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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 7

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

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Episode 07.



I can’t believe that he just left like that.
I know we don’t get along. We never get along and I know he hates me and wants me out of his life but still.. How could he have just left like that?
Without caring to even know what they are gonna do to me.
If not for the sake of anything but for the sake of humanity!
How could he have just left like that?!
I really can’t believe it!
It’s so impossible to believe it.
I would have tried to save him if I were in his shoes. I hate him but I would have at least tried to save him.

What’s the point anyways?
I know that even if he tries to save me, he wouldn’t succeed. How would he take in all the men by himself?
I blame this on father.
How could he have borrowed money from a person like this and didn’t even care to pay back before he died?!
What exactly did he used such a huge amount of money to do.
I don’t understand why he needs to be borrowing the money around.
We have… had money and we were living in riches.
We live comfortably and peacefully so what exactly could he gave wanted more money for?

I am in all thee deep troubles because of him.
When I should be living in wealth in my father house and when I should be running his companies, I am but.. Instead, I’m paying off my father’s debt avd I’m been punished for it.
I wouldn’t have been in all these troubke if it hasn’t been for him.

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The car suddenly stops and I raise my head.
My head hurts a lot. So terribly, probably from being hit against that ring.
It hurts so much and when I touch it, there’s blood.
I feel like my head is gonna cut off and my body is weak.
My vision is starting to get blurry also.

“Take the b***h out! ”
I bear Vladimir yells and I’m pushed out by the two huge men, one holding me by the right and the other holding me by the left.
What exactly do they want from me?
What do they want to go with me?

“Lay her down. ”
Wait. What?
Let… Lay down?!at down where?!
Why am I saying down?

“No. ”
I struggle to get out if the man’s hold but that’s impossible and instead, a palm collides to my cheek before I’m pushed down.
I try getting up but they lined my two hands to the ground.. I look around and there is no one here.
No body. Not even a single sound is heard.

“Vladimir, please I beg you. Don’t do this. I will pay you, I promise you that I will pay soon. I will sell everything I have and bring the money to you. Just please, don’t do this! ”
My voice cracks avd he shakes his head before heading down to my level.

“I’ve been wanting to taste you since I’ve seen you. ”
He laughs and I shake my head, tears rolling down my cheeks.
No, Vladimir. Please.
This can’t be happening to me. This can’t possibly be happening. Not to me.
What have I ever done to deserve this?
What exactly have I done?

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“But you were so stubborn and you said you were gonna pay the money when is why I left you but now, I can’t leave you anymore babe. ”
He laughs and the men holding my hands also laugh while I try to kick free but it’s so damn impossible!

“No, don’t do this. I will pay you. I promise you that I would pay you. Just don’t do this! ”
I shake my head and he sighs before starting to get up.

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“Okay then, if you can pay everything tonight. I will let you go?! ”
What?! Where can I possibly find millions of dollars?
We are not talking about small money here.

“How can I.. I can’t get it. I can’t, I mean where will I get it from? Let it be next month. Please , I will pay you next month. ”
I start begging but he shakes his head.

“No can do. Now spread those legs. I can’t wait to bury myself deep inside of you. To feel you wrapped around me.
Come on, b***h I know you want the same thing, stop pretending. ”
He laughs before bending and spreading my legs.

“When I’m done. My men will like to the their turns also. ”
He laughs before grabbing my shirt avd pushing it upwards while I try kicking him but he grabs my legs and heavy sobs falls from my lips.
He starts unbuckling his belt and I close my eyes, awaiting the sting that follows but instead, I hear a loud groan.

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And who turned out to be her knight in shining armor