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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 10

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

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Episode 10.



“I thought you said you weren’t coming. ”
Quinn laughs as we both walk towards his car and I roll my eyes, hugging myself to my chest.

“By the way, why did you come here and not earlier? I called you when I saw you earlier but you didn’t answer me, you just walked away. ”
I sigh as he opens the door and I walk inside the car, doing my seatbelt while he walks to the drivers seat.

“Nothing. I was gonna save you though. No matter how stupid and frustrating you are. I still wouldn’t just leave to when you needed my help and for why I didn’t answer earlier, I wanted to teach you a lesson for what you did this morning so I just left you be scared. ”
He laughs and I scoff, I can’t believe my ears right now.
So he was gonna save me anyways but he wanted me to be afraid at first and walked away. Wanted to teach me a lesson?

“Is that even a reason to have left? What if you hadn’t been able to save me in the end? ”
I raise my brows and he shakes his head.

“If I knew that I would lose you and I wouldn’t be able to save you in the end then I wouldn’t have out your life in danger and did what instead.
Besides, a surprise attack is better than just sparing in front of them like I’m some sort of superman.
I knew that if I attacked just like that. There’s a ninety percent chance that we would both get hurt when they would kill us both but for a surprise attack, there’s a sixty perfect chance that I might be able to rescue you which I did. ”
He sighs before doing his seatbelt and I couldn’t help the smile that made its way to my lips.
He’s right though.
I’m angry to say it but he’s right.
There’s no way he could gave then four men by himself without no one to hell him.
A surprise attack was the right thing to use.
I had thought he’s a heartless person and didn’t want to help me, just leaving me to die.
I guess I was wrong about him.
Just this once cause he’s the same arrogant prick of a boss of mine but just this once time, I will be thankful to him.

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Because of him, two things I never taught would really happened had happened.
One, it’s been able to escape from Vladimir and save myself and my dignity.
Second, I was able to get Vladimir off my neck for the mean time.
Now, I won’t have to worry about him kidnapping me anymore. All them to Quinn.

“By the way, why were those guys and what did they want with you? ”
He says, jotting me out if my thoughts.

Oh, you know. I’m a orphan and I lost my parents many years ago.
I have been in this position but sadly, my father left me tons of loans to pay and my life has been at risk ever since then.

Should I tell him that?
Defintely not!
I refuse to appear weak and vulnerable in front if him… Or anyone that matters.
I refused be pitied avd I refuse to accept other people’s sympathy.
It makes me feel stupid and incompetent of myself.

“Nothing, I just got myself entangled with them. That’s all, I’m glad they are off my neck for now? ”
I sigh and give him a fake smile before turning to the window, letting the air blows past my face.

“Do I really look like a fool?”
He suddenly says and I turn to him, raising my brows at him and he chuckles, not taking his eyes off the road.
I have never been this close to him before but he glows.
I don’t know but he’s glowing.
How come I didn’t notice that all these months?

“What so you mean by that? ”
I shake my head, staring at the side of his face I was only able to see cause he’s focused ahead.

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“You owe them money, don’t you? ”
He says and my eyes widens as I stare at him.
How did he knew that?