacting to the twinge.

Jeremy pulled away from underneath me and reached for my shirt.
I tried to stop him but he was persistent.

“Hold still, let me see” He hushed and removed my hand from his.
He pulled up the shirt and I watched the expression on his face on seeing the scar.


“Tristan did this?” He asked squinting his eyes and that crossed a message.

I didn’t reply as I raised my arm slowly and pulled down my shirt covering the scar.

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“Let’s just go to sleep…” He got off the bed and wore his flip flops before taking his car keys from the drawer.


“Jeremy stop!…” I stuttered.

“I’ll kill that sonofab••tch, I swear!” He rasped.

“Come on Jeremy, it’s late already…please” I pleaded as I resumed to sobbing.

I couldn’t explain what was happening to me. It was more like my feelings were surging out at once which is so unlike me. I hardly cry but at this moment – am in pain.

“I’ll be back” He said and squeezed the door knob.
I didn’t even know when he got to the door about to leave.

“Don’t leave me alone Jeremy…please” I mumbled and he paused.

He stood by the door for a while with his fist clenched.
I lowered my head trying to stop myself from crying so much. I heard the door close and he came to me.

He cupped my cheek with his right hand and stared into my face.
He’s still angry but he tried not to show it.

“I’ll kill him Stella. I promise you” He spoke like he was doing it already…so much confidence.

“You’re not a killer Jeremy. Please don’t push yourself. Please…let’s just leave the world to their tots” I said and hugged him.

“I’ll get hot water to treat the wound” He said and left for the bathroom.

In a while, I heard something breaking.


I wish I was strong enough to go see what he had broken.

He walked into the room looking more angry. He had with him a bowl filled with water and a towel around his neck.
I removed my top so it would be easier for him to attend to the wound.

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After dabbing the wound with hot water, he gave me a massage and it felt really good.

We were still awake on the bed cuddling.
I bet we’ve moved into another day – awake.

“So, we’re having a vigil today…” I said and he chuckled.

“I haven’t slept for a long time though. I was up trying to find you.

“Thanks to Yvonne, I got you back…”.

I batted my lashes.

“Yvonne saved me??” I asked astonished.

“Yeah…She was of help. She told us where Tristan had you. Turns out, Tristan has been hitting her and she plans on taking revenge”.

“Wow!” I breathed out.

She saved me…After what She’ve done.
Playing the green snake on a green grass.

I scoffed.

“Am so happy you’re back. No more outings, nothing at all. I’ll not let you out of my sight again” He enthused and kissed me on my forehead.

“Jeremy, you’re being too possessive. I have a job too and once am strong, I’ll get back to work” I paused when I noticed he suddenly looked doleful.

“Jeremy…what’s wrong?” I asked and he hesitated a little before responding.

“Stella, you need to undergo surgery for the poison to be drained out. The surgery is in two days….”.


“But Jeremy, what if I don’t make it?” I asked and he smiled.

“You’re a strong girl, Stella. You can do this” He cooed and I nodded.
I can do this.
For Jeremy and for my baby…