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Crazy Couple. Episode 63

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ????He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 63

The door eased open and he walked in looking tired.

He tossed his phone to the table and headed straight to the bathroom.

I’ve been dying of suspense here…How can he just walk by without uttering a word to me.

I sighed and walked to the bathroom door. I placed my ear against the door and my ears itched to hear what he’s doing in there.

Suddenly, the door opened and I staggered back.
He smirked and walked past me.

He was shirtless now and I couldn’t stop myself from drooling over his hard chest.


“What’s wrong babe?” I started with and he shot me a stare.
“Did Nina die during child birth?” I asked and he threw his hands up in the air – stretching himself.

“I’m so exhausted…” He murmured and walked to me.
He took my hand and pulled me out of the room.

“Have you cooked dinner?” He asked, brimful of smiles.

“Yes” I replied flatly as we got to the dinning room.
I pulled out a seat for him and he sat down.

I moved to the kitchen and placed his meal on a plate – Bean burritos.
It’s one of my favorite food and am sure Jeremy would love it too.

I poured in a glass of juice and kept it beside the plate on the tray.
After setting the rest of the cutleries, I pootled into the dinning room and found him with his phone.

This man can’t ever stop, can he??
Am sure he’d agree to marry his phone if given the chance.

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“No phones on the table Jeremy” I stated hysterically and he grinned.
“I was just reading some texts” He mumbled and pocketed the device.

I smiled and dropped the flat tray on the table before him. I uncovered the plate and I saw the excitement that flashed through his face.

“It looks good” He remarked and took the fork.
I blushed and went behind him. I placed my hands on his shoulders and began massaging him.

“Oh my God! Don’t stop…” He bemoaned and I chuckled.
I tried to be as gentle as possible as I worked on his back.

When I was quite younger, I would give my father a massage and he loved it.
But I can’t massage him anymore cause am married now.

Jeremy will have to enjoy my company for the rest of his life…It’ll no longer be dad.
After he was done eating, I cleared the plates and Mr arrogant didn’t care to stop me.
He carried me into his arms and we went upstairs. He dropped me on the bed and looked around the room.

“Are you going somewhere?” He asked quizically and I gulped.
“I was just doing spring cleaning” I lied and he glared.

“The baby’s not mine Stella and neither is it Jeffrey’s. Why the fu-k would you pack your things without learning the truth, huh?” He rasped angrily.

I sniffed and took my eyes to the floor. Tears had already gathered up in my eyes and they trickled down slowly.

The child is not Jeremy’s.
I get to keep my husband..?
That Nina is really a whore.

She wanted to take him from me!!????

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“God! Enough with the tears babe. Am sorry” He pleaded stooping to a crouch before me.
“We were still going to pack anyway..we’re moving to our new home next week…huh?” He cooed and kissed my hair.

“We’re moving??” I asked stupefied.

“Yeah…To the new mansion. They’re almost done with the renovation” He said and I bit my lower lip.


“O..okay” I stuttered wearily.
He smiled and placed a short kiss on my lips.

“Get some sleep…hun?” He cooed and helped me get under the duvet.
He kissed my tummy before kissing me all over again.

“What do you want to do now?” I asked pouting.

“Work” He replied and I twitched.
“Aren’t you going to make up for those times you left me to go visit Nina?” I asked and he cracked.

“I will…definitely but not tonight. I have to fix some dates for the upcoming meetings and also work on our vacation schedule” He stated taking his laptop from the couch.

“Goodnight” He hushed and turned off the lamp.
The room became dim and almost dark.
I tucked myself properly under the duvet.

“Sleep tight babe” I said coyly and closed my eyes.
In no time, I drifted to sleep.
I couldn’t stop shedding tears after the doctor broke the news to me.

I can’t believe non of them we’re responsible.

I desperately wanted it to be Jeremy’s but even if it was Jeffrey…its still something!

Who’s the father of this cursed child then???

I could swear the anger was killing me right there.
I can’t believe this is happening to me…After all my efforts.

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Am so doomed.

I walked out of the room and shut the door behind me.

I don’t know how I’d tell Stella about the trip coming up in Dubai.

She won’t let me go for sure.
This is going to be another problem
Or…I can take her along with me.

Great idea…

We can have our vacation during that time as well.
Problem solved.

I entered my home office and turned on the lights. I moved to my desk and took the numerous papers.

I got my hand on the one and only paper I’ve been trying to hide. The paper that’s gonna cause trouble between Stella and I.

It seems like grandpa gave me everything…but not everything tho.
I can’t believe he gave Stella all his casinos and most importantly power over controlled shares.

The wealth grandfather gave her is much more valuable and worth more than mine. I can’t let Stella see this.

Not while she’s still pregnant.

We’ll deal with it after she’ve had the baby. This is what I need to do for the safety of the child.