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Crazy Couple. Episode 51

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ✨ He’s arrogant}

Written ???????? by Eunice Nwodu

Episode 51

I stared at the mirror unable to recognize myself.
The red spots were much and irritating.

I wonder how this happened. We didn’t leave the window open last night.


I got up from the seat and turned to Zac who was selecting clothes that bwould cover my body properly so I don’t get humiliated or laughed at.

The mosquito bites weren’t much on him cause he wore a thick coat to sleep last night. It was just his facesband lower parts of his legs.

I sighed and went to the bathroom feeling stings from the red bites around my body. I feel so cursed right now.

Sasha’s screams were like music to my ears.

She hasn’t seen anything just yet!

I glanced at my cellphone to discover it was ringing.

I checked to discover it was Jeremy calling.
I scoffed and switched the phone to silent.

I don’t feel like talking to him which makes me look helpless and vulnerable.

I went to the bathroom to get ready for today’s fiasco.

I met Sasha and Zac at the dinning table. They were having just tea with some toasts.

“I hope you’ve rearranged and cleaned up the kitchen” i said referring to Sasha and she looked up at me before nodding.

I held a crumpled look.
“What happened to your face?” I asked and she rolled her eyes.

“None of your business” she replied sounding grumpy.

“Um…Stella, can you give us another room for tonight?” Zac asked and I mouthed an ‘oh’.

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“Nothing really…we’ll stay at one if the guestrooms downstairs” He replied and I nodded.

“Okay then…” I muffled and took a sip from the tea in the cup before me.

“Gosh! This tastes horrible” I remarked almost throwing up.

Sasha glared at me and I stood up.

“I’ll be in my room now” I said and left heading for the telephone to place another order on what to have for breakfast.


I paced around the cell still recovering from the pains of being beaten up by Jeremy.


I hate him so much…

I wanted him to go crazy with so manu questions and thoughts.
I want to create a riff between him and his wife but that seems impossible.

I’ve been thinking lately and I don’t know how else I’d go about getting out of here and getting the wealth that should have been mine…

Am never giving up.
That’s not in my category…
I’ll surely get back that wealth and live the life I deserved.

Only if mom pushed faster, I would have been the heir to all of Sanchez investments.

I sighed and punched the wall.

Grand father should have divided the wealth and shared between Jeremy and I. Instead…he plans on giving all to him.

I’ve decided on what to do.

Am going to kill Grandfather Sanchez????.


The day went by quickly and soon it was evening.
Sasha and Zac was back and I was kind of glad to see them cause they’d keep me company.

“I’ll just go change my top” Sasha said and kissed Zac before running to her room.

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I faced Zac who stood at the door operating his phone.

“Are you guys, going somewhere?” I asked and he smirked.

“Yeah…the club” He replied and that was when I remembered today was actually Friday.


I think I’d want to go with them and have fun!

“I want to come along. Give me a minute to change” I said and he gasped.

*Jeremy will murder us if we take you to a club!* Sasha said walking into the living room from the stairs.

I rolled my eyes.
“Don’t be ridiculous. You can’t have me cooked up in here for 24 hours. Am a Human for peace sake” I said and she sighed rubbing her forehead.

“No offence Stella but you’re pregnant” Zac muttered.

“And so what?!?” I half yelled and he flinched.

“Am going with you both and there’s nothing you’d say that’ll change my mind” I said willfully and left for the stairs.

This is going to be fun!