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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 15

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Arrogant Maid.

Chapter 15

Scott’s POV

I woke up and noticed my face was sticky. I touched my face and noticed some stuffs were there.

I couldn’t really fanthom what it was so I went to the mirror to check. I noticed my face was colored with what look like my drawing materials.

What! How could this happen? Could it be…how will she color my face this way and I wouldn’t even wake.

No, can’t be.

I barged out and went to Brenda’s room but I couldn’t find her there.

“Where could this silly Brenda be?” I murmured underneath my breath.

I looked for her in few more places in the house before I saw her at the kitchen.

I should have known that she will be in the kitchen at a time like this.

“Hey! Did you use my paints on me?” I asked her.

She turned and starred at me instead of speaking.

“Are you deaf? I’m asking a question that deserves an answer.” I yelled.

“I did, I only did that to make you look more beautiful.” She said.

“Really!” I grinned wickedly and walked away.

Later in the afternoon!

Brandon laid on the biggest chair in the living room, she was sleeping.

She was probably watching the television before she slept off cause I could see the remote in her hands.

Good! Perfect time for my revenge. I went into my room and came back with a tooth paste.

I spilled the tooth paste on her eyes and also on her hand should in case she tried to clean the tooth paste off.

I then woke her up. While she was trying to wake, she screamed as a result of the pain the tooth paste caused her.

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She was crying like a baby and looking for water all around around clean her face. I thought I would be able to stand the sight but I couldn’t.

I ran to get her water instantly and rubbed her face with it.