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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 11

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

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Episode 11.



“How? How did you… ”
I stammer and he chuckles shaking his head.

“I can be everything you think I am Kath but I’m not dumb, deaf, foolish nor am I stupid. ”
I didn’t even realise that I’m still staring at him.
It is the first time he has ever called my name like that.
He’s always calling it in full and he rarely even does that.
The words he’s always using for me are; miss or lady. Sometimes even hey.

“What do yiu mean? ”
I look away from him and pick at my fingernails in my legs, staring down at it as I bite the inner of my cheek.
I didn’t want him to know about that but he found out after all.

“I’m but deaf miss. I still can remember vividly how you had told that guy that you would pay him his money when you get it and not before you get it. ”
He says and it all makes sense now.
Of course he would know cause he was there with me when I was talking to Vladimir with a gun pointed to his head.
I totally forgot that he was there.

“Why did to lie? You don’t want me to know you are owing some people money? I wouldn’t have judged you. ”
He says and I scoff.
I’m surprised he isn’t, looking back at how rude he has always been to me.
He’s acting all nice now, even different from when I had jumped on him.
Why? Is he suddenly feeling pity for poor me?
I hate that! I sigh getting anyone’s pity.

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“What did you use the money to do, I didn’t thought you were one to take to a loan. ”

“I don’t need your f****ng pity! ”
I yelled and he stops the car immediately, turning to me while I try to keep my gaze away from him.

“You think that was pitying you? I was merely asking to questions. ”
He shrugs and I snap, flipping him through as often to him.

“Merely asking questions? Why? Why do you want to know anything? Just because you had saved me this one time doesn’t mean that we should suddenly become friends and not act like we hate each other. ”
I huff, turning to the window and I can hear him scoff.

“You see this is your exact problem. You’re always doing bringing something out of nothing.
Maybe I should have just left you for that man.
To do whatever you want with you then maybe you would have at least learn to be grateful when someone helps you.
I was just asking question I am curious about but I totally forgot what a foolish girl you are. ”

“Stop throwing insults at me okay and just drive the f**k off! ”
I yell, turning to him. Eyes blazing and heart beating fast against my chest.

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“Of course I will drive off and for the record, I haven’t forgotten that we hate each other.
You’re right, just because I saved you doesn’t mean that I should ask questions from you. You will always remain that sane girl that I’ve always here ever since I set my e5lyes on you. I know this is who you would because this is how you will be.
You will be one ungrateful little bi…… ”
He stops before he could say anything else and I gulp in, knowing what he was gonna say.

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Ungrateful little b***h.
I deserve it wayways. I overreacted but I just can’t bring myself to admit that I’m sorry.

“This doesn’t change anything. I’ve decided on a new punishment, the more you come late to work, the more money I cut off from your salary and this would be the last time I would ever save you if you’re in trouble.
Trust me, even if you’re about to give up your last breath, I wouldn’t take even a glance at your side. “