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Crazy Couple. Episode 59

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????❤CRAZY COUPLE❤????

{She’s stubborn ????He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 59

The feeling of being five months pregnant for Jeremy was one I couldn’t explain.

He was doing a good job at spending quality time with me and most days, he stays home so I wouldn’t be all alone till he gets home.

Tristan’s case is still on and active and I wonder why the court haven’t sentenced him yet.

And Nina…
Her pregnancy is almost nine months due and then we will learn the whole truth.
I grunted as my attempts to sleep failed and am left wide awake staring into nothing.

Where’s Jeremy??

Gingerly, I sat up from the bed and dragged my butt to the edge. I stood up from the bed and passed my legs into the special comfy slippers Jeremy got for me.

I turned facing the door before walking out of the room.
I walked like I was still a learner and in a short time, I was at the living room.

He was on the couch facing his laptop and a headphone attached on his ears.
He dragged my feet to where he was and slumped beside him.

He removed the headphone and closed his laptop.

“Tomorrow’s the final day at the court concerning Tristan’s case. I just spoke to the judge…he said that there has been no threats lately” He stated wryly.

I shrugged and rubbed my tummy slowly.
He rolled his eyes and got rid of the things in his grasp dropping them on the table.

“You should have allowed me to kill him when I had the chance” He peeved and I scoffed.

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“You already promised me you won’t hurt him…besides, what if you get arrested!! I would be a widow at 21” I hissed and he scoffed.

“I might break that promise if the court adjourn the trail again…I swear Stella, I’ll kill him that same day” He said with his fist clenched.

“Please don’t Jeremy…” I groused and he rolled his eyes.

There was a bit silence and it felt like forever.
“It’s been two hours, are you hungry?” He asked as his eyes bored into mine.

I nodded with a crumpled look.

“Gosh! I’ve told you to stop doing this Stella!!?” He growled getting off the seat.

I lowered my head gazing at the floor as I followed him to the kitchen.

“Am sorry” I whispered as we arrived at the place. He lifted me tenderly off the ground and made me sit on the kitchen table.

He turned and I held onto him restricting him from leaving me just yet.

“Am sorry babe. I was just about to say it” I blurted and his face softened.

“Stop suppressing the hunger you feel. You’re pregnant…you need to open up and eat something.

“If you dare do this again, I’ll spank you till your butt cheeks increases” He smirked and I gasped placing my head on my chest.

“Are you saying they’re small??” I asked quizically and at the same time – curious.

“They’re perfect babe. I love them and I wouldn’t want them to become too big either. So when I spank you and they enlarges, I’ll dislike them” He replied grinning.

I know that look.
He’s messing with me.

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“You should love me the way I am Jeremy” I mumbled before feeling my eyes get wet.
A few drops of tears scrolled down my cheeks and he sighed.

“I didn’t mean it preggy mama” He whispered and drew close.
He wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me close.

I sniffed as he stared into my face with a sardonic smile.
I took my hand to his hair and pulled it.
He flinched and removed my hand.

“I’m sorry” He muttered and bit my earlobe.
I had the great urge to pull him closer and make him thrust into me and ride me in a slow pace that he’d hit my pleasure spots.

I found my legs wandering – they wrapped around his torso and he kissed me roughly.

My tummy grumbled ruining the intense moment and he unlocked immediately.

“You naughty woman” He groaned and moved away from me entirely.
“I’ll make spaghetti and I’ll make sure you finish everything not leaving a single stick, you dig?”..

I frowned and folded my hands as he placed the pot on the burner.
He got hold of the handle and twisted it causing the fire to flare up instantly.

I sat still watching him do the cooking and the more he got his hands on the ingredients, the more hungry I felt.

He was fast and seemed to be worried about the baby. He even cut himself unable to concentrate.

Some minutes past and the dish was done.

He turned the pot over the flat plate and poured everything on it. He took a fork and fixed it in the meal.

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No kidding…i have to consume everything on that plate..

“You have exactly 15 minutes to chunk it all down or I’ll definitely spank you” He enthused and I cringed.
Jeremy and his spanking habit…

He does it alot when we’re making love.
He appears rougher than he used to be and my poor a”s has to suffer for it.

After the delicious food, Jeremy and I sat cuddling on the sofa staring at a boring movie that didn’t trigger any kind of excitement at all.

Suddenly, His phone began ringing and he got a hold of it immediately.
He answered the call while I tried to eavesdrop as hard as I could.

He dropped the phone aside and the look on his face was filled with rage, anger and shock.

“What happened?” I asked gazing at him.

He sighed and looked away like he was still trying to process what he just learned.

“Jeremy…” I called shaking him.

He tilted his head glaring around…but then his looks softened into a doleful one.
“Grandfather Sanchez is dead”.