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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 12

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{14Nights In His Bed}

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 12.



He drop me at home before driving away, not uttering a single word to me and I breathe out knowing that he’s now more than angry at me. And he probably hates be that he did before.
Not that I really care about what he thinks about me thought I can’t help but to think that this might have been my fault.
Maybe I really shouldn’t have said all those things to him.
I just seem to have acted on impulse.
A moment of anger.

I sigh before opening the door and walking inside the house , noticing that Carly’s car is still packed at the garage.
I had taught she would have come back home and take it with her to the club but I guess she must have waited for me when I didn’t come.

I close the door behind me, turning back as my eyes widens but to see Carly curled up on the couch, with snacks on her lap and her eyes focused on me TV.
What the hell is happening here? I thought she would have went to the club. What is she doing here just sitting and watching TV.

“Welcome back, did you enjoyed the date? ”
She says and I walk to her, standing in front of her.
I was gonna ask what date she’s talking about but I stopped when I realized that she must have known my prick of a boss car drives in.
But I’m still confused about how she’s here and not at the club.

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“It wasn’t a date. ”
I roll my eyes at her before taking a seat next to her and she turns to be, before shaking her head and nodding.

“Well, it does seems like a date to me. He dropped you off and you were coming out of his car. I guess you have finally come to your senses that he’s hot. ”
She squeals and I roll my eyes once again at her.

“It wasn’t a date Carl. What are you still doing home anyways? I thought you would be at the club. ”
I sigh and the my gaze to the clock.
It’s after ten and it should probably just be my turn now but I don’t feel like going to the club right now.
Everything that happened today happened so fast, I could barely take it all.

“I was worried so much when you didn’t show up, I gave you a call several times but you weren’t picking. I had wanted to call the station when the car drives in and I figured out you’re alright though I’m mad that to couldn’t have told me that you would be going on a date and instead, you left me sick worried. ”

“Once again. It isn’t a date! ”
I yell and she chuckles before nodding, winking at me.
She could never listen of course.

“Vladimir cane home and literally dragged me out of the house, that’s why I why I couldn’t call you ”
I sigh and she stand up immediately, her eyes wide as anything.

“Oh god. I didn’t know, I thought you really went on a date with Quinn.
I know it’s unusual of you not to have called me but I never thought that was what happened. Are you okay? How did you made it out to escape from him”
She asks, staring at me.
Well, that’s the interesting part. Isn’t it?

“I wouldn’t have if Quinn had not saved me. I saw him and yelled for help. He saved me. ”
Then, I blew it up in his face.
I’m such a mess.

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“Oh, that’s why you were in his car.
Seriously kath, we need to pat this Vladimir off. How much longer till he kidnaps you again? ”

“It’s billions of dollars carl and he wouldn’t be kidnapping me any moment from now, I guess. I made him promise. ”
She smiles and nod before hugging me.
She pulls say from me and her eyes shoots back to the TV.

“How was it like? Quinn saving you? ”
She grins and knowing where she’s gonna take the talk.
I merely stand up and walk upstairs, ignoring her calls and laughs behind me.