November 29, 2023

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Crazy Couple. Episode 46

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 46

I stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body.

Jeremy was on still in bed and surprisingly – he was asleep.

I smiled and walked to the wardrobe. I took a white top and pink shorts to wear for the day.

I took a pair of pink sneakers and put it on.

I look great!

I kept turning side to side before the mirror.

“Aww. You look cute babe” Jeremy’s tired voice said from behind.

I faced him and smiled.

“Thanks love. Go and take your bath already so we can get started on all the fun activities I’ve listed for today” I stated and he got off the bed.

He placed a kiss on my cheek before walking past me to the bathroom.

I smiled and took my phone. I can’t wait to go to the park with Jeremy. We agreed to go out and have fun. We’ll be going to so many exotic places like the beach and the amusement park.

It didn’t take long and he stepped out from the bathroom in a blue towel around his lower waist.

He went to the wardrobe to get some clothes on while I sat on the bed and waited.

After a few minutes, we both went downstairs.

The maid rushed out from the kitchen and got our attention.

“Good morning, aren’t you both going to have breakfast before leaving?” She asked with a crumpled look.

“Yeah…we’ll be going out” I replied and she mouthed an ‘O’.

“Alright then. Have a great day” she said and I smiled broadly.
Jeremy and I entered his car and he turned it on.

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“So, where are we going first?” He asked driving out from the compound.

“A resturant to eat of course. Am pregnant, I don’t think it’s good to stay hungry” I replied and he nodded going through the road that led to a fancy restaurant.

We arrived at the place and he parked the car at a spot at the parking lot.
He got down and opened the door for me.

He took my hand as we went to the building. We sat on a table for two not so distant from the window.

I placed our orders and our meal was brought to us.

Jeremy and I ate in silence. There was really nothing to talk about.

We went back to the car when we were done and he drove off to the beach.

????Hours later????

Jeremy and I got home and he carried me into his arms.

He dropped me on the bed and claimed my lips hungrily. I remained stiff as he sucked on my lower lip.

“Jeremy…am thirsty” I muttered and he pulled away looking into my face.

“You’re thirsty? Can’t it wait till we’re done?” He asked and I shook my head.

He sighed and got up from the bed. He removed his top leaving his chest bare.

“I’ll be back” He growled and left the room.

I sighed.

Thank goodness!.

It’s still evening and am exhausted from today’s outing.
And worse, am not in the mood ????

I pulled the blanket up and covered myself before closing my eyes so I can get some sleep.

I was mad that Stella had to stop me. Especially now I was in the mood.

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Could she really be thirsty??

I got to the kitchen to meet the maid leaning by the table.

Her eyes widened on seeing me shirtless.

“Get a glass of water up to my room” I instructed and left.

I inserted my hands into my pockets as I got to the stairs.

I think I need an energy drink too.

I turned went back to the kitchen to get one from the fridge.

I barged in to catch the maid pouring a something into Stella’s glass of water.

What on earth!

She gasped and froze at the spot.

“What’s that???” I rasped and forced whatever she was holding from her palm.

It was a transparent little bottle with a white powdered substance in it.

“If you value your life, you’ll tell me what and why you added something into Stella’s water?” I stated and she shuddered looking scared.

“I didn’t mean to sir. I was forced to by your mother” she said as tears came down her cheeks.

“My mom???” I asked glaring at her.

“Yeah..she wanted to be sure if Stella was still pregnant. She said if she drank the mixed water and she was pregnant, she would feel weak for some days.

“I’m sorry sir. I really didn’t mean to” she said almost in tears..

My eyes darted to the glass of water on the table.

“You’re fired. Pack your things and leave my house”
She didn’t let me finish as she bursts into more tears.

“Am sorry sir!” She stifled.

“You have five minutes, or you’ll be cooling out in cell by this time tomorrow and I’ll make sure you go to jail”.

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She pleaded and cried as she left the kitchen.

Why would she do this?

I hate it when she interferes too much!

She’s the bane of my life.

I took out my cellphone to blast her when a call popped in.
It was Jeffrey.

I sighed and picked the call.

☎Hey, what’s going on?

☎Its Nina, she refused to eat. She’s really being a pain in the a”s and I don’t think I can handle her any longer. What do we do?

I sighed.

☎She’ve not eaten all day??

I asked alarmed.

☎yes. I don’t think it’s good for the baby….can you…come over?

I scoffed.

☎you know Stella, she’ll kill me if I leave her alone.

☎well, what do we do?

☎Give her the phone…