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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 32

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 32.



“Wow. I can’t believe that she actually sent the money to you boss. Where did she got such huge amount of money within that short period of time? ”
Scarlet, one of my guys says as I stare at the whole screen across my phone.

I can’t believe this either. Katheryn, that girl. She has actually sent everything to me without not as much as a single dime left and she even added a few dollars to compensate me for been so patient with her.
This is unbelievable. I really am surprised and speechless. How exactly she did this?

I was hoping that she wouldn’t be able to get the money and she wouldn’t be able to pay me so I can put my plan into action over again and this time, making sure that no one would be around to save her.

I had been using the money as advantage of having her to myself. I have always wanted her since the night she appeared I’m front of me, in her small frame. Her fists called at her sides with her whole body shaking as she stares at me to tell me that she’s the daughter of the motherf**ker that took my money with him to the grave.

I still remember the way my D*** has rose and I had always wanted her since then but I knew that it wouldn’t be that easy without no alternative.

I would have had her to myself that night but because of that motherf**ker that saved her!
I couldn’t and once again, after waiting patiently for days, I wanted to let my plan into action over again but now she paid my money. I will have to use another alternative cause I refuse to let go of that girl.

That girl must be mine and only when she’s mine would I finally have any peace of mind. I will drive her insane as I bury myself deep inside of her.
I will ride her, over and over again repeatedly.
I will watch as she squeals under me and she moans out my name like she never did before.
I will mould my body with hers. Oh Kathryn, the things you do to me.

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“Get prepared. We are going back to her house. Get the cars and the man ready. ”
I say to scarlet who bods and bow at me before walking out if the room.

I must get you Kathryn. Wherever you are, I will make sure that I mostly find you and this time, I wouldn’t let you slip away from my grasp like you have always been doing.

No one would stop me from getting you this time and anyone that tries to get in my way of getting you, I will surely make sure that person dies and suffer in my arms.

You don’t have a choice anymore Kathryn. My Kathryn. It’s either you become mine or you die.