June 29, 2022

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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 38

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{14 Nights In His Bed}


Episode 38.



I gulp in as I move away slightly from him, moving a little before staring down away from his watchful gaze.

“I already told you Kathryn. I don’t know why you just wouldn’t understand. You can’t go out, not until these fourteen days are over at least. ”
He shakes his head and I sigh, breathing out.

“But I want to see my roommate. I really need to see Carly, she would be so worried about me now since I didn’t even call her before coming back. She would be looking all places for me, please just let me call her. ”
I beg and he groans, shaking his head lightly.

“Not like you’re gonna let me rest anyways, don’t worry. Tomorrow morning, you can call her but please, let’s just sleep now. I really need to sleep. ”
I smile before nodding quick and he nods, turning back to the other side while I stare up at the ceiling.
I will get to call her tomorrow, god I can’t wait to hear her voice. I have missed her so damn much.

I breathe out in relief before closing my eyes to sleep but I just can’t seem to sleep. Not when my heart is beating so fast like this. I have no possibly idea of why my heart will be heating so fast like this.

I gulp in, turning back on my side to sleep. I told myself once again and I can’t sleep.

“Please Kath. Let me sleep, just go to sleep already. ”
Quinn groans from beside me and I gasp a little, I thought he had fell asleep.

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“I can’t. I want to but I can’t sleep. ”
I groan also and he sighs loudly before turning to me.
Before I knew what’s happening, I’m in his arms. His arms wrapped around me and my head laying against his chest.

I’m surprised about what’s happening but slowly, I close my eyes and allow myself to relax warmly in his arms, laying my head tighter against his chest as I drift off to sleep.

*Three Days Later*


It’s been few days that I’ve been here. They have been keeping me here with the hope that Kathryn would reach out to me, I hope she doesn’t. That girl has suffered more than enough in her life.

I watch the guys come inside the room with the gun still with them and they all scowled at me, staring away towards the window.
I feel so weak and so hungry. I feel so drained like I’m gonna die very soon.

They have been keeping me one this, without no food. Not even a drop of water with the believe that if they stave me enough then I would tell them where Kathryn is. I refuse to do that though.

The door opens and Vladimir walkd in with a smirk across his face.

“Your friend has called and thankfully, she would be coming here to take you away. ”
He smirks at me with every word that he says and I can feel my heart thumping.

If Kathryn comes here….